Somewhere With You

By: Britney King

He shrugged. “Maybe I plan on staying a while.”

She threw her head back and laughed. “Right.”

Jack pretended to ignore her laughter and continued searching for the item of clothing he wanted to wear. “Why? Would that be such a bad thing?”

She looked up and met his gaze. “You’re serious?”

He backtracked a little. “Well, yeah. Sort of.”

“But what about your work?”

“I’m selling The Harrison Group.”

“What? No! Why?” She was so taken aback by what he’d said that she couldn’t find the right words with which to respond.

He shrugged slightly. “My heart just wasn’t in it anymore.”

“Since when have you ever cared about that?” she asked, her voice uneven.

He looked toward the balcony door and then back at her. “Since I decided not to settle any longer. I want something that lights me up. Something that makes me excited to wake up. I don’t really need to work. At least not for a while, anyway. I’ve done pretty well for myself. So I figure that I’ll travel around for a bit until something strikes my fancy.”

She furrowed her brow then smiled. “Who are you, and what have you done with Jack Harrison.”

He laughed. “It’s me. I’m him. Just a little wiser, that’s all.” He gave up on what he’d been looking for and sat down on the bed beside her. “The thing is, for so long I had my life all mapped out. I thought I knew what I wanted, and when things didn’t work out, I realized that I had it all wrong. I realized I wanted something different altogether. I wanted something more…”

“And what is that?”

“I’m looking at it.”

He leaned in and kissed her once softly, asking for permission with his expression. To his surprise, she kissed back. Hard. Relentlessly.

She climbed on top of him and pulled her tank top over her head. Jack leaned up, unfastened her bra, and took one of her breasts in his mouth and sucked hard. He pulled back, released her, and took the other in his mouth, giving it the same attention. Amelie ran her fingers through his hair, then grabbed a fistful of his hair and pulled it, forcing his face upward toward her. He grabbed her chin and sucked her bottom lip before releasing it and searching her eyes. “What about this guy you’re seeing? Is it serious?”

She smiled and then trailed kisses down his neck. “Does it seem very serious to you?” she murmured, sucking on and then nipping his neck with her teeth. And just like that, Jack had had it with her smart mouth. All of a sudden, he had something to prove. He wrapped his arm around her back and lowered her to the bed. She perched herself up on her elbows as she watched him fumble with her shorts. With one hand, he unbuttoned them, and with the other, his own pants. He slowly pulled them down her legs, stood up, removed his, and then promptly buried his head between her thighs. Amelie moaned, dug her fingers into his scalp, and arched her back. Jack didn’t stop until she begged him to fuck her. He obliged as she called out his name again and again and again. After they had finished in unison, they laid there, silent and sweaty, staring at one another until the light began to fade.


His eyes widened, but he didn’t speak.

She smiled a devious smile. That smile he’d always loved. “I’m really glad you came.”

He leaned in and kissed the tip of her nose. “Me, too, kid. Me too.”


Most importantly, I’d like to express my gratitude to those who inspired me to write this story. You know who are.

Thank you to Rogena Mitchell for the arduous job she did editing, and for pointing out with all of the grace in the world what was needed to polish my manuscript.

Once again, many thanks to Lisa Wilson of Pixel Pixie Design for being not only an amazing person but truly brilliant at all things design. More importantly, for not murdering me when I insisted we start over.

Thanks to the first readers: Monica, Denise, Dara, Heather, and Hunter. As ever, I appreciate your input and the motivation to keep going.

Last but certainly not least, I want to thank the readers. For every kind note, for every review, for simply reading… you guys are everything. Thank you.