Stumbling Into Him

By: Molly O Hare


First, I want to thank YOU. Seriously, thank you!

Over the last few months I have met some amazingly supportive people in my life, and I couldn’t do this without any of them. I am a better writer because of all of you. I want to thank my husband, for always having my back. My friend, my editor, and one of my biggest supporters, Karen. To my friends that supported me when I thought no one would. I love you, CBFFL. To my KB tribe: You have helped me so much. I don’t know what I would do without any of you. I also want to thank Angela Verdenius. I am so honored to call her one of my good friends. I do not really know how to thank any of you other than offering to give you my undying love, which you already have. No take backs!

And, just for good measure. Thank you again… Okay, now I’ll stop.

Fooled you… one more time: Thank you! – Come on, this is me we are talking about. Did you really think I’d stop?


I dedicate this story to all of you. You are beautiful. You are strong. You are a unicorn. Do not let anyone tell you any different. The world is a better place because you are in it.

This story goes out to anyone who never felt good enough or looked down upon for any reason. As I said in my last novel, rock who you are. There is only one you out there, so you might as well enjoy every second of it!

Stay awesome. Stay classy. And stay you!

Chapter One

“Watch out!”

Holly Flanagan heard a commotion coming from the other side of the park. Ignoring the shouting, she bent over focusing on picking up her Corgi, Waffles, most recent deposit. With Holly’s track record, though, she should have known anyone yelling “watch out,” “take cover,” or “that’s about to fall” was directed at her. Even after years of being the spokesperson for “unlucky,” “klutzy,” and “clumsy” she still disregarded the shouting as she carried on with her dog parent duties.

Before she could register what happened, she was knocked onto her back with a pain radiating from her mouth and nose.

“Well, at least the sky is pretty today,” Holly mumbled as she tried to get her bearings. She reached for her mouth as she felt the pain start to spread.

“Ma’am, are you okay?”

Holly closed her eyes pondering that exact question. Was she okay? She’d just been hit with something in her mouth. She was pretty sure some part of her face, she didn’t know which part, but she was sure something was bleeding. Waffles started barking uncontrollably, and her head hurt. So, was she okay?

Holly sighed. Yeah, she was fine. This was just another day for her, and so far, if being hit by an unknown projectile to the face was the worst thing that happened to her, she’d considered it a good day.

Opening her eyes, she gasped. Above her, only a mere few inches from her face was by far, the most handsome man she had ever laid eyes on. He had dark brown hair and deep blue eyes that were richer than the ocean. His jaw was chiseled, with a light dusting of scruff, in the alpha male, I’m in charge here kind of way.

Wonderful. Okay, let’s add embarrassing yourself in front of a Greek God to your lists of attributes for the day. Hey, it can only get better from here, right?

She realized she was staring at him for what could have been considered too long. She quickly jerked her head forward trying to right herself. Unfortunately for her, she slammed her head right into the Greek God’s forehead.

Freaking wonderful.

Not only was her mouth hurting, her head now pounded.

Absolutely freaking wonderful!

“Shit,” she heard the Greek God say through the wave of pain coursing through her body. Taking the chance, she opened her eyes once more only to see her Adonis holding his own head. And, to make matters worse, Waffles started barking at her, then looked at his recent deposit still on the ground, and then back at her.

“For the love of all things. I was trying to pick it up,” she mumbled taking her hand away from her mouth to deal with his majesty, Lord Waffles. However, the second her hand came into view she saw the blood and screamed.

“Oh shit. Lady, you’re bleeding,” the Adonis said before reaching his hand out to grasp her mouth.

“What happened?” she asked as panic started to course through her. Did she break her nose? Was she unconscious? Was she dying?

The Adonis removed the hand that covered her mouth and tilted her chin back. He then gently held onto her jaw and slightly opened her mouth. “I was tossing the Frisbee with Ripley, and somehow it veered off course. I tried to warn you to watch out.”

Typical. She groaned. Hot guy throws Frisbee. Said Frisbee hits me in the face. Hot guy then insinuates it’s my fault for not getting out of the way fast enough. I mean, I know I’m generally invisible to men like him, but, damn. You’d think these extra wide hips would make me more visible. Instead, invisible me is at fault for being in the firing line of a dang Frisbee. She glared at the Frisbee sitting next to her. Ignoring the object, she moved her attention back to the Adonis.

Holly tried to speak, but he was still holding onto her jaw. “I can’t tell if it’s a busted lip or worse,” he said as he examined her.