Hers:The Bears 3

By: Hazel Gower
Chapter One

Sammy sat in the taxi out the front of her friend’s house debating if she loved Susie enough to endure the next couple of hours. The cab driver sat happily as the meter ticked on with more money. Glancing at the taxi’s dashboard clock as it hit the seven, Sammy told herself she was already half an hour late. She gave a long drawn out sigh, when a voice that unfortunately had become very familiar to her through the window and as someone tapped on it.

“You can’t hide out here all night. Also it’s costing you a fortune just sitting in the taxi.”

Mumbling to herself about overbearing, annoying men, she turned to see one of the hottest men in the world, Slater. Sammy knew that was a big statement, but one she knew was one hundred percent true. Susie’s and Sandy’s men were hot, but nothing like the two irresistible men who wouldn’t leave her alone. She burned with a need for them, so much so that every time she saw them, it got harder and harder to fight.

She gazed at Slater. He had curly dirty blond hair, deep sea green eyes, a strong square jaw line, and a dark olive tan. The thing that made her shrink back in her seat though, was his six feet something height, and his massive bear-like bulk.

Sammy giggled at comparing him to a bear, because he was a bear. There were supposed to be a decent number of shifters. Sammy had been told wolves, tigers, lions, and so on existed. All the predators.

The predator part was one of the reasons she was hesitant to be with them, or close to them. She was slowly accepting that shifters were real. She was even becoming friends with Brock’s sister, Gwen. But, thanks to Greg, she still couldn’t be close to any man. And with both Brock and Slater towering over her and built like brick walls, it made it even harder for her to be around all the new men in her friends’ lives and hers.

“Ma’am, are you going to get out?”

Sammy turned to the cab driver and reached down to get her bag. She opened it and paid the taxi, giving him a couple of extra dollars so he would let her stay longer.

Sammy closed her eyes and moaned as one of the men in her life knocked on her car window again. She opened her eyes and honed in on his perfect, solid chest, which at the moment was straining to stay in his black t-shirt. “Go away, Slater. I will get out when I’m ready.”

He raised an eyebrow at her.

Grabbing her gift bag and gripping it tight in one of her hands, she threw her hand bag over her shoulder and opened her door trying not to cringe when Slater moved to the side and not away from her. Shit. “Fine. I am, or was, getting out.”

Taking a deep breath, she stood and focused on the front door of her friend Susie’s house, trying to forget about the large gorgeous male next to her, because Sammy was done with tall, big, muscular men, or men in general. Well, at least she hoped she was.

Looking up at the starlit night, Sammy prayed that she would stop being attracted to the man casually strolling beside her. She had even wished she could find women attractive, but it didn’t work. And before she reached the door, Brock, her other problem, and the only other guy who could hold a candle to Slater, who was now behind her, stood in front of her.

“Are you trying to avoid us, angel?”

Snorting, Sammy glared at Brock. “Really. What would give you that idea? Oh I know. How about never calling you back? Telling you to go away, or maybe how about the fact if I know you two are going to be somewhere I avoid the place like it’s the plague?”

Brock shrugged his massive shoulders and ran his finger through his jet black locks. His full lips lifted at the side, and his sky blue eyes flashed over her. Sammy felt the heat of his stare all the way to her core. Crap! She hated what these men did to her and that she had to hold herself back from jumping up and ravishing them.

“Why, we just thought you were playing hard to get,” Slater said from behind her.

Groaning, she straightened her shoulders and stood to her full height of five- four and turned so that she faced both men. “I will not be dating either of you.” Slater opened his mouth to comment, and she raised her hand in a stop sign. “I’m not dating any men period, ever again. I’m going to be that lady who owns all the cats because she lives alone. I want to be that woman, so leave me alone.” Taking a deep breath and letting it out, she turned back to the door, opened it, and walked through.

On the other side a massive open plan dinning, kitchen, lounge, and hang out area greeted her. At the moment it was covered in pink and blue balloons and baby decorative stuff. People Sammy didn’t know were everywhere, male and female. Spotting the woman of the night, Susie, surrounded by the only people she did know, her two other best friends, Jane and Sandy, Sammy hurried over to the group almost shoving the gift in Susie’s face only to have it snatched by masculine hands behind her.

Slater whispered, “We will add this to our present. Just so you know we also bought her two baby swings.”

She bit her cheek to keep the groan in, as she knew they hadn’t taken any notice of what she had just said to them. It’d been like this the last couple of months.

Almost three months ago, she’d moved into Susie’s old place all by herself. It would have been sooner if not for the shifter killer. On the night the killer died, she had heard Susie and her husbands talking about who the killer was, and how they would need to keep a closer eye on Samantha as the killer had been Greg’s cop partner, Michael. Greg denied any involvement in the killings, and as he was still in jail for assault, there was nothing the authorities could do to prove he’d had any involvement.