Made Men 2: Forbidden Love

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

“I love you, too, baby. Ours forever,” Vinny said and kissed her shoulder.

“I love both of you, too, and nothing will ever tear us apart. Nothing,” she said, and then Sunny and Vinny began to thrust faster and deeper into her body, making love to their woman and sealing their connection with every stroke and thrust.

* * * *

Adalina sat on Vinny’s lap, and Sunny was right next to her on the couch, stroking her thigh as their family gathered around the living room and kitchen. Football was on the television, and the house smelled of sauce and fresh-made bread, which reminded her of her childhood and the family down the block. She’d grown up as an only child, but the kindness of Bella, the little girl with the great big heart and big brown eyes who’d asked her to come over to play one day, changed her whole childhood. From that day on, they were inseparable, and the rest of the family welcomed Adalina with open arms and made her part of the family.

Now here she was, in love with Bella’s brothers, recovering from an attack, and still holding on to a secret she longed to share with her men. The time wasn’t right, but she knew when it did come, that they would truly understand the struggles and sacrifices she’d made all these years and realize the burden she was forced to carry. She’d risked her life to save her men, and she would risk her life to protect this family, her family, the one she could always count on and who treated her like one of their own. She just wasn’t sure what Sunny and Vinny were going to do when they found out she was the daughter of LaCosta Garlitto, a head boss in an international organized crime family, and a woman worth millions.

She smiled and squeezed Vinny’s arm tight. No amount of money could replace the love she had in her heart for Vinny, Sunny, or the entire Costanza family.