The Devils Daughter (The Devils Soldiers mc Book 1)

By: Cilla Lee



“The Eiffel tower is one thousand and sixty-three feet tall and is the biggest structure in all of Paris it has a restaurant where we can eat frogs’ legs”

“Eww mommy, frogs’ legs”

“Yep, French people love eating frogs’ legs”

“Yuck, I don't want to go there if they eat that”

“Oh, baby girl France is the city of love”

“Why do they call France that?”

“Because France is where people who get married go for their honeymoons to walk along the Seine River eat and drink cappuccinos on the side walk cafes and the French language is the language of love”

“Have you been there mommy?”

“No baby girl, but someday we'll go together” Mommy turns to me and smiles, I love her smile, she's so pretty

“I love you baby girl, sleep ok” I nod my head

“I love you to mommy”

I wake up with tears in my eyes, my mom was so beautiful and I miss her every day, but in my dreams, she's always with me happy laughing enjoying life...


Chapter One


The knock at the door had me looking up from my book, my heart rate sped up and my palms started to sweat. We never have visitors ever, unless they were trying to sell you something or save your soul and in this household no book could save my soul or my worthless fathers. People avoided this neighbourhood unless you were a drug dealer a prostitute or a pimp and the only people that called to our house where debt collectors with brass knuckles baseball bats or guns, my father always owed someone something.

The knock comes again and I slowly make my way to the door peeking through the curtain, a guy wearing a leather vest standing there with two other men standing behind him. (definitely not a bible basher)

“Can I help you” I ask through the door; the guy pulls down his glasses with one finger looking at me

“Why hello there darlin' is Jeff in?” I shake my head but answer as well

“No, he's not here”

“Can I come in and wait for him?”

“No, I don't think so” my voice shaky as I answer my palms sweating, the guy rubs his nose and shakes his head

“Open the door darlin' I need to speak to him”

“He's not here I told you that already, he'll be hear in about an hour if you want to come back than”

“I really need to speak to him”

“He's at work just come back later” I tell him starting to get really scared

“Can I come in and wait I won't bite” (fucking hell no) I shake my head

“No, I don't think that's a good idea, just come back later”

“No darlin' I think you should open the door” I can see he's losing his patience and my heart starts pounding in my chest and that fight or flight response kicks in and I back away from the door, I click the door lock in place and step back. I hear him say something to the other men as I back away more needing distance from the man at the door the back door opens, I spin around fast and watch a guy walk past me and open the front door for the others (fuck, you idiot the back door) I berate myself for not running to the other door and locking it.

“Hello darlin'” the guy says and I swear I feel like I'm going to have a stroke (Ok note to self no more Sons of Anarchy) but dam I love that show, he motions for me to sit on the sofa and I slowly step towards it and sit keeping an eye on all three of them

“Now let’s try this again, where's Jeff” he sits on the coffee table facing me and I get a better look at him, his eyes are sunken and his skin has a translucent quality about it. I look at his vest on the front it says Enforcer with the name Mad Dog above it.

“I told you he's at work” I say trying to sound calm but my mind is screaming to run, I look around at the other two men, will I make it past them (remember six by six hole doesn't go with your skin completion)

“I need to talk to him” he says and everything in my wants me to roll my eyes but I don’t, I'd probably just end up with a back hand or a punch to the face (but dam, how many times can I say he's at work maybe I should use sign language or smoke signals)

“I told you he's at work and will be home in an hour just come back than”

He looks at one of the guys and gives him a chin lift, the guy walks out closing the front door and the other guy walks around looking at things. I watch him out the corner of my eye, we don't have much but what we do have I don't want some friggin’ biker stealing it.

The guy takes my hand making me jump and I stare at our hands as he rubs his thumb over my knuckles, he lifts my head with his finger and I look right into his eyes

“What's your name?” he asks me as I try and pull my hand out of his but he holds me tighter

“Niya” I answer still trying to watch the other guy

“Beautiful name Niya, how do you know Jeff” I frown at him

“That's none of your business, will you please leave and come back later”

“No can-do Sugar” (Sugar what an asshole)

“Please just come back later, he'll be here than just give me your number and I'll get him to call you” I know my father won’t, but I still lie just so these two will leave