Wicked End

By: Bella Jeanisse

“I’ll go to the airport when you have to and wait. Don’t worry.”

Chapter Three

“Mmmm.” A great feeling came over Mackenzie while she dreamt of standing in front of a classroom of people. She could feel hands on her breasts, but was confused as to whose they were.

Then she heard, “I love how tight you are in the morning.”

Her eyes opened, and she smiled. Brandon was on top of her, thrusting slow and deep. “Love waking up to you like this,” she whispered.

“Me too.” He leaned down and kissed her lips. “Wish we had more time for each other. I hate waiting months to fuck you. You’re the only one who truly satisfies me.” His mouth moved to her neck, and he nibbled a trail up to her ear before running his tongue around it.

Mackenzie moaned. It was her weak spot. “Baby, fuck me harder!”

Brandon didn’t say a word, just held her tighter and started ramming his cock into her as hard as he could. She grabbed his hair in one hand and his side in the other, pulling and scratching at the same time. That felt incredible to him, told him how good she felt.

“Uh!” She thrust her hips up in time to his rhythm, finally awake enough and knowing she was about to orgasm. “Brandon… baby… oh… no one’s like you.”

He ground his pelvis into hers and rotated his hips a few times. Then he moaned as she screamed and tensed up within. Her ejaculate covered his balls, and he closed his eyes. He could always make her cum hard and knew it had to do with their deep connection.

“I missed you so much,” Mackenzie uttered as her body recovered.

She reached up for his lips, needing to feel that something special that he gave her. He leaned down and met her mouth, hungrily stroking her tongue with his. She sighed as his hips pushed against hers, their kissing getting stronger. He held her face, and she pulled him closer by the hair. It was better than ever.

They moaned together as they ground into one another, their lips rarely parting. Neither of them wanted the morning to end; wanted neither to leave, nor to wait weeks or months to be together again.

Mackenzie gasped and whispered, “Brandon, oh, God, Brandon.” Her finger caressed his cheek as her back arched. The flight delay was a gift.

As soon as Brandon felt her body relax enough, he rolled them over. Then he looked up at her smiling face. “Ride me rough, Tink.” He sighed with anticipation as she gripped his shoulders then called out her name when she slammed down hard on him.

She held onto him tight and went as fast and hard as she could, while he kept her breasts from bouncing. After a few minutes, she felt sweat trickling down the side of her face. She always put her all into it for him. It was tiring, but worth the look of pleasure on his face.

Out of nowhere, she cried out, “Baby, holy shit!” Spasms washed over her entire body, causing her to slow down. A whimper escaped her lips while they became overwhelming. Only he could do that to her. Her whole body quivered, including her soul.

Brandon felt her squirt all over him and moaned, loving the sensation. Then he saw the look in her eyes and slid his hands up her back. Beads of sweat ran over his fingers, and he realized just how much she had been working to please him. “You wanna switch?”

“No,” she replied, still riding him, but slowly. “Just gimmie a minute.”

He clutched her ass when her hips lifted once again then his head went back as she quickly came back down, clenching within just enough to drive him crazy. She knew everything he liked, and he knew the same about her. Twelve years of amazing sex was hard to come by, but it was better every time for him.

Mackenzie dug her nails into his shoulders, pounding him harder and harder with each ragged breath. Her hair was wet, and she felt trails of moisture on her chest and all over her back. She ignored her aching thighs, and her head hung down, allowing her hair to fall around his face.

She grinned as she heard Brandon’s breathing get faster. Then he got louder. She knew what was next. His timing couldn’t have been better. Her own moans had started coming one after the other, the pleasure building quickly. She knew it would be explosive.

“Oh Fuck!” Brandon shouted. Then he gripped her hard, pulling her hips down.

Mackenzie leaned down enough to kiss his lips and his arms pulled her even closer. Then she cried out into his mouth. His cock let out several bursts deep inside of her while her pussy convulsed with an intense rhythm. Letting each other go wasn’t an option. Neither of them could even move for a few minutes.

When he could, Brandon brushed her matted hair away from her face and looked into her eyes. “You’re so amazing. I love how you make me feel.” What is it about her that’s so different?