The Mystery Tomb

By: Eva Pohler


“Congratulations again on your new baby boy. Please give Millie my warmest wishes.”

“Thanks, Cap. Will do!”

Samantha hung up the phone, trembling a bit and feeling light headed. A picture of Rebecca Nisha fell over on her desk, so she set it right again, as always.

“Mommy, Jes says dinner’s almost ready and you’re not even dressed.”

“Come here, Pumpkin, and give your Mommy a kiss.” She took the girl into her lap and exchanged a quick peck on the lips. “Is Daddy home?”

“Here I am. I’m on my way to the shower.”

“Don’t I even get a hello?”

“Daddy! Daddy, we want a hello!”

Tuki rushed in to the room, swept his Nisha girls into a big embrace, and said, “Hi sweethearts! Sorry I’m late.” Then to Samantha, “We were working on a really good bill we hope to have ready for the next congressional meeting.”

“That’s okay. I’ve still got to dress myself.”

“Hmm, care to—”

“Shhhh!” Then she gave him a flirty look. “I’ve got big news.”

“Oh? What is it?”

“Follow me.” She took her husband and daughter’s hands and led them to the balcony overlooking the foyer.

“Granddad, can you hear me? Granddad?”

Brandon limped from the parlor into the foyer with Baby Charlie in his hands. “What is it, dear girl?”

“Jes, can you hear me?”

“Jes, old man! Samantha has something she wants to tell us!” Brandon called through the foyer.

Jes came hobbling in from the kitchen. He looked up. “Madam?”

“What’s going on, Beck? Tell us already,” Tuki complained.

“Four thousand B.C.! The specimens from the catacombs date back to four thousand B.C.!”

“Did you hear that, Jes? Four thousand B.C.! By golly, break out the oldest wine in the cellar! This calls for a celebration! I’ll call Claire right away and ask her to join us! We’ve got enough food, don’t we Jes?”

“Yes, sir. We’ve got plenty.”

“Charlie? You want Auntie Claire to come for dinner?”

The baby cooed in his great-grandfather’s arms as his parents and sister laughed overhead.

“Wëli will be flabbergasted!” Samantha said as she and Tuki went to dress for dinner.

“If he ever had any fears over forming this foundation, you can bet they will be laid to rest tonight when he learns what we’ve been able to tell him about our people.”

“Our people?” Samantha glanced back at him.

“Of course, Wulik Etchilhillat. Yours and mine.” He smiled, putting an arm around her shoulders.

A soft, plump arm wrapped itself around his leg.

“And mine, too, Daddy?”

“Yes, Wisawtayas. Yours, too.”

***THE END*******