Made Men 2: Forbidden Love

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

She rolled her eyes. “Andre is a good man.”

“A married man.”

“A friend and nothing more.”

“I know that. Obviously there are no secrets.”

“There are when it comes to my personal life and business. I’m twenty-four years old. I think I can make my own personal decisions.”

“Just keep an open mind.”

“Not with Turk, or any other men you seem to want to arrange for me to be with. I decide who I sleep with.”

“I didn’t say to sleep with Turk.”

“You’re hinting about some kind of relationship between him and me, and that is never going to happen. He’s not right in the head. Anyone with a brain can see that.”

“He would be protective of you. Give his life to save yours.”

“Bullshit,” she hissed at him.

“Jesus, Adalina, just don’t make a mistake.”

“Just because you might not like who I find attractive enough, compelling enough to sleep with or date, doesn’t mean it’s a mistake. I decide who to spread my legs for.”

He narrowed his eyes at her. “You have a tongue of fire.”

“I have my own mind. You should know that by now.”

He stared at her with a scowl on his face then downed the rest of his glass of red wine. He licked his lips then whispered, “You are so much like your father. He has no idea what a pain in the ass you are.”

She smirked. “Just wait and piss me off some more.”

He shook his head and exhaled.

“One of my main jobs is to keep you safe and guarded. That means steering you clear of potential problems to the family business, as well as a history of affairs. The Monteith family has done a lot of jobs for us, and we have extended family who have joined and united both families.”

Her mouth gaped open, and her eyes widened.

“Don’t even think of setting me up for some arranged marriage bullshit. I have enough of my own money, which I made, which hasn’t been inherited, that I could disappear.”

“Oh really? Like where to? Germany?”

She snorted. “You are such an idiot sometimes.”

“You fell in love with Andre.”

“I fell into a routine. I wasn’t left lonely or unprotected, if you recall.”

“He saved you from being assaulted that night. That’s why I allowed the affair to continue.”

She shook her head at her cousin.

“You are delusional if you think that you have such control over me. The power of an attraction, of fate itself, cannot be forced away. I don’t need to work for you or this family. You and I both know that.”

“Agreed, but the family, the uncles, the heads, will not allow you to use your abilities in another family or another organization when we can all profit from it and remain secure because of it. You have a gift. With numbers, with gut instincts with people, and making secure connections. You’re like a local mayor, knowing everyone of importance by name. You have info on so many people that you can use against them or to help them, but without the public exposure. This is a great job for you, and you’ll be protected from ever being caught doing something illegal. It’s a legit position. Please, Adalina, you’re already doing it. Now it’s official.”

“Fine. When do I start?”

“Tonight. You’ll have to leave your friends for a bit to meet with Crane, Broadway, and Turk.”


“Yes, I need to know what they have to offer for this job in two weeks.”

“The same job you just interviewed Carvetti for?”

“Yes, and I want your honest opinion. Even though you aren’t interested in Turk, his family and Solencio Monteith are good people and would be trustworthy to do further business with. If we expand on this location, then I’ll need good men involved with cover to take control. You’ll need to decide if they’re right or not. That means visiting their location, asking questions, interrogating them. Do whatever you need to and decide if they are a better choice. Let me know by Wednesday morning.”

“Fine.” She exhaled. This was going to be a long freaking night.

* * * *

“It was a great payoff. A hundred grand each. Who could ask for more than that?” Dominick said to Vinny and Sunny Costanza. They were upstairs in the main offices of Club X. Vinny smiled and glanced at Giuseppe, Dominick’s brother.