The Reindeer's St. Patrick's Surprise (Reindeer Holidays Book 2)

By: E A Price

Janine gave them both a warm smile. “So, have you two made any decisions?”

Heather waggled her eyebrows and Temp said, “We’re just friends, she’s here for support.”

Janine nodded. “Have you thought this through? Are you sure you wish to go through with this?”

Temp inhaled. “Yes, I do.”

She’d tried the adoption route, but they wanted to give babies to couples and not those who worked such long hours – though she would definitely cut back when the baby was born. Maybe she was concerned about her baby not having a father, but then, her family started out as normal with a loving mom and dad, and now they were all practically strangers. Her mom decided their family wasn’t for her and promptly left them both to move to Florida and hook up with a car mechanic. She then had Temp’s half-sister, Mira and promptly left both of them a few years later

Besides, Heather would be very supportive – she always was about everything, and that’s why Temp loved her. While Heather may not have a maternal bone in her body, she would support Temp in any way she could. Mira was supportive too, but Mira wouldn’t wholeheartedly support her scheme. She would try and talk her into looking for a guy. She would trot out lots of useless platitudes about there being a perfect someone for everybody. Yawn. Temp hadn’t believed anything that banal since she was six. Mira had also been super sappy since hooking up with her boyfriend Branch Connors. Mira was so in love that she wanted everyone else to be in love and in a relationship too. But it wasn’t going to happen. That was fine for Mira, but Temp was not Mira.



Harlan grunted in annoyance as he found Branch and his mate making out on Branch’s desk. Okay, so he had just walked into the office without knocking – but Branch knew he always did that. The least his brother could do was lock the door. Though Harlan might just worry about what was going on and put his shoulder to it – breaking an innocent door and still getting an eyeful.

Branch growled in annoyance while Mira giggled and wiped a smudge of lipstick off his cheek. They were apparently taking things slowly, though the two appeared to be joined at the lips.

“Hey, sunshine,” said Harlan, beaming at Mira because he knew it pissed off his older, grumpier brother.

Sure enough, his brother’s growl deepened.

“Hello, Harlan,” replied Mira sweetly.

Harlan grinned and once again considered that the perpetually sweet human was far too good for his grouchy brother. Then, after he thought it, he voiced the opinion, and his brother’s eyes flashed to the black of his beast and Mira placed a hand on his chest to stop him from lunging at Harlan.

“Don’t tease him,” admonished Mira with a playful pout.

Harlan chuckled as Branch glared at him.

“Now, I have to get back to work – lots of sandwiches to deliver.” She held up a finger as Branch opened his mouth to say something. “No, I don’t need help carrying the basket. No, I don’t need an escort for my route. Last time you sent Tank with me, he terrified my customers so much no one would buy anything.”

Tank was one of the larger members of the herd and one of his brother’s enforcers. Since their father died, his brother was now the alpha of the herd, and it seemed that soon, Mira would be his mate and female alpha.

“You sold all the sandwiches,” muttered Branch grumpily.

“No, you bought all of them so that I wouldn’t get into trouble.”

Branch waved his hand. “Same difference.”

“Not at all, now I really do have to go. See you tonight?” she asked hopefully.

Harlan rolled his eyes. As if his brother would let her alone even for one evening.

“Of course,” rumbled Branch.

He tried to grab Mira, but she danced out of his grasp. “Nuh-uh, you start that again, and I’ll never get out of here.”


Mira blew him a kiss. “Tonight, honey.” She winked at Harlan, tossed him a sandwich and was on her way.

Branch snapped out of his dopey daze to scowl at Harlan. “What do you want?”

“You wanted me actually,” said Harlan.

Though he would happily go away and eat his sandwich. Mira always remembered his favorite and the damn thing was calling ‘eat me.’ Well, it had been at least an hour since second breakfast. As a shifter, he ate lots and often.

Branch leaned back in his chair and gave Harlan his alpha stare – superior and domineering to the extreme.

“How’re things with your little twinkie? What’s her name? Kelly? Kristy?”

Harlan’s lips twitched in amusement. “Twinkie?”

Not a word he would have expected to come out of his brother’s mouth. Well, he might have expected an actual Twinkie to go in – a whole box at a time maybe. He assumed his brother was actually talking about his most recent girlfriend, Amanda, who was kind of flaky and self-absorbed and acted like a sixteen-year-old daddy’s girl rather than a twenty-one-year-old woman. He wasn’t sure twinkie was accurate. Though, she had recently maxed out all six of the credit cards her father paid for - she bought cars for all her best friends. She got rid of money as if it had a bad smell.