By: Jennifer Cole


To my mother, for your unconditional love and understanding;

Without your strength and gentle hand,

I would not be the independent woman I am today.

Chapter 1

Pushing a housekeeping cart along the long corridor, Jana made her way toward the service elevator in the back. After receiving her orders during the orientation meeting that morning, she was to begin the day on the fourth floor.

This wasn’t exactly how Jana wanted to start over, but she had desperately needed to get away and figured she could earn a little money while enjoying the Caribbean atmosphere.

The wage they were paying wasn’t too bad, and as an added bonus, during her off hours she had full use of the resort’s luxurious facilities for the term of her employment. That had been a pretty appealing factor when she applied for the job.

What woman wouldn’t be interested in a little pampering?

Passions adults-only resort was an exotic, tropical paradise. A constant gentle breeze kept the air a degree less than stifling, and the subtle rustling of the broad leaves of the towering palm trees whispered in the zephyr. The main adobe building housed four floors of extra large guest rooms, with three junior suites each occupying floors five and six. The penthouse suite itself took up the entire seventh floor of the resort, overlooking the lush grounds.

Inside the resort, the decorations and furnishings were done with the standard island flare, yet had been kept simple, understated. Planter pots filled with plants indigenous to the humid climate offered splashes of color throughout the various structures around the property. The combined fragrances of the native blossoms carried an almost mystical quality.

It boasted the three largest swimming pools on the island, miles of white sandy beach which complemented the turquoise of the ocean, six restaurants, and a full service spa.

The entire resort was clothing optional for the guests, and any sexual activity was permitted anywhere on the premises. In fact, it was encouraged.

Uniforms for the female employees consisted of a white bikini top that barely covered their nipples and a dental-floss-thin strip thong bottom. A coral micro-mini skirt completed the ensemble by showing off their ‘hoo-ha’ whenever the girls bent over. Male employees were bare on top with turquoise and coral armbands wrapped tightly around their upper arms, enhancing their already bulging biceps. Snug fitting coral shorts hugged scrumptious, make-your-mouth-water cheeks, leaving absolutely nothing to an admirer’s imagination.

Arriving on the fourth floor, Jana took out her roster and knocked on the first door of her assignment list. Room 404 was empty, and reeked of recent sexual activity. Chuckling to herself, Jana pulled on a pair of latex gloves and started stripping down the bed.

What have I gotten myself into, she thought with a smile.

Jana wasn’t completely naïve when she’d accepted the position at Passions. At twenty-nine, she had some idea of what to expect at the adults only resort. It still surprised her, though, that she was prepared to take a job so far out of her character just for a fresh start.

Each guest room was furnished with a king-size bed, dresser, bar fridge, TV and DVD player. The usual stuff one would expect to find in a hotel room. The one unusual piece of furniture in every room was a glass curio cabinet which displayed an extensive assortment of vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, lotions, potions, lubricants, condoms, handcuffs, shackles, blindfolds and whips. There was most definitely a little something to be found to satisfy each and every sexual appetite.

It was the responsibility of the housekeeping staff to ensure the cabinets were stocked when servicing the guest rooms. As well, there were several sex stores interspersed throughout the resort where guests could purchase adult novelty items they may not already find available in their own rooms.

“Housekeeping,” Jana called as she knocked on the next door of her assignment.

When she didn’t receive an answer she opened the door and walked in. A sharp gasp of surprise mixed with intrigue escaped her when she entered. On the middle of the bed, Jana observed a rubenesque woman straddling a tiny man, reverse-cowboy style. The woman’s enormous triple D’s bounced wildly as she rode the man beneath her. Narrow hips pumped upward meeting her downward strokes. Unaware their lovemaking held Jana’s attention captive, both continued grunting and groaning loudly.

“Oh, excuse me,” Jana blubbered, blushing when the woman glanced over. “I’m so sorry. I thought this room was empty.”

“Hey, that’s all right, sweetie. I guess we forgot to put the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door knob again.” The woman panted heavily, never breaking stride.

“Want to join in, cutie?” A raspy male voice came from somewhere under the woman.

Politely, Jana declined, backing out of the room.


Tristan Nolan and Travis Cadence arrived at the resort, and after checking in were escorted to the penthouse suite. Out on the balcony the two stood overlooking the tropical paradise before them.

Guests were in various stages of undress all over the grounds and beach area. A couple in a swaying hammock under a cluster of palm trees openly engaging in intercourse gained their attention.