Take The Honey And Run (Sweet & Dirty BBW #6)

By: Cathryn Cade

Take the Honey and Run Sweet & Dirty BBW MC Romance #6


* * *


The Pine Cabins of Rathdrum, Idaho had likely been cozy, clean and restful back in the day.

Now they were just sad and sorry.

Set back from a narrow, paved road that wove through the North Idaho forest, the row of small, white cabins sat in the shade of tall evergreens. Even with the March sun reflecting off the late-winter snow piled under the trees, along the driveway and narrow parking lot, they were shrouded in gloom.

Manda pictured them back in the 1960’s. Summertime, with a station wagon or sedan drawn up before each cabin, and people strolling along the path, to the creek at the base of the mountain.

The shade of these majestic trees cool in the heat of summer, fragrant with pine and fresh air.

Laughter ringing as kids ran and adults played horseshoes or a game of pickup baseball. Deer peering from the trees, while chipmunks darted out from beneath bushes, looking for treats.

Back then, the wooden sign advertising Pine Cabins—A Fun Family Motor Lodge would have been accurate.

Seventy-odd years later, the sign leaned crookedly on the snowbank behind it, the posts nearly rotted away.

The place itself was in similar shape.

And no matter the current owner’s big talk about how he planned to fix up the cabins and turn the place back into a desirable stop for tourists, Manda was pretty sure neither the cabins nor grounds had seen the business end of a paint brush or garden rake in years.

Her cabin, next to the small office, smelled of mildew and other things she’d rather not think about. It was none too warm, either. The battered baseboard heater clanked loudly but gave almost no heat.

This morning, she’d put on Tim’s Seahawks hoodie over her bra, a cami, two tee-shirts and her jeans, with wool socks and her worn Uggs. She was still shivering.

Which was why she now sat in the office. In here, a space heater blasted warmth from its red coils. And Tim’s buddy Rezan, the owner, was at least company. Although the embarrassment of trying to make conversation with a complete stranger, who was stuck with her through no fault of his own, sort of made her want to go and hide in the bathroom.

Or maybe that was all the coffee she was drinking.

She clutched the paper cup she’d refilled from the cheap coffee maker hissing on a corner table. The office smelled of stale, over-heated coffee. But it was hot and it was free, so she’d drink it.

Just as she’d impose on the good nature of Tim’s buddy—she had little choice at the moment.

Rezan Faro lounged behind the desk across from her chair, smiling at her in a way that a lot of girls had probably told him was sexy.

He was handsome, true. His dark eyes were almost too pretty for a man’s face. He was only a few inches taller than her five foot six, his wiry body attired in black-and-red Under Armor sportswear, a heavy gold chain at his throat, and an equally gaudy ring on each hand. His black hair was cut short on the sides, the top long. His skin was the muted mocha of mixed heritage.

In other circumstances, maybe at a club with nothing more on her mind than fun, and no boyfriend in the wings, she might have returned his flirty smiles.

But now, she was not in the mood. He was Tim’s friend, for one thing.

But she was grateful, because he was being really nice about having her dumped on him for however long. She tried to picture Tim hanging out and chatting with one of his buddies’ girlfriends to make her feel at ease. The image wouldn’t come.

“So, Manda,” Rezan said, his voice light and smooth. “You must be gettin’ pretty bored sitting on your ass around here all day.” His grin widened, his gaze flicking down her body and back up. “Not that it ain’t a gorgeous ass.”

She smiled, but her hands tightened on her cup. “I’m fine, thanks. Just… I thought Tim would be back by now.”

The TriCities wasn’t that far away—her boyfriend had gone to pick up some ‘stuff’ for Rezan, as thanks for letting them stay here. But instead of returning the next day as he’d promised, Tim had now been gone two full days.

She was getting worried. Okay, she was flat-out scared—not to mention pissed off.

She was stuck here without Tim, and without money. He’d ‘borrowed’ the last of her cash to buy gas and cigarettes on their way up here, assuring her they’d make plenty more in no time working for his buddy at his little resort.