The Wolf's Homerun

By: AJ Jarrett

Nehalem Pack 35

The past two months have been hard on Alex White. He’s still dealing with the loss of his brother, and at times, the depression is crippling. He only went out that night to help himself forget his pain—little did he know he’d find his soul mate in the town’s beloved baseball star, Boston Farrell.

Boston never expected one night of poor judgment to change his life forever. All he ever wanted to do was to play baseball and make his brothers proud, but all that changed when he met Alex. Now, Boston doesn’t know which way is up. This little hiccup in the road was something he never planned for.

Boston is fighting something that is meant to be, and it’s up to Alex to prove to him that love can conquer all—Boston just has to have a little faith.

Chapter One

“Oh thank God, Boston, you’re here.” Grayson’s tense face relaxed upon seeing Boston on the doorstep.

“Of course I’m here.” Boston leaned in to give Grayson a hug. “I told you’d I’d babysit the boys, didn’t I?”

“Yes, you did.” Grayson shut the door and leaned against it. He took deep breaths, his eyes falling shut. Boston was a little concerned for the man.

A small smile formed on Grayson’s lips and he opened his eyes. “It’s just been a long day. No one ever told me being a stay-at-home dad would be so hard. I just need a break sometimes, ya know?”

“I get it.” Boston nodded. He didn’t truly understand the hardships that Grayson was dealing with as a father of a seventeen-year-old, three-year-old and, last but not least, a one-year-old. Kids were great, but Boston wasn’t sure he’d ever want any. Kids required a lot of attention and care and Boston was wise enough to admit he was a little too selfish to ever give up on his dreams to help a kid figure out his or hers. “Where are the little guys?”

Boston followed a winded Grayson toward the kitchen. The sounds of happy chatter and laughter echoed out from the room. When he stepped around the corner, Boston saw little Kody sitting in a booster chair at the table, finishing up his dinner. Baby Ashton was in the process of dropping his food on the floor.

“Ashton, no!” Grayson rushed over to the little guy and grabbed his dish from the highchair tabletop.

That, right there, was another reason Boston never wanted kids. Too much freaking work. But seriously, Ashton was covered from head to toe in mac-and-cheese and a long stretch of drool ran down his chin. Disgusting.

Boston would never understand how his brother Knox could give up his freedom to raise him and Raleigh. Boston never knew his father and didn’t care to. He’d abandoned him and that was something Boston could never forget. His mother killed herself and his other brother, Tennessee, skipped town. Knox was the only one to stick around. He was a constant in Boston’s life.

Knox stayed behind and took care of Boston and Raleigh and never once did he complain about it. Knox was a great guy, a better man than Boston would ever be. Boston couldn’t imagine being twenty-one years old and taking on the responsibility of caring for two little kids. Boston often wondered if Knox ever regretted giving up on his dreams to care for him. It was a question Boston never wanted to know the answer to. He harbored some guilt for needing to be taken care of. Knox didn’t have to stick around, but he had and for that Boston was grateful.

“Oh yeah, you missed a spot.” Boston pointed to a section of curly blond hair on the side of Ashton’s head that was matted down with cheese. Boston winced when the little guy blew out spit bubbles and giggled.

Yeah, I’m never having kids, Boston said quietly inside his head. They were either covered in dirt, food, snot or, on some occasions, shit. Why had he agreed to babysit again?

“Damn it,” Grayson said under his breath. “You need a flipping bath.”

“Daddy said a bad word,” Kody whispered. His big green eyes shining in the bright kitchen light.

“I’m sorry, baby.” Grayson leaned down to press a kiss on the top of Kody’s head. “Daddy’s just a little frazzled at the moment.”

“It’s okay, daddy.” Kody reached out his chubby little hand to pat Grayson on the cheek. “Ash is a piglet and Daddy says there ain’t no keepin’ him clean.”

Boston bit his lip to keep from laughing. The kid was cute, he’d give him that. At least Kody managed to get more food in his mouth rather than on his face and clothes.

“Your daddy would be right on that one, squirt.” Grayson pulled back the tray top of Ashton’s highchair and lifted the little boy free from his seat. He then helped Kody down from his chair. “Boston, I’m going to give these two a quick bath.” Grayson shook his head. “I need to de-stickyfy them. Come on, boys.” Grayson carried Ashton while Kody followed behind him.

“Gray, if you want I can do that.” Boston wanted to kick himself. He wasn’t sure why he even offered. “You have that meeting with the college recruiter for Wyatt. Don’t want you guys to be late.”

“We’ve got some time. Besides, do you really want to give my little monsters a bath?” Grayson cocked an eyebrow. “Unless you brought extra clothes, you’re better off dodging this bullet.”