Elite Dragoons 3: Loving Prue

By: Becca Van

Elite Dragoons 3: Loving Prue

Prudence Peters has been living with Thorpe, Huntley, and Adam Lathan for the last two months and is very attracted to the three men. But after being kidnapped by the Japanese Underworld criminals and being tied naked to a bed, she is very wary around the three men.

Although they have done nothing to make her trepidatious, Prue is hell bent on keeping them at arm’s length. That is until the three men finally sit down with her and begin talking to her. What woman could resist three hunky, handsome, and brawny soldiers when they are intent on having a relationship with you?

Just when the ménage relationship between the four people seems to be on an even keel, danger comes into their midst, but they are all unaware of the peril.

Will the three Lathan brothers work out where the danger is coming from before it is too late?

Chapter One

“Fuck,” Thorpe Lathan muttered under his breath when he saw the way Prudence Peters was curled up on the sofa and trying not to touch him or his brothers, Adam or Huntley, in any way.

He was so damned attracted to her, but after the way she had been kidnapped by the Japanese Underworld criminals and held captive in that house in Chadron, she jumped at every little sound or every touch he or his brothers gave her. He and the rest of the Elite Dragoons had rescued her, Nicole Maynard and Sara-Jane Cantor from a potential life as sex slaves. Nicole and Sara-Jane were in ménage relationships with other team members and he was feeling a little envious.

Thorpe wanted what his teammates had with Prue but wasn’t sure she would ever feel safe enough to trust any of them. Even though she was trying so hard not to let any of her body touch theirs, she was also coiled tighter than a rattler ready to strike.

Hunt was sitting on her left and Adam was sitting on the floor with his back resting against the sofa right in front of Prue. They had all just shared dinner in the main living room of the main house where their team leaders lived and also where they reconvened whenever there were issues to discuss. May was their chief cook and bottle washer and they would be lost without her. She had volunteered to come and take care of them after all their trainers from the Elite Dragoons had settled down with wives of their own. Most of them now had babies, too.

Thorpe glanced sideways toward Prue from beneath his eyelashes and studied her beautiful face. She was such a stunning woman and every time he saw her, his body reacted as did his heart. Prue had the most beautiful expressive blue eyes he’d ever seen and such a sweet sexy body. She was probably way too young and innocent for the likes of him and his brothers but he couldn’t walk away.

He wanted a chance to court her but had no idea how to go about that. His brothers felt the same way too, but they had spent so much time in the military with no time for relationships except for a quick bout of sex with a willing woman and had no idea how to go about broaching the subject of a relationship with her. Plus they had abilities beyond the norm of a human male after their whole team had volunteered to go through a military government experimental program and were injected with a concoction of drugs which had enhanced their senses and also given them empathetic abilities.

They now worked for the government as secret black operatives and only a few select members of the government even knew they existed. The Elite Dragoons were currently being utilized in their own country as they tried to find out who was leading the Japanese Underworld sex slave ring, but just before the women had started being taken from the streets of America he and the rest of the team had been sent into Iraq to rescue two US humanitarian workers from their kidnappers. The mission had been a success and those two people were now back home with their families. The Elite Dragoons had been set up and were sent into places that no one else would dare to go, but with their enhanced skills they hadn’t had any trouble. They stormed that bunker, taken the insurgents out, and then led those two people to safety all in the matter of about half an hour.

He glanced at Prue again and wondered if she would ever be comfortable around them. Apparently Sara and Nicole hadn’t flinched when their men had told them of their skills but he wasn’t sure how Prue would react if they told her what they could do. What pissed him off the most was that even after a few months of sharing their own house with them she was still so damned wary around them. He, Hunt, and Adam had helped to rescue her but still she jumped any time any of them entered a room and spoke to her and she never seemed to be able to keep eye contact either.