By: Marie James


Tossing a middle finger to Macon, Georgia as I made my way to Nashville was always the dream. Sing country music, go on tour, top the charts—with my popularity growing every day, I was on my way.

But then a gust of wind blew up your skirt, and those white cotton panties had me hooked. I didn’t know your name, and you turned down every attempt I tried to throw your way. But I knew you were different, even though you told me I was the same.

“Friends” is what you offered, and I played by your rules, but, Adelaide Hatfield, you have to know, from that day, it was only you.

I just hope I can make you see how much you mean to me before we both drown in the sorrow of what heartbreak can truly be.


Here we go again!!

Each word, each book, each release is amazing and only makes my heart grow so big I feel like it’s going to explode!!

If it takes a village to raise a child then it takes so much more for a new release, and I’m not short on supporters and people who have my back, hoping that I succeed. For each and every one of them I’m grateful, almost to the point of no humility because I want to yell at the top of my lungs and let everyone know how much I feel loved!!

Mr. Marie James… my rock, my heart, my number one supporter… you and I forever my love.

Linda Russell (Foreward PR and the voice in my head)… thank you for tolerating me, putting up with antics, and keeping me sane during this process. Every day you amaze me!

Laura “Canadian sKunt” Watson… my right hand… the woman who keeps Marie James from falling off into an ocean of tears from stress… I seriously can’t begin to explain, put into words, express how valuable you are to me! Ridiculously amazing is what you are!!

Bestie Bitches… hmm… You gals are ah-mazing! If I need to laugh, need to cry, need to tell you the latest idea that Linda shot down because it will “ruin everything we’ve built” I know you are there for me. That support, that one in a million loyalty I’ve managed to find in four amazing women, you can’t begin to fathom how much I need that, how much I need YOU!! Eleventy-billion boobs squeezes to you!

Macon wouldn’t have been possible without my amazing BETA team. Shannon, Laura Sally, Brenda, Margaret, Sara, Renee, Steph, and MaRanda because of you this was transformed from an okay story to one I find brilliant!

ARC team… Your excitement of my books keeps me trucking along. Reviews may be a numbers game for Amazon, but your words, the support, and tangible anticipation for each release gives me the fire I need write the next one! Thank you, from the bottom of my slightly dark soul for the effort you put into helping me!!

Brittney… I still hate your damn job… I bought a scratch off… knowing I was going to strike it rich and move to Tennessee…. I lost so I think you owe me a buck.

Give Me Books, as always you have your shit together like the amazing professionals you are! Thank you for helping with this latest release!

InkSlingers PR, thank you so much for taking a chance and assisting me in getting the book out in more reader’s hands!!

BLOGGERS!! The heart and soul of the industry, thank you so much for sharing, pimping, and recommending my books!

READERS!!!! Thank you for once again taking a chance on one of my stories!! Reading this book, whether you purchased or read on KindleUnlimted, helps make the next one possible!! On that note, if you bought this book loan it to a friend. It’s totally a thing, and everyone is doing it…

Word of mouth is the best way to spread author love. If you enjoyed this book (hell, even if you didn’t) tell a friend, write a review or share a post! I hope to bring many more books to you, and this helps a TON in making sure that’s possible!!


To every person who feels music in their souls.

Note to Readers

If you’re looking for a story where the girl rolls over at the sight of a pretty boy’s gorgeous smile, this isn’t the book for you. If you’re looking for a book where the girl doesn’t take the guy out of the equation when figuring out her own life, this isn’t the book for you.

But! If you want a book where the female has a backbone to the point you may end wanting to slap her because you’ve fallen hard for the male lead and you can’t understand why she just doesn’t give in…. this, my readers, is for you!

There is not a day that goes by that music isn’t a part of my life in some shape or fashion. I mean, I can’t sing, but that doesn’t stop me from belting out lyrics in the car, kitchen, or the shower. This book is inspired by many amazing songs. Some quirky and fun and some filled with so much heartache you can’t help but live the journey right along with the artist.