Snow Cure(Southern Soil Book 2)

By: L.A. Boruff

A Reverse Harem Contemporary Romance



You met Ellie, Arch, Wes, and Gray in Literary Yours. Now meet Arch’s sister Linda.

Linda Beaumont had no interest in a relationship, thank you very much. As a matter of fact, she wasn’t ready to settle down at all. As a traveling nurse, she got to see the world and help people, with all the freedom she could handle. She had her books and her family. She was content.

And then a moose happened. A moose, in the middle of the road, in Alaska, during the long winter.

Not even the most fantastic fairy tale could prepare her for the beast she found locked in his castle. Would being trapped with the monstrous prince and his two bravest knights prepare her for the battle with the deadly hunter? She was either trapped in a fairy tale—or a curse.

Snow Cure is a contemporary twist on an old fairy tale. It is a Reverse Harem - Polyamorous - Romance.

For Megggggan and Lord Jae Bae

Internally yours.

“So how do you know the happy couple? Do I call them a couple? They’re more like a quad.” A high-pitched voice interrupted my pensive thoughts.

I looked up to find an impeccably dressed man standing over my chair.

“One of the grooms is my brother.” I quirked an eyebrow at his pristine suit. He was either gay or married—or both. Maybe I was cynical, but single guys usually didn’t look that well put together.

“Oh.” He squealed. “Which groom? I’m Todd, the best friend of the bride.” He held his hand out to shake. My biological brother and his two best friends, who were my chosen brothers, had married the love of their lives, Ellie, a few hours before.

When I placed my hand in his, he squeezed it with both of his. A feminine diamond wedding set gleamed on his ring finger. Gay, then. “Arch. Well, biologically speaking. But we all grew up together, so they all feel like brothers to me.”

“Of course, of course. You must be Linda—the traveling nurse?” Todd’s energetic smile was a little disconcerting since I didn’t have the first clue who he was. “Arch told me you’re the only girl from the farm with black hair.”

“They talk about me?” I asked, suspicious. With all the siblings on our farm, I couldn’t believe they spoke about me enough to make me stand out.

“Absolutely. They’re very proud of you and the work you do.” Todd sat beside me in the seat reserved for my non-existent date. “So, where are you off to next? Some exotic location? Maybe you’ll be nursing some oiled-up surfer dudes back to health on a beach in Hawaii?” Todd’s eyes glazed over. “Or in the mountains—you’ll have to apply muscle rub on some bulky mountain men.” He snapped back to himself. “Oh my.” His hands fluttered around his neck. “It was lovely to meet you. If you’ll excuse me, I need to find my husband.”

He scurried across the reception hall without allowing me time to respond. I chuckled to myself. He was quite a character.

I hadn’t met him when I’d met Ellie, a little over a year before. He and his husband had gone on a cruise for the holidays. After spending Thanksgiving weekend in Texas, I’d started my new job and hadn’t stopped since.

My wine glass was empty, so I headed to the bar. “Merlot, please.” I turned to find my brother walking toward me.

“Linda. You made it.” He pulled me into a bear hug.

I twisted away in time to stop the hair ruffling, thankfully. It had taken me an hour to get my fine hair to take a curl. I’d kill him if he messed it up. “I missed the ceremony, I’m sorry. My flight from Destin was delayed twice, something about the toilet.” I smiled my thanks at the bartender when he handed me my wine, and joined Arch to walk over to his new bride.

“It’s okay. I’m glad you made it at all.” He motioned around the room. “Never thought I’d be getting married here, though.”

Memories of our childhood made me smile as I looked around the room. “I didn’t, either. Why not in Texas?”

“Ellie has no family to speak of, and if you compare the number of people on her side that would have to travel versus the number of our people, it made sense to have it here, near our family.”