Lacey Luzzi:Shaved

By: Gina LaManna

 (Lacey Luzzi Mafia Mysteries Book 12)

a humorous, cozy mystery!

To my husband for all the support, flowers, and bundt cakes!


When a dazzling destination wedding brings the Luzzi Family to Hawaii, Lacey plans to take advantage of the sunshine and relaxation, along with a healthy diet of papaya and shaved ice. However, Lacey has her work cut out for her. Somewhere between traveling with a baby, learning to Hula dance from her grass-skirt-attired grandmother, and keeping Anthony’s hands off her coconuts, new mom Lacey Luzzi is sucked into a pulse-pounding chase when her hotel room explodes and leaves a dead body behind.

Is someone after the Luzzi family? Or is it all an unfortunate coincidence? Lacey doesn’t plan on waiting around to find out, and neither do the island locals. However, after she’s hired to investigate the death of a hotel maid, Lacey peels back the layers on the case, and realizes the attack might be more personal than she ever expected.

The big island doesn’t seem so big... when a murderer is on the loose.

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Chapter 1

As the plane’s wheels touched down in Hawaii, I cuddled Bella closer and propped her up so she could see through the window. Together, we watched the water glimmer blue below us, the lush greenery glinting under the sunshine while the blooming tropical flowers added a pop of color to the horizon.

“Baby’s first trip,” I cooed in her ear. “Lucky girl, getting to vacation in Hawaii when you’re six months old!”

Anthony gave a gorgeous, heroic smile at his daughter, his status as proud new daddy fully cemented. He slung an arm around my shoulder and leaned in, smelling miraculously delicious despite having sat in a stale box of air for over ten hours plus layover.

“Hey there!” Meg’s head popped up from the seats behind us. “Bella’s cute and all, but can we remember that this weekend is about me?”

“Of course it is, Meg,” I said soothingly. “We’re just commenting on how well this baby girl did on her first flight across the ocean.”

“Well, yeah. I get that it’s her first flight and all,” Meg said. “But remember, this is my first wedding, too.”

“And your last,” Clay said, from the seat next to her. “Right?”

“Exactly,” Meg said, and patted her fiancé on the arm.

“This weekend is all about you,” I reassured Meg with a huge smile. “That’s why we brought Nora along—so she can watch over Bella for us while we focus all of our attention on spoiling you. We’ll pamper you, and you’ll feel like a million bucks.”

“Eh,” Meg said. “A million bucks isn’t all that much these days. I’m thinking more like a trillion bucks.”

“Whatever floats your boat,” I said. “Nora is very excited to have some uninterrupted baby time.”

Anthony cleared his throat and gave me a significant look. I responded with an elbow shot to his ribs. While I’d told Meg that Nora and Carlos had been invited along for the week because of her, I had also sort of told Anthony that they’d been invited along for him. In reality, I was just hoping for a nap.

Preferably uninterrupted.

That was all I wanted. Achieving that goal would make this vacation exquisite.

Meanwhile, Anthony’s reasons for wanting additional child care veered toward the romantic variety. While he made for an extremely attentive, doting father, and loved his new role, I was beginning to sense he was feeling a little neglected.

So much of my attention had been focused on how to get Bella to eat and poop and sleep properly that my poor husband was left to... ah, fend for himself a bit. The poor guy made no secret that his goal for the vacation was getting us back on track in the bedroom, and I fully intended to acquiesce his wants and needs and desires... after a nap.

“Well then!” Meg gave a slight harrumph as she sat back in her seat and looked at my cousin. “Don’t give me that look, Clay. This is the only opportunity I have to be a Bridezilla, since you’re so adamant we only get married once. It’s a once in a lifetime, all-about-Meg week.”

“Maybe we can all relax,” I said, speaking to the Luzzi crowd as a whole. We had all crammed onto the same flight, in the same few rows, and quite honestly, Bella had been the best behaved of us all. Anthony hadn’t been able to quite control his wandering fingers: he’d alternated between resting a hand on my knee where it would slide up my thigh and looping his arm over my shoulder and inching toward my chest the entire flight. Like I’d said, deprived.

Meanwhile, Meg had spent the journey grumbling about the lack of free miniature wine bottles and the fact that she hadn’t been allowed to use her parachute. The flight attendants couldn’t help with the parachute, but they’d explained the lack of free wine was due to the fact that this wasn’t an international flight. She would have known this if she’d stopped for long enough to realize that Hawaii wasn’t a foreign country.