Preacher:Sons of Sangue

By: Patricia A. Rasey

His mistake had been telling Tena his whereabouts, thinking it might help soothe her wounded pride for him having left Oregon without so much as a good-bye. How the hell was he to know she’d head east?

“Cut the bullshit, Tena. You came here thinking I would embrace the fact you followed me clear across the country. You were wrong. Now get back in your car and head out while I’m still in an amicable mood.”

“You do realize how long it took me to get here, not to mention the time off work I had to take?”

She placed her hands on her hips. His gaze took in her long slender fingers and imagined them wrapping his cock. Good Lord! Along with his genetics change and his desire to slurp her blood, his sexual desire had flown off the charts. He was doing all right on his own, that is until he opened the door and found the object of his fantasies within reach. Now, all he could think about was ditching Chad for a few hours and burying his cock deeply inside her.

“I’m betting there won’t be a single room for rent in this town. You certainly can’t expect us to sleep in the car.”

Letting her through the door. Not. A. Good. Idea.

Damn, but she is cute, his devil side posed the argument. Not that he could disagree. He found the woman downright gorgeous. One of the things he really liked about her was the fact she wasn’t model thin, nor did she look like she spent hours in front of the mirror. A wide, black headband, adorned with a copper flower, pulled her short, white-blond hair back from her forehead, leaving a fringe of bangs. Kohl and mascara rimmed cocoa-brown eyes while a sheer gloss complemented pale pink lips, the extent of her makeup. Bobby didn’t think she could look any more adorable or tasty.

“Well?” she asked with a tap of her flip-flop, drawing his gaze to her sexy pink-painted toenails.

He groaned. Was there no part of her he didn’t find adorable? Even her sassiness was a turn-on, for crying out loud. “Well, what?”

Tena’s brow creased. He supposed he should’ve been following the conversation rather than openly ogling the cute little pixie. “Are you kicking us to the curb? Or are you, at least, going to let us hang our heads here for a few hours before we turn the car around and head back to Oregon?”

Bobby considered denying her, sending them both on their way. Because no way in hell letting her through that door was going to turn out to be a good thing. His penis was becoming far too engrossed on the decision he had yet to make. Much more and everyone else would note his blatant interest as well.

He rubbed the tension from his neck and grimaced. “I don’t suppose there would be any harm in letting you come in for a bit. One night, Tena. Then you and your scrawny bodyguard are back on the road? Agreed?”

He didn’t miss the smile that crept up on her lips. Round one went to Tena. But he’d have to be a complete ass to send them back on the highway without a lick of sleep. Bobby stood back and allowed them both to enter the small cottage, which garnered them not much more than seven-hundred square feet of space. The little house had two bedrooms and one bath. The four of them would surely be tripping over each other. Damn good thing he had fed earlier from Ivy, the donor he had brought with him from Oregon to satisfy his feeding needs, or no way would Tena be safe anywhere near him.

Hell of a way for her to find out he was a vampire.

He’d be keeping his immortality to himself.

Her scent had his nostrils flaring as she breezed by him and flopped onto the cushioned wicker chair near the bay window, facing the beach. Chad made himself at home on the matching adjacent sofa. The casual style of furniture certainly wasn’t made for his two-hundred-and-fifty plus pounds. He might obliterate the matching rattan set. Bobby spent most of his time out on the deck anyways, watching the waves lap at the sand.

Turned out, real vampires were nothing like the fictional characters found in novels or on the big screen. While ingesting blood kept him alive and gave him immortality, the sun, garlic, and crosses had no effect on him. Nor was he dead. In time, his strength would increase along with his senses. He’d heal quicker than a human, and other than a direct shot to the heart or separating his head from his shoulders, other wounds would not be life threatening. Hunger, desire, and anger caused the shift from human to bloodsucker. He’d sport razor-sharp fangs and eyes black as coal with the rise of emotion and the need to feed. There would be no hiding the prominent brow and high cheekbones turning him into a freak of nature from his newly arrived guests.

Best to keep his emotions in check, including the one plaguing the front of jeans at the moment. It was not the time for play. Which brought back to mind the sexy little thing lounging just feet away, looking mighty pleased with herself. Bobby couldn’t help but wonder how fast she’d hightail it back to Oregon if he allowed the monster to cut loose.

One night.

That’s all he had agreed to.

The queen-size bed in the master barely fit his oversized frame, making him wonder where everyone would hang their heads. Ivy had a twin bed in the room adjacent to the master. Tena and Chad would have to share the queen and Bobby could take the floor. He supposed he had slept in far worse conditions than on hardwood. Sleeping near Tena wasn’t the best of ideas, not when he didn’t fully trust his vampire DNA. He’d have to make sure she bolted the bedroom door. Not that he couldn’t easily break the lock, but Bobby hoped it would be enough of a deterrent.