Made Men 2: Forbidden Love

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

Made Men 2: Forbidden Love

Adalina has a secret she can’t reveal to anyone. It affects all decisions in her life and especially the two men she falls in love with.

One man is set on making her his woman while also double-crossing her cousin and other local organized crime families. Turk is a rapist, thug, and killer who’s obsessed over Adalina for quite some time. As Adalina’s lovers get framed for crimes they didn’t commit, and even get shot at, her cousin orders her to stay under the protection of the one man who has set out to destroy her family and friends and claim her as his own.

Adalina is determined to prove her lovers are innocent and that someone else has set out to destroy the business. She figures out too late exactly who that is and, as she fights for her life, she hopes she can buy enough time for her lovers, her cousin, and her friends to find her—before it's too late.


Dear readers,

Thank you for purchasing this legal copy of Made Men 2: Forbidden Love. Learning to keep secrets is part of Adalina’s life. The biggest secret of all is whose daughter she is. That secret, the decisions she makes in life, the profession she keeps, the friends she makes, as well as the decision to not date, all affect her life and her future. Some say there is no such thing as love at first sight or even childhood sweethearts, but she knows better.

Adalina desires two men, brothers who are older, who have seen her grow into the successful woman she is and share the same desires she does. She has to deny those feelings and pretend not to care, to be obsessed with work, with other friends and people, in order to hide the truth and the lie she may be taking to the grave. If anyone finds out who her father is, life as she knows it will change. She will be in danger, and anyone close to her will be, as well.

That’s one hell of a secret to keep, and for Adalina, it means a whole lot of lonely nights and dealing with it all alone. If she really loves them, then keeping them far away from her and out of her life is the only way to protect them.

May you enjoy her story and her fight to protect and save the two men she loves, and to secure the secret that eventually changes all their lives forever.

Happy reading.




“I have nothing to say, Vinny. Nothing.” Adalina exhaled and turned away. She hadn’t expected Vinny Costanza to show up at the club and follow her to the exit, but he had. She could only hope that his brother wasn’t here, too, or she wouldn’t be able to resist the two of them tag teaming her.

He gripped her upper arm and turned her back around toward him and into his arms. She gasped at the forcefulness of his pull, the intensity in his eyes, and how hard his muscular body felt wedged against hers. The palm over her ass and the determination in his eyes were enough to make her come undone and give in. She’d fantasized about him and Sunny, avoided them for the past six weeks as best she could, but she did some side work for Dominick and kept bumping into Vinny and Sunny. Vinny was more aggressive in making contact and letting her know that he wanted her.

“Vinny, don’t.” She stared up into his big brown eyes, saw that gorgeous, clean-shaven face and tan complexion, and her heart raced, her pussy throbbed. Goddamn it, this wasn’t good. She could get him and his brother killed. Tudoro wouldn’t allow this.

His eyes went from her eyes to her lips and then down over her breasts that poured from the designer dress. She was hoping to get him and Sunny off her mind. Maybe flirt a little with some man she didn’t know or, better yet, one she knew there would be no ties to. She’d never thought that way before, only had one lover ever, but lately, she fantasized about Vinny and Sunny, about having them as lovers and getting lost in what she knew would be the kind of sex to blow her mind. He cupped her cheek.

“Why are you pushing us away? Why are you denying what the three of us feel?”

“Please, Vinny, it’s not smart. We can’t happen—”

He kissed her. The second his lips covered hers she moaned, felt her body go limp in his arms, and her mind processed the possibilities of how this might work. Could they sneak around? Could they hide a relationship? Could they be lovers and nothing more?