The Soul's Alliance (The Agents Series Book 2)

By: Wendy Knight

Monsters come out at night. Luckily, so do their hunters.

Konstanz is pretty sure her best friend is a demon hunter. A demon hunter with a broken heart.

That's a very dangerous thing indeed.

Being the good friend that she is, Konstanz will protect Navi from any more heartache, even if it means putting up with Bryson, the guy determined to make Navi forget she ever hurt in the first place. Never mind that Konstanz can't stand him and he likes her even less.

Until he doesn't. Feelings change, people change, and Navi's dangerous secrets put them all in danger. In the shadows of monsters, Konstanz loses her heart only to find that Bryson has dangerous secrets of his own.

Secrets that threaten everything they've fought for.

Chapter 1


I'm pretty sure my heart-broken best friend is a monster hunter.

It was the second night she'd come home bloody and broken. The second night I spent hours stitching wounds and bandaging limbs—and I'm a vet tech. I haven't even graduated yet. Humans are not my forte. Weirdest part, though? The wounds I stitched and the limbs I bandaged just a few days ago were healed. Like, there was no indication they'd ever existed.

I did have proof, though. Her favorite boots were ruined.

Because they were covered in her blood.

She said she was a probation officer. Given that she was barely 5'4" and teeny tiny, it would be hard to believe, but her mother had been one, too. A dang good one, from the sound of things. She'd come home several times covered in blood, too. But never with massive, gaping wounds like this.

"Navi, we have to talk." I couldn't look at her, trying to cause as little pain as possible while stitching her arm. The wounds were deep, the muscle torn but would she go to a hospital?

No, no she would not.

So we had no pain killer, and nothing to deaden the pain but she barely seemed to notice, staring at the wall like an empty shell. She'd been that way since Alec.

Alec, whose ass I would kick if I ever saw him again.

"Hmm?" she asked distractedly. When I raised an eyebrow, she smiled. "What's up, Buttercup?"

"What's up with the wounds, Navi?"

"I told you. I—I can't tell you." She at least had the decency to look ashamed. "I promise, it's for your own good."

Right. That's what everyone says when they want to get out of stuff. Still, I didn't push it because the pain in her voice was real. She thought she was protecting me and it tore her apart.

I debated, instead. Alec had come by a few days ago. He had begged to see her, had begged to hear her explanation. He'd been in as much pain as she was—maybe not physically, as he'd only had a broken hand and she was on the verge of death by blood loss—but his heart was just as broken. I'd told him to go and not come back, to stay away from her for good. It was the right thing to do. They were too volatile together. Passion that deep had a line too easy to cross between love and hate. But still, I saw the way she checked her phone, eyes hopeful before that hope was crushed. She wanted him to call. She still wanted him.

What was I supposed to do?

"All fixed," I said. "Are you sure we can't go to a hospital?" I didn't ask her about the amazing healing abilities. I figured that fell under the she-wouldn't-tell-me-for-my-own-safety bit.

But you understand now why I thought she was a monster hunter.

"No. No hospital. But thank you." She hugged me stiffly and I was grateful that this wound was on her arm and not her stomach. Less likelihood of organs being damaged.

Those claw marks, though...

"Off to bed, then. Tomorrow comes early. I'm assuming you're going to class again despite all this?" I waved my hands in her general hot mess direction.

She smiled. "Yeah. I have an exam in physics."

"And then the museum with Bryson? We're meeting at his house. Are you going to be okay with that?" I started cleaning up. Animal blood was horrific enough. When your hands are stained with the blood of your best friend, well, that's when the nightmares start.

She nodded and wandered away. "Yeah. Sure. No problem."

Bryson was Alec's roommate.

I'm pretty sure it was like harsh love therapy, Bryson's brilliant idea to bring her to Alec's apartment while wasn't there to help her get over it. I was like the buffer, softening the pain. Being the third wheel while Bryson tried his best to seduce her was...awkward. But he also had no filter.

Plus, she'd made me swear never to leave her alone with him because he just couldn't take a hint. So, there's that.

She never went to bed. I was just getting out of the shower when she left for school. I got ready and attempted to eat in peace. It wasn't to be, though.

Reese, the commanding officer of our apartment, stormed through with all the force of an angry bull. Navi said one day she'd be a CEO of some huge corporation, but for now she practiced on us. She took super early classes so she could fit more in, and only stopped by for breakfast. "Why does the house smell like disinfectant?" she wrinkled her nose, spiky hair still wet from the rain. "And is Terrie still sleeping?"

Terrie was our other roommate. She was...interesting.

"Yep," I said around a mouth full of cereal, ignoring the other half of her question.