Made Men 2: Forbidden Love

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer


She turned around, hearing her name and smiled when she saw Giuseppe, Dominick’s brother. He gave her a big hug, and she hugged him back.

“How are you?” she asked.

“I’m doing fantastic, and how are you?”

“Very good.”

“We have everything set up for tonight.” He glanced at his watch. “You and the ladies aren’t due here for another hour or so.”

“I know. I’m supposed to meet some people here in a little bit.”

“Okay, well, can I buy you a drink?” he asked.

“I’m good for now. Thank you so much. Where is Dominick?” she asked and then felt the hand on her hip and the whisper against her ear.

“Now this night just got a hell of a lot better.”

She swallowed hard. Vinny.

She stepped to the side and turned to face him, shocked at her body’s instant reaction. Then her eyes landed on Sunny as he and Dominick approached. They were gorgeous. Vinny with that sexy, flirty expression, and GQ look to him. The blue dress shirt, gold cuff links, and designer pants and shoes reeked of money and importance. His brother, Sunny, was just a bit taller with dark brown hair, big brown eyes, and a more serious expression. She’d learned a lot about their operation and abilities. Although they kept their connections and power quiet, they were quite successful and gave a good percentage of sales to the Garlitto and Fiorre families. It made her wonder why Tudoro held such a grudge against them.

Dominick hugged her, and she hugged him back, smiling and glancing at Sunny. He now crossed his arms in front of his muscular chest and just stared at her.

She pulled back and looked at Dominick. “So I hear that Mateus and Major called you to set this gathering up for tonight.”

“Oh yes, Alda is going to be very happy with her birthday celebrations.”

“I’m sure she will be. They will be coming in an hour or so.”

“So why are you here so early?” he asked.

“I’m meeting some people for business.”

He squinted at her. “Solencio’s men?” he whispered.

“Actually, yes. Tudoro set it up.” He looked at her, and she saw the expressions on Vinny’s and Sunny’s faces. They looked angry.

“You know I work for Garlitto Industries, right?” she asked.

“No, I had no idea. I mean I didn’t really know who you worked for,” Dominick stated.

“Well, I worked on several different projects over the years, but my degree is in business. I have an MBA, and a while back, there was an opening for head of the sales department and distribution. I interviewed and got the position.”

He smiled. “Good for you. Tudoro and his family must be thrilled to have you. The company is doing very well.”

“It’s growing in leaps and bounds, and there are a lot of changes coming and new contracts to be developed. I like it so far.”

“Well, that’s great. I’m going to make sure we’re all set for that meeting you have. Excuse me a minute,” he said, and she nodded and then went to walk away when Vinny grabbed her hand.

She pulled it away, and he stared down at her, his gaze taking in the sight of her body, and boy, did her body react. Sunny moved closer as Vinny licked his lower lip.

“We never got a chance to catch up after everything that happened with Bella.”

“There wasn’t anything to catch up on,” she stated. Vinny reached up and stroked her cheek then pushed a strand of hair away. She froze. Even such a simple touch by the man’s large hands did amazing things to her body.

“Oh, that’s not true. I think there’s a lot for us to talk about. You’ll be here for Alda’s party, and so will we. We can talk some more then,” he said to her.

She glanced at Sunny. He stepped closer and placed his hand on her hip.

“No greeting hello for me?” he asked.

“I said hello when you guys first approached with Dominick.”

“Dominick and Giuseppe got hugs and a kiss hello. We didn’t,” Vinny stated and then slid his hand along her waist and hoisted her closer.

She grabbed his forearms and closed her eyes when he leaned down and kissed her cheek softly. With his thick, hard arm around her, she felt safe, secure, and, of course, aroused.