Made Men 2: Forbidden Love

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

“What she found out, and how quickly, was beyond just help from Tudoro Garlitto, who, by the way, still has a stick up his ass about us.”

“Yeah, well, he can get the fuck over it. That was business, and we had the better deal. He counted his chickens before they hatched.”

“I need a fucking drink,” Sunny said to him.

“Then have one, and then get ready to break down those walls Adalina has up. Our mission is to get that date with her or, at minimum, some alone time with her tonight,” Vinny said to Sunny.

“I’m in. Tonight is the night.”

Chapter 2

“Why are you in such a panic, Caprice? They might not even be at the club tonight,” Alda said to her as she fixed her lipstick and then looked at Caprice.

Caprice was shaking. “They are going to be there. I just know it.”

“So you had a good time with them in D.R., didn’t you?”

“Yes, of course I did, but we all agreed that was just that, a good time in D.R. That’s why I just kind of let things happen.”

“Well, they agreed, too.”

Caprice looked out the window. She liked Angelo, Vitto, and Morano a lot. They had an incredible time together in D.R., but she had problems. She never would have engaged in anything with them if she knew they were from New York and that they were connected to organized crime. Never. She had her own problems right now. She was trying to work off a debt of her father’s to a loan shark, Billy O’Hare, while also pursuing her singing career in a burlesque show in the Village, in between part-time hours as a paralegal for a small shitty legal firm in Brooklyn. Her life was a roller coaster of responsibilities, and the only escape was the burlesque show.

“It will be fine. Just see how things go. Maybe they won’t even approach you if you all agreed to keep it just a fling in D.R. I mean, if that’s all it was,” Alda said.

“That’s all it can be.”

* * * *

Turk listened to Adalina as she spoke with Crane and Broadway about the particulars of the job and whether or not they were capable of handling the deliveries on a regular basis. It was typical stuff until she dug deeper, pointing out some faults of other jobs, and he wondered how she knew about those.

“Things happen, Adalina. Mistakes by employees, misinformation, we’re all human.” He eyed over her body. The woman was all class and sex appeal.

She looked at him. “Turk, you know as well as I do that Tudoro wants perfection. There is no room for error. Not on prices this high and a job this upscale. It’s legit and needs to be handled with the utmost professionalism and sensitivity. Now, there’s not much more we need to go over tonight. However, tomorrow I would like to see your facilities and warehouse. I’ll need a list of employees and their positions in being part of this operation.”

“We can organize whatever you need, Adalina. Crane and I will personally walk you through the warehouse tomorrow and answer any questions you have. Solencio said he’s available for whatever you need, as well,” Broadway told her.

She gave a soft smile. “I appreciate that. Why don’t you let Solencio know I can go over particulars with him tomorrow after you gentlemen show me around your place. That way I can answer any questions he may have and then take everything in and determine whether you are right for this job.”

“We’re right for the job. Anything you need, you just ask,” Broadway said and gazed over her body.

Turk was jealous and pissed, and he knew that Broadway and Crane were flirting with her on purpose to piss him off. He would deal with them later.

As Adalina stood up, Broadway stopped her.

“Stay and have a drink,” he said to her.

“Oh, thank you for the offer, but I’m about twenty minutes late to my friend’s birthday celebration.”

“The gathering down there?” Crane asked, looking over the balcony.

Adalina walked closer and looked. She smiled as Turk took in the sight of her luscious curves. He moved in behind her and placed his hand on her hip as he pressed close.

She turned toward him, appearing shocked, and her cheeks flushed. Glancing over her eyes and her breasts then to her lips, he forced words from his mouth when really all he wanted to do was to kiss her, claim her, make it known that she was going to be his. Patience wasn’t so easy with Adalina after all.