Preacher:Sons of Sangue

By: Patricia A. Rasey

“I thought walking away from you was the best thing I could do for you when I woke up after my change and realized I was a monster. I hadn’t counted on you following me. I tried damn hard to push you away. And even after you saw the vampire come out, you didn’t run. I have no fucking clue why, but you didn’t. And it was then I realized how scared I was that you would see me as some sort of a freak. I wanted you to accept me. I needed you to be there for me and you were.”

Bobby ran a finger down her cheek. “You made me so fucking ecstatic to know that you weren’t going to turn your back on me as so many had in my past. Christ, my heart swelled at the thought of all you were willing to overlook just to be with me. Yeah, doll face, if what I’m feeling isn’t love, then I doubt I’ll ever know what the hell it is. What about you? You think you could love a beast?”

She smiled. “You big goof. I fell in love with you back in Oregon. Why do you think I chased you across the continent? Ummm… You mentioned one more thing? What else is there, Preacher?”

Bobby winced. “Being my mate involves you becoming a vampire.”

Her mouth dropped. Seriously? Tena was all in at forever, happily ever after, but sporting her own set of fangs? “Kimber…”

“Kaleb allowed Kimber and Anton to remain as is for the time being. He has history with the club. I don’t.”

“And if I say no?”

“Then when we return they’ll erase your memory of me.”

Tena toyed with the hem of her shirt, having trouble looking Bobby in the eyes. It was one thing coming to terms with him being a vampire. But becoming a bloodsucker herself? It didn’t seem fair to come this far, to find the one man she wanted to spend her life with—better yet, the one person who wanted her in his life forever—only to lose it all because of her fear of the unknown.

Oh. Heck. No.

Part of loving someone meant being all in. So if becoming a vampire was what she had to do to keep Bobby in her life, to not turn her back on him, then fear or no, she would do what she had to. She wanted her happily ever after, damn it, regardless of what she had to do to get it.


Bobby’s fingers gripped her chin and tilted up her gaze. “What are you saying?”

“I’m saying I love you, Bobby. And if it takes me becoming a vampire to be with you, then I’ll do it. The idea of forgetting what we shared makes me nauseous.”

His grin reached his eyes. “I will make it my life’s mission to make sure you never regret going through the change for me.”

Moisture filled her eyes. “I’ll hold you to it.”

“Please don’t cry”—he wiped away a lone tear escaping her lashes—“or I swear I won’t let you go through with it.”

“You will, or I’ll petition the Sons of Sangue myself.”

Bobby leaned in and kissed her, drawing her lower lip between his. She tasted the flavor of her own blood as his fangs nicked the soft flesh. He used his tongue to quickly soothe the sting. Sitting back, he framed her face in his palms. “How about we table this discussion for a later date?”

“You mean you’re finally done talking?”

His grin grew, washing her in warmth and love. Yes, this beast of a man loved her. She could feel it all the way to her marrow.

“We’re done talking.”

She pulled her shirt over her head and tossed it to the floor with his discarded clothes. Her pants and panties quickly followed, leaving her just as naked.

“Good, because I’m most definitely ready for the sex part.”

~ * ~