Prohibited 2:Illicit Affairs

By: Donnee Patrese


“Are we going to have to do this every time?” He asked slowly running his fingers up and down my bare thigh.

I tried to ignore the desire I was feeling. I had hoped my guilt would stop me by now, but my eyes kept veering in the direction of the bulge in his pants and I knew guilt wasn’t enough.

I moved his hand off my thigh.

“Yes,” I answered slowly trying to steady my voice.

“Hopefully there won’t be a next time.”

He laughed.

“You do realize you say that every time and every time you give in,” he replied leaning down to place soft kisses on my neck for good measure.

He knew just how to seduce me and render me helpless. But this time was different. I refused to give in. What we were doing was wrong.

I needed to stop this.

I felt his hand slide up my thigh and disappear under my skirt. I jumped up at that moment knowing his next move.

I stood looking down at him with my arms folded across my chest and a frown on my face.

“This has to stop. We’ve gone over the line and I just can’t do this anymore.”

He leaned back on the couch and folded his arms behind his head as if he didn’t have a care in the world.

“You say that as if this was the first time you ‘crossed the line’. It should come naturally to you now.”

I flinched.

“That was a mean thing to say.”

He eased slowly from my couch and took a couple steps toward me. I took a few steps back.

He smiled and without warning he came at me grabbing my arms pushing me back until I was sandwiched between him and the wall. I wiggled trying to free myself but he just held me tighter. I could feel his hardness pressing against my thigh and I could feel my panties moisten at the thought of him inside of me. He could sense my resolve faltering.

“Stop…” I requested weakly.

He continued to kiss my neck, and then my cheek with his lips resting against my ear.

“That’s not what you want. You don’t want me to stop,” he whispered. “You want my lips on your body licking and sucking until you come.”

I swallowed the lump in my throat, knowing I was not doing a good job at hiding my desire. Then he kissed me and our tongues did that familiar dance, winding twisting around each other, playing the sensuous game we knew all too well.

He pulled back and we both froze staring into each other’s eyes.

His emerald green eyes.

I’m not sure what happened to me but I burst into tears. I just couldn’t stop crying.

His face became solemn but the desire never left his eyes. He leaned down and his lips met mine once again. Our bodies melded together and his hand grabbed my ass and lifted me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and buried my face into his shoulder as he carried me into my bedroom. He laid me down on the bed and without hesitating began to undress me.

When I was naked to his satisfaction, he undressed himself. He crawled next to me on the bed and began to kiss me while his fingers trailed down my stomach. Finally they found what they were looking for…the moistness between my thighs.

“Oh” I moaned as he began to finger me.

It felt so good and so wrong.

“I don’t want this anymore.”

He continued to finger me while he whispered in my ear.

“You said that like you actually meant it.” He teased.

“I do mean it.”

He laughed.

“Oh, yeah?”

“Yes,” I barely answered as his fingers found my clit and his tongue caressed my ear.

Suddenly he stopped, and began to move down my body spreading my thighs apart. His head disappeared between them and the first touch of his tongue on my clit shook pleasure through my entire body. My fingers vanished in his dark hair and tears rolled down my cheeks.

He was a master at knowing just what I wanted and it never took him long to make me come. I could feel myself ready to explode and it felt like it was getting harder and harder to breathe. Suddenly it hit me hard and I came nearly pulling every hair from his head. The pleasure that shot through my body was so good that it was almost painful.

When my orgasm subsided, he sat up and stared at me.

Then he smiled.

“Turn over.” He demanded still with a smile on his face.

My legs felt like wet noodles but I still managed to turn over with my ass in the air.