Preacher:Sons of Sangue

By: Patricia A. Rasey

“Good.” His whiskers rose with his grin. “How about we put all the bullshit behind us and enjoy this sunny day? I’m sure Chad will return any moment with your iced lattes. I don’t know how you can drink that shit.”

“You could probably use some of that sweetener.”

“I doubt sugar would do me a lick of good, doll face.” His humor took the edge off his cold gaze. That was the Bobby she remembered and had fallen for. Not the anger filled man who had greeted her at the door.

“You know I could offer you another kind of sugar—”


“Fine.” She raised her hands. “I’ll keep the sexual references to a minimum.”

“Empty promises, I’m sure.” Bobby winked at her. “Head on out to the deck and make yourself comfortable. I’m going to get me a cup of black coffee.”

Tena turned and drew up short, just shy of the door. A petite blonde ambled up the path from the beach and stepped onto the deck. A blonde Tena recognized from being a regular at the Blood ‘n’ Rave back in Oregon.

What the hell was she doing in Maine?

Tena glanced back to the tiny kitchen area, where Bobby poured himself a cup of steaming hot coffee. “Preacher?”

He set the mug on the counter and glanced up.

Using her thumb, she pointed over her shoulder toward the outdoor space. “You want to explain her?”

Chapter 3

Setting the carafe back on the hot plate, Bobby cursed beneath his breath. Things were about to take a turn for the ugly—the real ugly. It wasn’t as if he hadn’t expected Ivy to make her way back at any given moment. He had just hoped to broach the topic first with Tena. Her expression spoke of her recognition. Considering there was only his motorcycle sitting out front, he had a little explaining to do.

Her chocolate gaze moistened. She drew her lower lip between her teeth.

Okay, a whole hell of a lot of explaining.

Not his fault.

He hadn’t asked for Tena’s presence. Yet, here she stood. Under different circumstances, he’d be damn glad to have her company. There was so much he liked about her, the way she tucked her hair behind her ear and looked away when he made her nervous, the way her smile shown in her eyes, the way her laugh turned infectious, and yes, the way her presence alone tugged at his groin.

But none of that mattered.

He wasn’t the same person she had met back in Oregon. He had changed and not in a small insignificant way. He drank blood, tapped arteries, for heaven’s sake. Maybe the best opportunity to get rid of her had simply presented itself. Tena could think the worst of him. She and Chad could get on the road, no arguments.

Ivy had given him an out.

Damn, he already hated himself.

Hurting Tena wasn’t something he wanted to do.

A lone tear slipped from her lashes and made its way down her cheek, cutting him straight to the heart. Without even trying, he had managed to become the biggest ass to have ever walked into her life. She’d not likely forgive him when all was said and done. Not that he could blame her. Bobby couldn’t begin to wrap his head about it being the best for all involved, but it sure in the hell was for Tena.

Ivy opened the door, and waltzed in, glancing curiously at Tena. Bobby hoped like hell Ivy kept her lips zipped and followed his lead. Tena may not like him much in the end, but at least she’d be spared of the whole bloodsucker thing. Her disdain he could live with, revulsion was another matter.

Before he could change his mind, Bobby skirted the breakfast nook and strode over to Ivy, draping his arm over her shoulders. Ivy glanced at him, her brows knitting above the bridge of her nose. Not giving her time to ask him what the hell he was up to, he lowered his head and slanted his lips over hers. Thankfully, she complied and didn’t pull away.

He broke the kiss but kept her tucked to his side. “What took you so long, babe?”

Tena stiffened her spine and squared her shoulders, swiping at the watery trail left by her tears. One more thing to add to the list of things he liked about her, her bravado.

“I was…” Ivy glanced quickly at Tena, seemingly trying to catch up mentally. “I was taking my time, strolling along the beach. Maybe, you should’ve … uh, come with me?”

Bobby had to hand it to Ivy. She was playing her part well for someone not given a script. “Tena and her friend Chad stopped by. Chad went to the little coffee shop around the corner to get them a couple iced coffees. I offered them a place to stay for the night. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Tena from Oregon? Your—”

“Yes,” he quickly cut her off from saying something like your Tena.

“A place to stay won’t be necessary.” Tena wiped the wetness from her cheek again. “I’m sorry I made this awkward. It wasn’t my intention. I had no idea … Ivy, is it?”

“Do we know each other? You do look familiar to me.”

“I’ve been to the Rave a few times.”

“So you know the owner then? Draven?”

Bobby elbowed Ivy’s side, earning him a grunt and a dirty look.

“I don’t know Draven personally.”