Virgo Book 7 (The Zodiac Twin Flames Series)

By: Rachel Medhurst

A Zodiac Twin Flame Novel

Chapter One

“Oh, what about this one?” I asked Natalie, rushing across the boutique shop and stroking the lace over the bodice of a wedding gown.

Screwing up her face, Natalie shook her head. Huffing, I glanced around again. Every dress we’d pointed out hadn’t been the one.

Both Libra and I had been honoured when Nat had asked us to help her find her wedding dress. Now that we were hunting, it was quickly becoming obvious how hard it was to find the right one. I didn’t blame Natalie, her hormones were all over the place.

Going over to her, I took her hand. Her palms were sweating, her cheeks flushed. The front of her top clung to the huge baby bump. It wasn’t long until she was due to give birth. No wonder she didn’t feel like shopping.

“Why is Aries insisting that you order your dress now?” Libra asked as she ran her eyes over a long lacy dress that was carried past by the assistant.

Libra was tall with a long, slim body. Her hair was black to her waist, straight, with a glorious sheen. She had plump lips which stretched into one of the biggest smiles, especially when she was happy. We were all curious regarding her heritage. Her eyes were oval, but flicked up at the edges. She had no idea if she was from Japan, China, or any of the other Asian countries. I had a feeling she would find out one day.

“He wanted to get married before the baby was born, but I refused. I didn’t want to be huge in my wedding photos.” Natalie’s small smile was an indication that she was remembering her disagreement with my brother.

He was a hothead, always ready to fight in order to get his way. Luckily, Natalie always gave as good as she got. Which meant, he rarely won. Which made a nice change for his siblings. Watching the way she handled him, made me feel better about the way he’d treated us over the years. She was good for him, and for us.

“It’s okay, we’ll try one more shop and if you’re not happy, we’ll go and get something to eat. You do need to eat, otherwise you’ll start feeling—”

“Okay, Virgo, we get it,” Libra said, flicking her hair behind her shoulder.

Laughing, I tucked my arm through Natalie’s and led her out of the shop. My heartbeat skipped as a pretty woman walked past, her eyes watching me in the way only someone who was attracted would stare.

Swallowing, I looked away as I pointed to the other wedding shop nearby. The heavy breathing of my friend made me slow down. I had been dragging her along with me as I tried to run away from my discomfort.

“Sorry,” I muttered, glancing at Natalie’s sweat-lined forehead. “Shall we just go home? It’s been a long day for you.”

Shaking her head, which flicked her brown ponytail, she pointed forwards. “Nope, we must go on. Aries will kill me if I don’t at least check out this last shop. Especially as it’s just there.”

Libra followed behind, her face glued to her phone. She was a prime example of a millennial, always on her phone. Yet, I had no idea what she did on it. Her skills had always been in buying and selling art. She ran her own online business, which was quite successful.

“Libra, you promised not to stay on your phone for the whole day!” I berated.

“Stop being so fussy.” Her reply made me stamp my foot as I stopped.

The ground juddered, making the people around me pause and look around. Biting my lip, I smiled an apology and went to move again.

“You can’t just do that,” Libra said. “It’s dangerous.”

Trying my best not to snap back at her, I carried on walking towards the shop. Natalie caught up with me, her hand on my arm slowing my footsteps.

“Are you okay? You’ve been a bit jumpy the last few months.” Her kindness made my throat tighten.

Swallowing, I kept looking forward, unable to let her see the water that formed a film over my eyes.

“It’s because it’s her turn. Have you met anyone yet?”

Ever since Leo had united with his soulmate on a spiritual level, I had been on edge. I couldn’t help it. Nick had threatened me outside Leo’s concert, but that didn’t mean it was him that made me nervous. No, I didn’t care about his pathetic attempt at keeping us separate. His belief that Leo hadn’t united meant that I had a bit of time. It was the fact that my secret could come out. That’s what made me wish it wasn’t my turn.