Preacher:Sons of Sangue

By: Patricia A. Rasey

Bobby ran a hand through his overlong, black bangs and pushed them from his face, bringing back her attention. Focus. The sides of his hair had been styled with a severe undercut, giving him that intense look. He had never looked sexier or more bothered. Something disturbed him and she’d lay odds it had little to do with his spirituality, or what they might or might not do between the sheets.

“Spill it, big guy.”

His gaze snapped to hers. “There’s nothing to tell, Tena. You weren’t there. You didn’t see the carnage when your friend Kimber had been kidnapped, for which I am guilty. I damn near got her killed. Hell, I should’ve died.”

“Kimber told me all about your old MC president going off the deep end. You were following his orders, Preacher. You had no idea what he had planned.”

Placing his hands on his hips, Bobby looked to the wooden floor and his bare feet. His black bangs fell over his forehead and hid his expression. At least now she had some insight into why he had left Oregon. He obviously carried a lot of guilt over taking Kimber to the Devils MC President. But that’s not how it all went down. Kimber James, her coworker, and good friend, hadn’t been exactly forthcoming with all the details. Apparently, her sexy-as-sin boyfriend had come in to save the day, single-handedly taking out the four Devils.

Kimber, Anton “Rogue” Balan, and Bobby had walked away from the carnage that day. The place had been torched, destroying most of the evidence. There was nothing left linking any of the members of the Sons of Sangue to the scene. The cops arrived and wrote it off as a turf war, which probably wasn’t a stretch from the truth. Following the incident, Bobby left his MC, the Devils, behind and had become an honorary Sons of Sangue member. According to Kimber, he hadn’t had to go through the process of being a prospect first, which left Tena confused as to why he’d leave behind his new MC when they had taken him in and embraced him.

She was finally starting to get the picture.

“You can’t keep blaming yourself.” She dug her toes into her foam flip-flops to keep from going to him. She didn’t suppose, at the moment, he’d welcome her comfort. “Sure, you kidnapped Kimber. But had you not done what you were told, someone else would have. Someone who wouldn’t have had her best interest at heart. Kimber said you got shot protecting her. You could’ve been killed.”

He looked back at her, his jaw hardening. “I’m nobody’s hero, Tena, and if you wouldn’t mind, I’d rather not talk about it.”

“Fine. We can drop it … for now. But you know as well as I do, you don’t belong here.”

“Just where the hell do you think I belong? With you?”

Tena smirked. Bobby was throwing everything he had at her, attempting to push her away. It wasn’t going to work. He may think he didn’t need anyone. She knew better.

“You belong with your MC brothers, Preacher. If anyone knows what you’re going through, it’s them. If you won’t let me help you through this, then allow them to.”

Bobby chuckled, the humor falling short. “You think you have it all figured out? You don’t know shit, Tena. While I appreciate your concern, it’s not what I want. Coming here wasn’t a way for me to somehow come to terms with what I’ve done. I can’t begin to atone for all my sins. I came here to forget what I’ve become. And that isn’t something you’re ready for. So please do us both a favor and stop trying to figure out what drove me clear across the continent. When I’m ready to go home, I will. Rest assured, I still believe the west coast is my home.”

He ran both hands through his hair, letting out a slow breath. His gaze bore the pain of whatever lay beneath his icy blue irises. She doubted more prodding on her part would gain her anything, other than a quick trip back across the continent.

“Look, I said you could spend the night. Why don’t we try to get through this without drama? You and Chad can have my bed. I’ll sleep on the anti-gravity chair out on the deck. Come morning, you and Chad can get a well-rested early start.”

Tena wasn’t about to start an argument, but she had no intention of leaving come the first rays of dawn. She’d concede tonight and allow him to believe he had won the battle. But tomorrow was a new day, and a whole new set of arguments. Bobby found her attractive, of that she was positive. If she had to, she’d play dirty. He wasn’t about to kick them to the curb, and she wasn’t going home without him. Time to tame the beast—two-hundred-and-fifty some pounds of solid muscle.

Running a hand down his long beard, he eyed her curiously. “You haven’t said anything yet. Do we have a deal, Tena?”

She grumbled. “Fine. You have a deal.”

Tena bit the inside of her lip to keep from smiling and crossed her fingers behind her back. Childish? Absolutely. But it did make her feel better about lying to him. She had no intention of heading back to Oregon without him. They had shared a special bond on the west coast. That was before he acted on his then MC’s order to kidnap Kimber. Following everything that had gone down at the diner, Bobby had all but disappeared, closed himself off from her and became unavailable … until his phone call. If he truly hadn’t wanted her, why disclose his whereabouts? Sure, she had coaxed the information from him, but Tena hadn’t needed any more of an invitation.