Preacher:Sons of Sangue

By: Patricia A. Rasey

A Sons of Sangue Novella


To Mandy M. Roth and Michelle M. Pillow,

as well as the other authors in the TAMING THE VAMPIRE box set,

for letting me be a part of their project!


Razor-sharp fangs punched through his gums and nicked his lower lip. The metallic flavor of his blood furthered his desire to feed. His face throbbed and his jaw ached. Hunger needled his gut. He could think of little more than sinking his teeth into the carotid artery scant inches away and appeasing the beast. Brushing back the short bob of blonde hair, the scent of human blood seized him in an iron-clad grip, one the muscles he had honed over the years had no hope of loosening.

His hot gaze settled on the pulsing flesh.

Denying the craving wasn’t going to be an option.

Though feeding was a necessity in keeping him alive, the jury was still out on whether it was all worth it. He had yet to come to terms with what he had become, or the immortality gifted him. His sire may have thought he was doing him a favor by saving his sorry ass, but he was no fan of the tightrope he teetered between heaven and hell.

Living this life forever was never supposed to be.

Dying was.

Embracing the cold fact that wasn’t going to happen, at least not today, he sank his canines into the soft flesh of the tasty blonde and savored the warm blood filling his mouth and warming him from the inside.


He didn’t want to like it, but he did, like the finest of whiskeys. So much so, his vampire blood shot south and hardened his cock, calling up an entirely different type of hunger.

A temptation he had no intention of satisfying.

He already had enough to answer for. Not to mention the cute little blonde in his grip wasn’t the one keeping him up at night, or the one he envisioned when he took his cock in hand. She knew her place, knew her reason for accompanying him to the east coast. And although he brought her occasionally to orgasm, a normal reaction caused by the act of feeding, he wasn’t who she dreamed of either.

Their relationship was platonic.

One of mutual respect.

He had never been one to look for friendly companionship in the opposite sex but found he quite enjoyed her company, thankful he hadn’t been left alone with his dark thoughts. Releasing his fangs and licking the puncture wounds closed, he sat back and ran a hand down his long beard, one hunger fully satisfied. She stood, offered him a knowing smile, then grabbed her bathing suit wrap and headed for the beach, giving him the solitude to appease the other itch plaguing him. He watched the sassy sway of her hips through the screen as she stepped off the deck. His groin tightened. His balls ached.

Slipping a hand down to the front of his too-fucking-tight jeans, he undid the zipper and pulled his cock free. Only one woman came to mind. The one woman who had somehow gotten entangled in his desires. He ran his fist from root to tip, wondering just what the fuck was he going to do about her. He’d need an answer to that question, long before he ever returned to Oregon.

Chapter 1

“What the fuck are you doing here, Tena?”

Bobby “Preacher” Bourassa, recently turned vampire and honorary Sons of Sangue MC member, did not know who he expected to be standing on his stoop when the doorbell rang, but Tena Holt certainly wasn’t it. He had left behind Oregon and his new MC brothers to come to terms with what he had become.

A damn vampire.

What the fuck?

A month ago, he thought vampires were nothing more than fictional characters, products of someone’s overactive imagination. Now, here he stood, wanting to tap an artery.

“Well, that’s certainly no way to greet someone you haven’t seen in over a month, especially one as tasty as me,” she added with a tilt of her head, inadvertently offering up that artery.

Tena looked tasty all right. His mouth salivated at the sight of her carotid, beating just beneath her thin skin. If her blood tasted half as good as it smelled, he was certain he’d enjoy every ounce he took.

“Why don’t you and your friend get back in your car and head west … way west, like back to Oregon.”

Her friend and coworker, Chad, stood close behind Tena, giving Bobby the stink eye. A good wind could blow the boy over. Nonetheless, Bobby was pleased to see the young man had accompanied her. It didn’t sit well with him that Tena had made the 2,800-mile trek across the country just to see his surly ass.

The truth of it, he wasn’t good company for anyone, leastwise someone he found himself extremely attracted to. Bobby needed to convince her the short time they had spent together on the west coast was nothing more than a way to pass the time. Thankfully, he had kept his dick in his pants all those weeks ago, which would’ve only served to further complicate matters now.

“Maybe I’ve developed a better liking for the east coast? What made you settle on Ogunquit Beach, Maine anyway? Quaint little town.”

The little rental he acquired had been costly, meaning he wouldn’t be able to stay more than a month or two. Thank goodness he had known the owner from his ministry days or he probably wouldn’t have been able to afford it at all. Bobby hadn’t been able to pass up the ocean front property. It provided him the solitude and isolation he needed to come to terms with his vampirism.