Made Men 2: Forbidden Love

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

Then she thought about Bella, Alda, Alessa, Caprice, Giada, Fina, Donata and Gisella, her best friends and the only reasons why she remained in New York and in this life. Her best friends since elementary school made her stay here. She was starting to worry, though. What were the chances of Bella meeting and falling in love with two brothers who headed one of the largest organized crime families in the business? Plus, her brothers, Vinny and Sunny, were higher up in organized crime than even Adalina knew. Did Tudoro know that, too? Was that another reason why he’d forbidden her from getting involved with Vinny and Sunny, or was there more to that?

She took a deep breath and exhaled. She had to put Vinny and Sunny out of her head. She had work to do, a new job to embark upon that Tudoro had yet to expand on. She didn’t have a normal family. Hell, she really didn’t even have a family. At least none she could acknowledge, except for Tudoro, and no one even knew he was her cousin. They just thought he was a good friend.

She drank her coffee and then switched on the news to look at the stock market and business channel. She would immerse herself in her work, in her responsibilities, and in whatever job Tudoro wanted her to do next. Her life was under the restraints and command of a man, a family, she could never acknowledge as her own. Her reality was a death sentence, and if the truth was ever revealed about who she was the daughter of, freedom would never be hers but instead a life led with a bull’s-eye on her forehead.

* * * *

“I want her. I don’t care what it costs. I want her in my bed. I want her as my woman, and you and I both know that this will be beneficial to the family,” Turk Moltrose told Solencio Monteith. Solencio was one of the heads of the Monteith family, an organized crime syndicate in New York. They had other extended family in Chicago and Florida. They were very good friends with the Garlitto family.

“How is this beneficial to the family? There’s no evidence that Adalina Carleone is blood-related to the Garlitto family. Her close friendship with Tudoro can benefit somewhat. He is very protective of her, too, Turk. I think she is becoming an obsession of yours, and we both know that isn’t a good path. Especially when dealing with a woman like Adalina, with men like Tudoro protecting her. She is quite beautiful, capable, and intelligent. Be careful,” Solencio replied, and then Broadway, a heavy who worked for them, started dealing the cards.

“I say if you like her so much, boss, then just persuade her to be with you,” Crane, another heavy, suggested.

“Persuade her? She isn’t some whore. She’s a very classy woman and capable. Am I the only one who is intrigued by her abilities and connections we heard she had in saving her friend from getting killed? She’s resourceful, a ten-plus in body, in beauty and mind and, not to mention, very close to Tudoro. You all know him as well as I do. He distrusts everyone. So what makes her different?”

“Maybe he’s fucking her,” Crane said and looked at his cards.

Turk slammed his fist down on the table and got everyone’s attention.

The scowl on his face alone seemed to scare Crane.

“Or not,” Crane added, placing his cards down and then raising his palms up in surrender.

“She is not a fucking whore. They’re good friends. He cares about her, and there’s something more to that. I just don’t know what.”

Solencio exhaled. “I like Tudoro, and I like the relationship we have with the Garlitto family. I don’t want to jeopardize that with this obsession of yours.”

“Obsession?” Turk asked.

Solencio looked at him.

“You have a short fuse, Turk. Your ways of getting things done are unconventional, and you have a lot to risk by settling down with one woman. She would instantly become a target. You realize that?” Solencio asked him.

Turk knew that she would be a target, but his obsession had grown stronger, and he was finding it difficult to fuck other women without comparing them to her or even pretending they were her. This wasn’t the first time he had these types of feelings and desires. His secret life, his past, was known only by one person, and that person was dead by his hands. Turk’s secret would remain one. A natural-born killer. A man capable of anything.