Wicked End

By: Bella Jeanisse

“Please, Kenzie.” Another kiss then a gasp. He rubbed his stiff cock into her crotch, wishing she didn’t have shorts on. “I need you.” Rational thoughts were not possible. His hormones were raging. “Just a quick fuck, OK?”

When she didn’t reply, he started to kiss her neck. He didn’t have much real life experience, but had seen plenty of movies and watched a lot of porn. He licked her ear and smiled when she moaned. Her body was reacting fast. He felt heat against his groin.

“You want me. I feel it.” He groaned and ground his hips against her again. “Please, I want you so bad.” Her nod of assent made his heart jump. “God, Kenzie.”

He tugged his jean shorts open. Once his cock was loose, he looked down. Mackenzie wasn’t undressing. She looked nervous.

“I won’t tell anyone,” he vowed and pulled her shorts down, finding no panties. He smirked. “Nice.” Not bothering to look her over, he tossed her clothes to the floor. “Spread your legs.” He felt her body trembling as she did as told. “You sure about this?”

“Yes,” she whispered.

He excitedly lay on top of her and pressed his cock to her entrance. Laying his head down next to hers, he pushed his hips forward. He was shocked to meet a lot of resistance. Then he looked into her eyes and saw pain. He had no idea she was a virgin.

He felt guilty. “Should I stop?”

“No. I want you to be the first.”

He gave her a little at a time, while she clung to him and cried, quietly, but he felt her tears. “You OK?” She buried her face into his hair and didn’t reply. With gentle, slowly deeper strokes, he moaned. She was so tight. Then he held her close when he was in balls deep. “God, you feel so fucking good.” He had no idea condoms took away so much sensation.

She was still shaking, so he lifted his head and kissed her lips softly, several times. His hands wove through her hair, while he licked at her lips and teeth. Then their tongues touched. As soon as he felt her body relax, he withdrew and drove in, carefully. She whimpered, so he made sure to keep his rhythm calm.

Gradually, he built up the pace, until they both moaned. He gave her, her first orgasm. The feelings that surfaced while her pussy gripped his dick surprised him. He never wanted to let her go. Going faster, he clutched her. It never felt that good before.

“Fuck, Kenzie,” he cried out as he pumped his load into her. It was the most overwhelming feeling he ever had. No one ever made him feel that way but her.

Soon he helped her up, and his mouth dropped. There was a pool of blood under her. He scrambled to the kitchen to get a rag. He tried like hell to get the stain off his mom’s new couch, but it was no use.

The grounding he got when his mom found out was so worth it though. It was a day neither of them would ever forget. He smiled as he drove towards her, knowing he was only minutes away from unloading into her pussy. They had been apart much longer than expected to be because of her job and his commitment to the band.

As Mackenzie walked off the plane, she couldn’t stop thinking of the last time she saw Brandon. She surprised him at the band’s last recording session. She stood back, watching him play for a while. Then she stepped in front of the glass partition and flashed her breasts, which made him hit a string of crazy notes. Within seconds, he had her skirt up and her body pressed up against the glass. Then he was fucking her from behind while the entire studio cheered them on.

Being watched turned them both on. They used to make it happen as much as possible. That became difficult as Wicked End became more popular. His bandmates loved watching them. A few of the roadies watched once, when they rented rooms at a motel. They were shocked by how kinky Mackenzie was. She asked if one of them could join in, but he didn’t feel comfortable with that.

Mackenzie stared at the entrance to the baggage claim as she waited for the belt to start. Even with the baseball cap, sunglasses and long coat, Mackenzie knew it was Brandon. When their eyes met, she felt a shudder come over her entire body. Then she felt something that surprised her, more than just lust, a slight ache inside. It had been three months since they were together, could that be why?

Brandon’s pulse quickened as he spotted the only woman he thought looked more beautiful without makeup. He didn’t wait for her to come to him. He closed the distance between them in ten strides, staring into her green eyes the entire time. Then he bent his five foot eleven frame slightly so he could reach her. He hugged her tight, lifting her off the floor.

Her natural scent drove him up a wall. “I need you,” he whispered in her ear.

He was particular about girls, so it had been weeks since he’d had sex. Groupies were nothing compared to her. He just got a blowjob or fucked them randomly to get off and nothing more. He grabbed her ass and ground his erection against her. She made him feel more than just the usual pleasure. It wasn’t something he couldn’t explain.