Preacher:Sons of Sangue

By: Patricia A. Rasey

“You should’ve seen the way he kissed her. I’m not blind or stupid.” Tena toyed with the hem of her white blouse, looking to her lap. Honestly, she didn’t disagree with Chad’s assessment. She was pretty sure Bobby had been into her. So what changed? “How about we stop talking about Preacher and find us a place to stay? We’ll have a few days at the beach, share some drinks and laughs, then head back to Oregon.”

“Now you’re talking my language. Maybe, if we are really lucky, we can find some hot, muscular men with great asses running on the beach.” Chad hummed. “You think they wear Speedos here?”

“God, I hope not.” Tena groaned.

Two hours later, they found themselves a tiny studio rental with a hideaway bed they could share. There wasn’t a whole lot to the place other than the sofa bed, kitchenette, and a bathroom so tiny you could wash your hands while you sat on the commode. Tena didn’t plan on spending much time inside anyway. She was here to worship the sun. A little drugstore sat adjacent to their rental’s parking lot, where she stocked up on sunscreen. Chad may have refused the SPF 50, but she wasn’t about to wind up being mistaken for a Maine lobster.

Tena stood on the back deck, looking out over the beach. Kids played ankle-deep in the surf while parents sat in their beach chairs. One man tossed a ball for his dog, who loped off down the sand to retrieve it. A couple of teenagers used tie-dyed colored bodyboards to bob about the waves, staying close enough to the shore they could probably touch the bottom from where they floated.

Placing a hand over her eyes, she looked up the beach. Tena supposed she could walk the coast and wind up down by Bobby’s cottage in less than ten minutes if she were so inclined. Which of course, she wasn’t. She was perfectly content with her own slice of the coast, even if her heart was in disagreement.

Chad exited their rental and came up to stand behind her. Tena looked briefly over her shoulder, then did a double take. “Oh, no you didn’t!”

Pulling out the top waistband of his Speedo, he snapped it back into place with a chuckle. Not that he didn’t have a body most women would die to get a hold of. But the Speedo? Seriously?

“Perfectly acceptable bathing suit, if you ask me.”

“I didn’t. And please tell me you brought something else.”

His grin widened as he started off toward the ocean with an exaggerated swagger. He didn’t get far before he squealed like a girl and cursed up a blue streak, high-stepping it back for the deck. “Flip-flops,” she heard him say as he dashed by her. “Damn sand is like walking on coals.”

Moments later, he reemerged caring a beach towel, flip-flops on his feet, and sunglasses perched on his nose. “You coming, girlfriend? We could both work on our tans.”

Tena couldn’t help but laugh as he sashayed away, that little strip of nylon material barely covering his crack. Reaching a spot no one had yet to claim, he unfolded the towel and laid it on the sand, his backside stuck up in the air and aimed at her. She shook her head. Chad clearly had no shame.

Hurrying into the studio, she tossed clothes aside in her suitcase until she came up with the conservative tank style, two-piece bathing suit. She left the string bikini buried, having no real reason now to wear it, having purchased it last minute with Bobby in mind.

Time for her to have a little fun and forget about Mr. Bear-alicious and what he might be up to ten minutes down the coast. No sense allowing her overactive imagination to go down that road and cause her more heartache.

Best she keep her toes in her own damn sand.

Chapter 5

A cool ocean breeze fluttered the floral curtains and dropped the inside temperature of the room by several degrees, doing little for his heated flesh. Bobby lay naked on his back, one arm beneath his head, listening to the waves crash against the beach. He couldn’t sleep, couldn’t stop the black thoughts from forming, accusing him of being a heartless fuck. Sleep escaped him the past few hours. He prayed Tena found a motel with a vacancy and wasn’t spending the night in her car. Christ, he had been insensitive.

Even if it had been for her own good.

Tena wouldn’t see it that way.

Restlessness and concern made it impossible to lie still another second, staring at the plastered ceiling. If anything happened to Tena, he wouldn’t be able to forgive himself for chasing her off. He’d only wanted to keep her at arm’s length, not have her take off.

Bobby let out a deep breath and pushed his overlong bangs from his face. Swinging his legs to the side of the bed, he grabbed the board shorts hanging over the footboard and stepped into them. He secured the ties at his waist, then headed for the cottage’s living area.

Silence thankfully greeted him. He was in no mood for small talk with Ivy. Heading for the door, he prayed a long walk along the surf would calm his fretfulness. His bare feet padded over the wooden walkway, leading across the dunes. The cool night breeze feathered over his heated flesh, but it did little to cool the anger he harbored for his careless actions.

Hands on hips, he stopped by the edge of the water and stared at the horizon. His acute hearing easily picked up the nightlife a few blocks away, disturbing his quietude. Given a different set of circumstances, he would’ve been right in the thick of things, knocking back beers and looking for a sexy young thing to fuck.