Message from Heaven

By: Lydia Rose



“I do not want to go to a book club,” Nadine said raising her voice to her friends. “I thought we were going to go to that little bar.”

“We are,” Cheryl answered moving her hand through her spiky brown hair, “after the book club.”

“Then I’ll meet you at the bar while you go off to your book club.” Nadine’s arms were crossed in front of her chest and her feet were firmly planted on the floor.

“Honey,” Cheryl’s wife Amber said coming over to her. “You love to read and it’s been nine months since you and Janet broke up.”

“What does that have to do with me going to a book club, Amber?” Nadine knew her friends were only trying to help her, but she resented their intrusion nonetheless.

“There are a lot of nice women who belong to the club. It’s time for you to meet someone else.”

“At a book club? How desperate do you think I am?” Amber rolled her eyes at Nadine’s words. “I may meet someone at the bar too.”

“Yeah, because the last one worked out so well.” Now Amber put her hands on Nadine’s arms and forced them to her side. “Do it for me, please?”

Nadine threw her chin up and huffed. She knew that Amber and Cheryl were not going to let this go. “I haven’t even read the book, probably.”

Cheryl reached for her copy. “Here. You can listen to people discuss the book and if it’s something you might like, you can read it.”

One more huff left her mouth before she said, “Okay,” a little more firmly then she had intended. “I’m sorry. I know you two are just trying to help.”

“Janet is not worth losing an ounce of fun over. She’s out of your life. Come on, let’s go have some fun,” Amber said putting her hand through Nadine’s arm.

The three women walked into the bookstore that was owned by a lesbian couple and took their seats in the back. Nadine was surprised how many women attended this meeting. She leaned over to Amber, “Is it always this crowded?”

“Yes. We meet once a month and there is always a good turnout.”

Amber looked down at the book that was in her hands and read the back. It told the story of two women who meet and fall in love. Aren’t they all like this? What could they possibly discuss for an hour? Her eyes now began to scan the room. There were a lot of younger women in the group, but also some her own age. There were even a couple of older women in the group. Nancy, one of the book store owners now called everyone to attention.

“I wanted to let you know that the next book everyone agreed to read is In the Time of Love.” There was a cheer from the group and then she continued, “Who would like to start tonight’s discussion?”

Nadine listened to the women as they discussed the story and how romantic the book was. Oh, brother. Can’t these women get a life so they don’t have to find romance in some paperback?

“The sex was pretty good too,” Cheryl called out and now Amber was laughing.

Nadine wanted to bury her head when several people turned around and looked at them. There was one woman in particular who shot the three of them a look. Nadine looked at the woman with the messy blond hair and blue eyes. Their eyes met and the moment they did, the woman turned around. Hey, I didn’t make the comment, girly.

The hour was finally over and Nadine stood to stretch her legs. She watched as the blond walked over to the refreshments. Before she could talk herself out of approaching, she was at her side. “I’m sorry about my friends. They can act like children sometimes.”

“It’s not your fault. You didn’t make the comment.” Then she grinned at Nadine. “She was right though.”

“About what?” Nadine asked wrinkling her eyebrow.

“The sex.” The woman now held out her hand. “I’m Kim.”

“Nadine,” she answered taking her hand, feeling her face flush with embarrassment.

“Did you like the book?”

“I haven’t read it. My friends dragged me here tonight.” Nadine held up the book. “After hearing you all discuss it, I’m going to be reading it.” Now she grinned. “And not just for the sex.”