Made Men 2: Forbidden Love

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

“We’ve been working this deal for months, and it paid off. We hope to have a few other businesses on board by next week,” Sunny added.

“What about that job for Mateus? Any word on whether Fedarro is choosing you guys or someone from the Monteith family?” Giuseppe asked them.

“Not sure. You know as well as I do that their reach is far. Even though our importing and exporting business has tripled in sales and profit, the gun power the Monteith family has is superior to our small organization,” Vinny replied.

“You have an in with Bella now.”

“No, we don’t. Our sister’s life is different. She’s resistant to it and scared. She has a lot to adjust to, and it wouldn’t be fair to use that relationship to advance our position with the Fiorre family. Besides, Fedarro, Collin, and their cousins still have some hard feelings toward Paulie Junior, even though he has nothing to do with our family business,” Vinny said.

“Besides, what we do is different than what the Fiorre, Garlitto, and Monteith families do. They have to worry about public exposure, and we don’t. Our organization is just as big and profitable but secretive where it counts. On the law enforcement radar,” Sunny told them.

“That is true, and you can’t put a money value on that. Just keep us in mind for any similar contracts like this last one. A hundred Gs for not doing much is our kind of business deal.” Dominick smiled.

They chuckled, and then Dominick got a phone call from downstairs at the bar.

* * * *

Adalina Carleone was walking along the streets of Manhattan talking on her cell phone and confirming that her friends were going to be meeting at Club X. It was Alda’s twenty-third birthday, and all the friends were going to be there. She was glad that Mateus Fiorre had already set everything up with Dominick Coglonie and his family, who owned Club X. It would be hell trying to get in there on a Friday night.

She got into the cab as she ended the call and gave the address to the club. Leaning back in her seat, she exhaled. Mateus and Major would be there tonight with Bella. Adalina was hoping that the bruises were all gone by now. It had been a month. She rubbed her hands together and thought about the last several weeks. She was grateful that no one had pushed for more information from her or asked any questions about how she was able to help with Bella’s situation. She’d heard from Solencio Monteith a few minutes ago, confirming her meeting with his men at the club earlier than first planned. Maybe the night wouldn’t be a total loss for her? She could meet with Turk, Broadway, and Crane and then meet up with her friends to party the rest of the night away.

She felt uneasy about dealing with Turk. There was just something about him that bothered her. He was an attractive man but also one capable of murder. He was a heavy for his cousins in the Monteith family, and the man’s reputation was well known. He would be a good fit for this current job Tudoro wanted him to be part of. There was money to be made all around. She smoothed her hands down the black slim-fitting dress. She had worn a long-sleeve light sweater over it for lunch today with Tudoro, but as she undid the sweater and changed out her jewelry, she knew she looked ready for a night at the upscale nightclub. The dress dipped kind of low in front and in the back. It was sleeveless and sexy. She fixed her lip-gloss and rechecked her makeup then checked the time. She would get to the club a little earlier than Turk and the guys. Perhaps she could check in with Dominick to say hello and see how things were going.

When the cab pulled up, she saw the lines already forming to get in. As she got out of the cab and paid the fee, the driver gave her a wink, and she winked back.

“Have a great night,” she told him.

“You, too, beautiful,” he said, and she walked away from the car.

Before she even approached the bouncer, he was talking into his wrist mic, looking her over from head to toes and then smiling.

“Right this way, Miss Carleone,” he said, and she glanced up at the surveillance cameras that hung by the front entrance and gave a smile. Someone up there had recognized her.

Sure enough, as she entered the club, the music was playing loudly, the bar already full, and some people were dancing on the dance floor.