The Ultimate Kink

By: Cameron Dane

Chapter One

“This is another setup,” Kasey growled at Canin, the giant of a man sitting to her right.

She glared at Rhone and Adam, the other two partners in their security business. The men

shimmied, all close and personal against each other, on the dance floor of Vixen, the very

upscale sex club that catered to those who could afford to throw away ridiculous amounts of

money. Snorting, Kasey surmised that many of these horny people likely couldn’t afford it,

but instead maxed out credit cards and probably even mortgaged homes in order to maintain

membership once inside.

Kasey looked at Rhone and Adam again and knew they only had eyes for each other

tonight, not this damn group of clubgoers that supposedly had a stalker in its midst. Or so

Adam and Rhone had said. With people openly fondling each other here and there in many

of the little alcoves --in all varieties of pairings --Kasey didn’t think any of them could get

their minds off their libidos long enough to cause harm to its other members.

Once again, she and Canin had been played.

Kasey turned back to Canin, and her irritation kicked up about ten notches. God, the

man knew Adam and Rhone were trying to play matchmaker again, but rather than get

pissed off, his cool, ice blue gaze traveled the perimeter of the club, one booth at a time. The

guy probably enjoyed playing the voyeur and watching the club members make out. Kasey,

on the other hand, had only one thing on her mind: Adam and Rhone. The guys clearly

wanted to return the thank you to Kasey and Canin for getting the two of them together.

Kasey, however, tended to view the men’s attempts to interfere in her love life as a hostile

takeover, not a philanthropic act. Especially when they wanted to partner her with Canin


Kasey shuddered, knowing herself well enough to steer clear of a man like Canin. The

guy was just too…too much.

Her gaze settled back on the two men dancing so closely, and the slow fire burning in

Kasey’s belly combusted into an inferno. Tonight, Rhone and Adam’s attempt to hook her up

had officially shifted from mildly amusing and irritating to downright deceptive. They had

brought a client into their scheming, claiming she was afraid that her club had become the

source for harassment of its members, and that she had multiple victims, all too afraid to go

to the police. Man, Kasey should have sensed something was going on when Adam and

Rhone called them into this last-minute “surveillance.” Next time, she would call the client

herself and confirm.

No more playing nice. “Excuse me.” Throwing one last glance at Canin, Kasey rose to

her feet. “I’m going to go make those buttinskies cry, and then I’m getting the hell out of

here.” Her position precarious for a moment, Kasey shifted her balance on her strappy red

heels. For God’s sake, she had put on these instruments of torture, along with a red spaghettistrap dress, because she thought she needed to blend in at this place in order to work. Both

Rhone and Adam knew she hated to wear shit like this. Damn it, she wouldn’t yell at them;

she would kill them.

“Wait a minute. Wait a minute.” Canin jerked Kasey back down beside him before she

could move one step. Within the next breath, he had her under him on the leather seat of

the booth, his wicked smile only inches from her mouth. Immediately, her heart started

skittering. She hated that almost as much as Rhone and Adam for putting her in this position.

“What are you doing?” she hissed up at Canin, trying her damnedest not to create a

scene. She hated drawing attention to herself. It stuck in her craw even more that Canin

could bring out her temper when so few others could. “I just told you we’re not really here

undercover. You can stop hanging all over me now.”

Those pale eyes flashed above her, and she thought for a minute that he might smack

her. Not that she thought him capable, even for all of their bickering. He just looked like he

wanted to do it. Even though she knew she was in a safe public place, it sent a fast frisson of

latent fear through her insides, jolting her beneath Canin’s weight.

Canin’s focus zeroed in on her. “What?” Bringing up his big, callused hand, he stroked

her cheek with its roughness, sending another little shiver through her. “What is it?”

“Nothing. I just don’t like being manipulated.” She grabbed his waist and tried to push

him off her. Even with her above-average height and weight, she couldn’t compare to Canin.

Alarm bells started sounding in her head, and she shoved at him again. “Get off me, you

overbearing jackass.”

“Hold on a sec, Kasey.” Canin’s incredible calm pushed at her rough edges even more.

“I pulled you down here for a reason.”

“Then explain it damned fast.” She pushed once more, but only succeeded in settling

his crotch more intimately against hers. Her pussy flared against the contact, shocking her

into momentary stillness. As a punishment to her own body for becoming excited and

betraying her, she went lax and took the tense contact away. “And it better be fucking good.”

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