Tank (Moonshine Task Force Book 2)

By: Laramie Briscoe


Life isn’t promised, love isn’t easy, and relationships aren’t always clean, but everyone has their soulmate who is willing to forgive when it would be better to forget.

Trevor “Tank” Trumbolt

I never thought in the blink of an eye my life could change, but it did. Cresting a hill driving to my favorite fishing spot, I was hit head-on by a teenager with no regard for anyone’s life but his own.

The recovery process has been hard, painful, and damn near beating me down.

The bright spot? Blaze.

Surviving the wreck has given me a second chance to make a life with her. Not knowing if I’ll ever be able to rejoin the Moonshine Task Force again has brought my world into focus. It’s made me realize what’s important.

Blaze. Stella. My brothers. My sister.

The ego that ran Blaze away before isn’t here any longer. What’s left is a man who’s holding his heart in his hands and a burning hope that once I’m healed she’ll still be around.

Daphne “Blaze” Coleman

There’s only been one person in the world who’s accepted me for who I am – from the fiery red of my hair and vibrant tattoos covering parts of my body to the smartness of my mouth and my desire to be matched in the bedroom.

That man is Trevor Trumbolt. When he asked me to give up my job as an EMT because he saw the dangers I face one scary afternoon, it spelled the end for us.

Now that he’s been injured, he needs my help and my love. I failed once before when someone close needed me. I won’t make that mistake again. For Trevor, I’ll give it all freely, but in the end I’m gonna need him to understand one thing about relationships – the give and take, love and sadness, pleasure and pain is a two-way street. He’s either in this with me or he’s not, but at the end of the day, I won’t let him boss me around.

If there’s anything that can handle the steel of a tank – it’s the heat of a blaze.


While the series is called The Moonshine Task Force Series, please be aware the task force is what bought most of these men together. It’s the catalyst (if you will) that has made the friendship of the five men you’ll meet in the series.

Like most of my recent books, these are character-driven. The action, as it is, advances the storyline or sets up the storyline for subsequent books. There won’t be manufactured drama or manufactured storyline. These are very much what you see, is what you get. Each book follows one member, and you’ll get to see how they change and grow through-out the course of the series.

I hope you’ll love the second story featuring Tank and Blaze, and you’ll come back for the next four! They should all be released either this year, or the last one in early 2018!

While this can be read as a standalone, it’s recommended you first read “Renegade” since they are concurrent storylines!






“Dispatch, this is thirty-two, thirty-two show us en route to the call for the vehicle collision at the bottoms,” I notify our intent to respond as my partner Logan and I make our way to the call that came over the radio moments before. We’re not far away, five minutes on the curvy backroads. I hang on as Logan hits a pothole that’s gotten worse after the brutally hot summer we had.

“Damn county needs to fix these roads,” I gripe as I brace my hand above my head to keep from hitting the roof of the ambulance.

The radio cackles as dispatch comes through with more information about the scene we’re headed toward. “Be advised we’re hearing now it’s an officer who’s been involved in the collision. They’ve requested the fire department bring in the jaws of life.”

Thank God, Trevor isn’t working today. He texted me earlier telling me he was going fishing, so the fear I feel isn’t as bad as it would be if I were wondering where he is. Going over the list of the guys I know in my head, I hope like hell it’s not Ryan because he and Trevor’s sister are having a baby. Whatever the officer is facing, it’ll be a tough road if they’re trying to raise a newborn while recovering. I pull my phone out of my pocket, firing off a quick text to Trevor, letting him know about the accident. Depending on how deep he’s gone into the woods will determine if he can hear the emergency vehicles responding or not. We haven’t texted in a while, but it still feels right to give him a heads up.

B: Hey, there’s been a bad accident at the bottoms. Best to stay where you are instead of trying to come out. I’ll text you and let you know when it’s been cleaned up. Maybe we can go have dinner?