Wicked End

By: Bella Jeanisse


Brian, a drummer/roadie/production manager friend who is on the road more than off, inspired this band. He is very dear to me and has the most amazing sexy, deep, slightly raspy voice. Talking or texting with him late at night while he is his bunk on the tour bus is always a thrill. Thanks, baby, for all the good times and the ones yet to come…

I have a special list of mine that was also a catalyst for this book. It has been dwindling down lately though, as I cross things off. You’ll see what I mean as you read. Imagine if you didn’t have life to get in the way! Then, what would be on your lists?

Music always stirs up ideas for me. It’s great when I’m barreling down the highway and a scene unfolds in my head. Wish I could dictate and still have the music blaring! My musical tastes, as I wrote this book, were even more particular than usual. I went back to my younger days of thrash and speed metal… Close to it at least. I listened to Unearth, Testament, Anthrax, lamb of god, Twelve Years Driven, Killed the Fixation, Oblivion Myth, Strychnia, Slipknot, Nonpoint, Five Finger Death Punch… and of course, Avenged Sevenfold. You guys never fail to inspire me! Can’t wait to see you perform in Orlando! Thanks to all of you.

To my fans and friends on Goodreads and beyond, thanks for all your support and encouragement. Without you, I’d be lost and just someone who likes to write dirty stories. I busted my behind to make this book worthy of all of you. Enjoy Brandon and Mackenzie’s adventure.

Last but certainly not least, thank you to my beta readers. First off, Mike, as usual, the best of the best… Boy do I owe you! Thanks to Donna, Liz, Patricia, Fabby, Leilani, Casey, Michael and Skye. Hope I didn’t forget anyone, but if I did… You’re much appreciated, too!

Chapter One

Mackenzie Winters walked through the airport quickly that Thursday afternoon in the middle of August. She had just finished teaching a cold calling class in Dallas. Because she brought in the most new investment clients per week, her company recruited her to be a part-time trainer as well. If they only knew that she was not always a well-mannered executive. Underneath, she was truly open-minded and a freak in bed.

She enjoyed teaching, but they had paired her with Brett. He was the most annoying trainer at her firm. Three days together was too much. She was glad it was over. Since she wasn’t headed home to Fort Lauderdale, she didn’t have to sit next to him on the plane again.

Once through security, she got a cup of coffee and relaxed in a chair. She hoped the flight was smooth. Flying made her nervous. Technically, it was the takeoff and landing that frightened her. The shaking got her imagination going.

On the flight to Dallas, Brett saw her freaking out and held her hand. She was too terrified to pull it away. That gave him the opportunity to pull her closer then try to kiss her. The slap to the face startled him, but he was a persistent bastard. If he weren’t the only full time trainer in the southeast at her company, she would ask to work with someone else.

It was hard for her to understand why Brett and some of the other men in her office pursued her so aggressively. She didn’t see herself as overly beautiful, but average. Her long blond hair was usually up at work, and she rarely did anything special with it. She knew she was pretty with symmetric features, and her green eyes went well with her pale complexion, but not model quality. She dressed not quite conservative, but not sexy either. Plain Janes were not that sought after, were they? Her high confidence may be attraction.

She sighed and pulled out her phone. There was a text from Brandon. A grin spread across her face. He could light up the darkest day. The only reason she was traveling back to Baltimore instead of Fort Lauderdale was to see him. It had been months because they hadn’t been free at the same time. She wished they still lived in the same city. Things were simpler back then.

Brandon, when he was available, gave her relief from all her needs at once. Sex with him, satisfied her on a level that no one could come close to. It was as if he soothed her body, heart and soul. She had no idea why, or how he did it, but she never wanted to let him go. Any excuse to spend time with him, she took it, even if it was only a few hours. One day she hoped they could have a week or so to explore just what it was that he gave her.

She sometimes wondered if it was because he was her first. That was special to some. He had been so tender and caring. He held her and made sure she enjoyed it, after the pain faded. It was quite amazing that 12 years later, they still had the same passion for each other. However, in her eyes, that was because he made every time special. Even a quick fuck against the wall brought forth emotions in her that no one else created. That kept her coming back for more.