Made Men 2: Forbidden Love

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

As he pulled back slightly, he whispered to her. “You smell incredible.”

She felt his palm slide along her ass as he took his time stepping back. When she looked up into his eyes, he was in a dead stare at her.

“My turn,” Sunny said and slid his arm around her waist, pulling her slightly to the left out of Vinny’s arms and into his own. He followed his brother’s lead, but instead of kissing her cheek, Sunny kissed her neck, sending vibrations of desire all the way to her cunt.

Oh, how she wished she could indulge in these two men without consequences. When he nipped her earlobe, she was shocked. Vinny seemed more aggressive than Sunny, but apparently, she’d been wrong.

“Sunny,” she scolded and began to push away, but his hold was firm on her hip.

“You’re too delicious to resist. Are you sure you have to do this meeting and can’t join us for a drink before the ladies arrive?” Sunny asked.

She stepped back, fixed her hair, and slid her hands along her hips. Sunny watched and re-crossed his arms in front of his chest.

“Yes, I’m sure. Besides, there isn’t anything for us to talk about.”

Vinny touched her hip. “Sure there is. Like where we’re taking you on our first date. This week, the day of your choice, hell, the restaurant, too. What do you say?” Vinny asked and stroked her hipbone with his thumb.

“I say you’re dreaming. No date, no conversation.” She went to turn, but Vinny stopped her. She grabbed on to his shoulder and placed her other hand against his chest.

“Don’t deny what we feel. We want to get to know you.”

God, how she wanted to say yes.

“I’m not interested.”


She heard her name and turned as she saw Sunny’s eyes narrow, and so did Vinny’s. Stepping back, she saw Dominick was there, and behind him, by the hallway, were Turk, Broadway, and Crane.

“The private room is all set, and the guests for the meeting have arrived.”

“Great. Thank you so much, Dominick,” Adalina replied.

Dominick glanced at Vinny and Sunny.

“Take care,” she said to them.

“We’ll catch you later and have that drink and talk,” Vinny said to her.

“No, we won’t,” she stated, and Dominick led her to the men who waited on her.

She didn’t want to look back at Vinny and Sunny. It would give them hope that something could happen between them. As she approached Turk and the men, Turk was looking past her, a scowl on his face, and then his eyes swept over her body and he smiled.

“So good to see you, Adalina. Thank you for meeting with us.” He stepped closer, placed an arm around her waist, and pulled her into an embrace. He kissed her cheek, and when he released her, his hand swept over her ass.

She felt nothing. It confirmed she would never be interested in a man like Turk. What was she going to do about Vinny and Sunny? She glanced at them as Dominick led her and the men to a private room that overlooked the dance floor below. Sure enough, Vinny and Sunny were in a dead stare at them, especially Turk. She looked away. Maybe it was best if they thought she was involved with Turk. It could make them keep their distance and ultimately make it easier for her to resist the attraction she felt.

* * * *

“What the fuck is she meeting Turk and those assholes for? They are into crazy shit,” Vinny said.

“That dick had his hand on her ass. Did you see him look at us?”

“I sure the fuck did, and we don’t need that kind of trouble. The man is a psycho,” Vinny stated.

“Like we aren’t fucking psycho when push comes to shove?”

“Brother, our success has grown because of the low profile we keep. That guy Turk, his reputation grows because of the public displays of beatings he puts on people who mess with the Monteith family. Let’s not assume Adalina is potentially getting personally involved with him, okay?”

“Vinny, how the fuck can you not worry about the possibility? His hand went to her ass. He wants her.”

“A lot of men want her.”

“You aren’t making me feel better, Vinny.”

“We’ll spend time with her later. That right there is business. You heard Dominick talking to her. She’s working for Garlitto Industries. I’m thinking that, if she has such connections, then that’s how she was such a great help in saving Bella.”