Wicked End

By: Bella Jeanisse

“Make it last, baby,” she whispered. “It must be getting late.”

He kissed her lips softly. “I got you up early, no worries.”

Mackenzie sighed. “I need to shower and make a few calls.”

She got to her knees and glanced down at his naked body, most of it covered in tattoos. She ran her hands over his arms, smiling at the subtle pattern most did not pick out. Each arm told the story of one of his favorite fantasy trilogies. He never got a tattoo unless it had meaning. A lone finger trailed down his chest and over his abdomen where there were two fiery skulls. She passed that and went on to his thighs, each adorned with large tribal patterns.

“There’s something between them waiting for you.” He used his pelvic muscles to make his half-hard dick jump. “If you lick it, I might tattoo your name on it.”

Knowing he was teasing her, she licked it from base to tip. When his eyes opened wide, she smirked. Then she bit her lip and traced the tattoo sometimes partly hidden by his pubic hair. He had shaved it off for her. It was an arrow pointing down and it said, Tink’s cock!

“I can’t believe you got me to do that.” He grinned.

She grabbed his thighs. “Mine’s worse.”

He grabbed her arms and pushed her onto her belly. “Yeah, but a bet’s a bet.” He spread her legs and ran a finger up her inner thigh. “Brandon was here,” he read aloud. Then he moved to the other side. “Best cock ever!”

“You gloat too much.” She feigned annoyance, but she loved explaining who Brandon was. Most men were thrilled to screw her knowing he had done it also.

He leaned over her body, turning her to her side a bit. “This one—” he licked the top of the tattoo on her right shoulder, “—is fucking hot!”

His tongue traveled down to where the forest design ended at her hip, expanding from her breast to her spine. At the very bottom was Tinker Bell. He did the same up her other side, sliding over the bloody rose vine that snaked up her body. She had gotten that for her Dad. Reluctantly, he thought of his own string of bloody roses, on the opposite side of his body. He tensed, memories beginning. Not gonna happen now. He shook his head and pushed the thought away. Sex would make him forget.

He shoved his cock into her roughly. “You can take a shower later. I’m gonna cum deep inside you again,” he whispered in her ear while he thrust as intensely as possible. “My juices are gonna be dripping out of you all day. I’ll be the only thing on your mind.”

She moaned, enjoying his rhythm and knew he was right. He had cum inside her three times already. It was going to be an interesting flight.

Brandon wanted to give her even more incentive to meet him some place on the road. He knew she loved it from behind, but she seemed to need kissing, so he hadn’t had her in that position.

“God, Brandon!” Mackenzie screamed while his hips smacked into her ass full force.

He kept up the pace, and she cried out again, clutching the sheet beneath her and holding on for dear life. That position always made her cum more. It took only a few more seconds for it to wash over her again.

“Too much!” she shouted.

Brandon snickered. “OK, then how about this?” He quickly got to his knees and yanked her to hers. Shocked, she put her hands out and landed on all fours, exactly how he expected her to. “Hold on tight, Tink.” Then he grabbed her waist and started pounding her.

Immediately, Mackenzie called out his name and felt like her knees were going to buckle. Fluid was running down her legs fast, and she could hear the slapping sounds had changed because of it.

“I wish… I could… make you… pass out… again,” Brandon said brokenly, his breath labored. “You… got… the best… pussy… ever.” Then he groaned, feeling her orgasm yet again. “Fuck… that… feels good.”

She knew it was going to happen just before she collapsed. There was no strength left in her legs to hold herself up. “I can’t,” she mumbled, sprawled out on her belly again.

Brandon pulled out and flipped her over. “Don’t worry. I got it.” He lay down on her and put his hands under her shoulders. “I want you to still feel me inside you next week,” he whispered.

She ran her fingers through his sweat soaked hair. “When I close my eyes, I can always feel you, baby.”

“Good.” He pushed back into her. “I can feel you too. Life kinda sucks without you. So when I think about mornings like this, it helps me through the day.” His lips met hers. They kissed slowly while he thrust gently, allowing her to catch her breath.