In the Line of Fire:Love on the Rocks 6

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

Corporal is in love with Berlin, but her life is in danger. The only way to keep her safe is to send her to his four cousins, retired soldiers who can watch over her and protect her. He hasn't spoken to his cousins in five years, after a failed ménage relationship in which the woman they loved cheated on them and then overdosed on drugs. It was too much for them to handle, and Corporal ran away from the pain.

When he meets Berlin, the instant attraction makes him think about his cousins and what they all shared before. But men are trying to kill Berlin, and he has to stop them from following her, even if it means dying to do so. His hope is that his cousins fall in love with her, too.

There’s corruption and enemies everywhere, and it will take some true friends from the past, his cousins’ connections, and a bit of faith—not only to save Berlin’s life, but also to mend their broken hearts and find true love, after all.


Dear readers,

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Berlin has a big heart. Despite the struggles, the sadness, and the difficulties of her childhood, she chose to pursue a career in social work to help make a difference in other people’s lives and perhaps help them, so they wouldn’t suffer like she had.

She never expected her big heart to not only land her in a heap of danger, but also send her on a journey of finding true love while letting down the walls surrounding her heart.

She realizes rather quickly that true love, true compassion, and true trust can make a woman do some crazy things—even step into the line of fire to save the men she loves.

May you enjoy her story and her journey.

Happy reading.




Oh God, please. Please let me escape.

Berlin Shay begged to God, to anyone that would listen to her. She gasped, felt the cut to her knee as she slipped on the rocks. It was getting darker. She was running out of time. He was going to find her, rape her, and kill her next. Why hadn’t Vaile listened to her? Yozi was a creep. His buddies Yanni and Banks were no better. They didn’t have Vaile’s brother held hostage. Why hadn’t she even told her where they were going? Unless she was in on it? Damn it to hell, she needed Corporal. “Oh!” She slipped again, this time hitting her ribs as she landed on the jagged edges of some rocks. She could hear the laughter. She grabbed her side. Her ribs were killing her from the way Banks had kicked her in the side numerous times. They were monsters and they wanted her to be their slave.

“Berlin, stop running, darling. We’re not going to hurt you,” Yanni called out from a distance away. She glanced over her shoulder, her eyes darting left, right, but she couldn’t see them. They were hunters, criminals, and Detective Brothers had lied about their capabilities and now he was dead. Oh God, Vaile. What a freaking mess.

She continued on, moving faster as the ground leveled out. Looking ahead, she could see the heavy brush beyond the small clearing. If she could get there and zigzag between the trees, she could maybe backtrack and get to the highway. Flag someone down, get the hell out of here before they killed her next. She just needed to disappear. If she could get to Corporal, he would help her.

“Berlin! You stop right now and we’ll go easy on you. We’ll finish what we started, little girl. You’ll have the life with us,” Mozely yelled out to her. Oh God, were all three of them chasing her? I’m dead. They’re going to kill me. Shit. Where was Corporal? She thought he would wonder why she and Vaile hadn’t made it to his cabin. Maybe he would come looking, knowing about the trouble they were in. Vaile was weak. She’d believed Mozely, Yanni, and Banks’s lies, and now she was dead.

She pumped her arms as she got into the clearing. Her body ached. The part of her tank top where Banks’s had ripped it as he forced himself on her flapped in the wind she was running so fast. Her life depended on getting into those woods and getting lost in the thickness of the brush and the darkness of night. Thank God they didn’t bring Shark, their vicious dog, or she would have already been caught. I don’t want to get caught by them. Please, God, help me. Help me to put this all behind me and be free.

She got into the thickness of the woods and continued to run as fast as she could. Her arms were scraped by large branches and tree limbs that she tried ducking under but instead banged against. She couldn’t stop. Tears streamed down her cheeks and when she went to wipe them away so she could see more clearly, she felt the pain from the bruising on her cheekbone. Banks had struck her so damn hard, she had fallen to the floor. He was huge, and she was petite by comparison. She needed to keep moving. Her ribs ached and her knee throbbed—the cut there was deep, blood seeping from the wound. Her knee was a mess. It burned from the gash there and was now filthy with dirt. Get as far away from them as possible. Soon it would be too dark to run so fast. She would slam into trees and other obstacles. She had to slow down.

She was panting for breath. Low on energy, she had to stop. She looked around her and opted for the thickest set of brush that no one could possibly see through. There was a boulder behind it so she could lean against it and no one could sneak up from behind. She’d learned a lot from Corporal. She wished that he was here with her right now to protect her from these men. She sunk down low, pulled the branches around her, and leaned back against the boulder. She needed to calm her breathing. Save her energy. Her heart hammered inside of her chest and she covered her mouth with her hand. Someone was coming closer.