Wicked End

By: Bella Jeanisse

Within minutes, Brandon was back to pounding her pussy with wild abandon. He knew he wouldn’t have sex for a while and needed to take advantage of their time together. It didn’t take long for him to feel like he was going to burst.

When sweat started dripping down on her, Mackenzie looked up. Brandon’s eyes had closed, and he was gritting his teeth. That meant he was trying not to cum. She ran her hands up his sides and got a loud moan in return. It drove him nuts, and she knew it.

Then Brandon grunted. “Shit!” He held her close and ground his pelvis against hers. “Oh damn!” He sighed as his load spurted out. “Tink… uh.”

“Wow do we need a shower,” Mackenzie uttered when Brandon rolled off her almost ten minutes later.

He sighed. “It was worth soaking the bed.” He put a hand in his hair. “Ugh, yeah, I’m sweaty as hell.” He picked up her hand and kissed it. “Come wash my back.”

When they were showered and ready, they hurried to the airport. Brandon was worried about hitting traffic and missing his flight. It had happened to him a few times before.

“Isn’t there anything you can do?” Mackenzie angrily asked the clerk at the check-in desk.

The woman frowned. “I’m sorry, Miss Winters. All the airports in south Florida are closed. The storm took out electricity everywhere. They say it will be at least four days before the roads are cleared.”

Brandon put his arms around her. “Calm down. I’ll figure something out.”

“But you’re leaving.” Tears started to well up. Her phone had died, so she didn’t get the message they outright cancelled her flight. On top of that, she left her phone cable in Dallas. “I don’t know anyone here anymore.” She couldn’t handle being utterly alone for almost a week. It took her time to find a new place to pick up men, so she could forget her loneliness.

He wanted to offer her his place, but knew her too well. “I’ll think of something. Here.” He handed her his phone. “Call work, and let them know. I got my charger, so we’ll get your phone working again.” He was glad they had the same phone.

Mackenzie took a deep breath and called her office but got no answer. She tried several different numbers of co-workers that should have been in that early, still nothing.

Then she called Winston, her boss, at home. “Mackenzie, are you OK? No one could get you last night.”

“My phone died. I’m stuck in Baltimore. They said the airport’s closed.”

“Everything is closed. Several buildings had every window blown out. It’s going to take about two weeks to fix the courthouse alone, they say. Our building was flooded, too. They may have to demolish it. We’ve been looking for a place to rent in the meantime.”

She looked to Brandon with tears in her eyes. “I can rent a car and drive down.”

“It’s too dangerous.” Winston sighed. “The roads are a mess, and the interstate is closed except for emergency vehicles. Just take the week off, like a vacation. Please. I have to make a bunch of calls. Keep in touch.”

She leaned on Brandon’s shoulder as she handed him back his phone. “What do I do?”

He had heard most of the conversation. Their flights were with the same airline, so an idea popped into his head. He turned to the woman behind the counter. “Can you change her ticket to Los Angeles if I pay the difference?”

“That’s no problem, as long as there is room on the flight.”

Mackenzie lifted her head. She would love to spend more time with him, but she didn’t want to cause problems for him. “But, you said the guys…”

“I’ll talk to them,” he assured her and ran his fingers through her hair. His heart fluttered with excitement, knowing he would have days with her. Maybe it was what they both needed, time together. He cupped her face in his hand. “You like them, don’t you?”

She smiled then whispered, “Yeah, Chico’s cute, and Scott’s a hottie. Would you care if I fucked Scott?” She realized too late that the question might upset him, since he kept her close around his bandmates.

It took him a few seconds to react, unsure how he felt about it. He was possessive of her when they were together and didn’t want any issues with his band. That, coupled with the feelings he had building for her, made him want to tell her she couldn’t. However, she was not his girl for real. “Just not in front of me.” He led her to a set of chairs. “Sit tight. I’ll call Jake.”

When she sat down, he pulled out his phone and walked to a quieter area. “Jake, I need a favor.”