Her Dragon's No Angel (Dragon Guard Series Book 11)

By: Julia Mills

Dragon Guard Series #10


Dare to Dream! Find the Strength to Act! Never Look Back!

Thank you, God.

To my girls, Liz and Em, I Love You. Every day, every way, always.


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Formatted by Charlene Bauer with Wickedly Bold Creations


Index of the Words from the Original Language of the Dragon Kin

A Chumann..........Sweetheart

Mo chroi’..........My Heart

Mo ghra’..........My Love

Mo Aingeal..........My Angel

A Thaise..........My Treasure

Mo Maite’..........My Mate

A bheith imithe..........Be Gone

Du lar ais go dti’ ifream..........Go Back To Hell

Riamh ar ais..........Never Return

Beag amha’im..........Rest Little One

A bheith ar cheann beag sa’bha’ilte..........Be Safe Little One

Aingeal ag breathnu’ thar tu’..........Angels Watch Over You

Aingeal tu’ a chosaint..........Angels Protect You

Aingeal fanacht fa’ilte a chur roimh tu’ abhaile ....Angels Wait To Welcome You Home

Chapter One

“Sure! I’ll do it. No, no, really, it’s no problem at all. Y’all have mates and families, not to mention everything that’s going on around here. I’ll just take a quick flight halfway around the world, drop off this package, and be back in time for Christmas dinner. No big deal. I got this. Three days should be enough time, right?” He grumbled under his breath.

Color me Sucker of the Year! When am I ever gonna learn?

Tomas passed the time bouncing back and forth between reliving the conversation he’d had with his Commander and kicking his own ass for being Putz of the Year as he trudged through the rising snow. The Guardsman knew there was only the slightest chance he’d make it back for Christmas as he called forth his dragon and took to the skies, but there was no way he could say no to the most revered Dragon Guard Commander in the history of the dragon shifters.

Rayne MacLendon was a legend, one Tomas spent almost every minute of every day attempting to emulate. The young Guardsman knew he was one lucky bastard to be training with the Golden Fire Clan. He also knew he’d been given the coveted chance because his father and Rayne’s had served together in the Guard, been lifelong friends, and saved each other’s butts in battle more times than either could remember.

Being a cross between a golden and a red dragon, one of the few drakes to actually have two pure-blooded dragon parents, the young Guardsman should’ve been sitting on a throne ruling his own clan with a mate and a dozen or so children, but Tomas Youngblood had other plans. He wanted stories of great battles and even greater tales of his spectacular victories to tell his children and grandchildren. He wanted lifelong friendships built on years of service in the Guard. He wanted to one-day command his own Force. It was no understatement to say he wanted it all. But most of all, Tomas wanted the one woman the Universe had fashioned for him and him alone. A mate who thought he hung the moon and stars. The one person who would stay by his side for all time...someone for him to love.

If Jace and Liam could find mates, Tomas just knew he too would soon find his. All he had to do was be patient. Of course, patience was not a virtue he’d ever possessed. It was also one he was coming to despise. Waiting was a bitch, but he knew he had to try. He also knew he had to find a place to wait out the worst blizzard in fifty years or risk his scales (as well as other important parts) freezing off.

“Serves me right for trying to earn brownie points,” Tomas griped under his breath, just as he was almost knocked on his ass by an especially strong gust of wind. “I have to be the first dragon in history to be grounded because of ice on their wings. Should’ve listened to Maddox.”

He shook his head remembering the reclusive old blue dragon’s warning. “The storm’s close, young one. Watch yourself, this blizzard promises to be full of surprises.” Tomas also remembered the sly grin that had immediately crossed the elder dragon’s face right before he added, “And you know, not all surprises are as they seem.” The younger dragon flew away wondering if maybe the old guy had his last few marbles.

“Any luck finding shelter?” Royce, the oldest and most definitely largest of their Force, asked through mindspeak.

Trying to hide his frustration from his mentor, Tomas quickly answered. “Not yet, but I’m close. I see a trail a few feet ahead.”

“Good. Get out of the snow. Get warmed up. Wait out the storm. Then get your ass back here. That’s an order.”

“Ignore my grumpy mate’s tone, Tomas, he’s very good at hiding his worry with anger. Just take care of yourself and get home as soon as possible. Be sure to keep warm. I know y’all run hotter than most, but you damn sure won’t look good as a Popsicle!” Royce’s mate, Kyra, chuckled, making Tomas smile.

“Thanks, Kyra. I’ll be sure to light a fire as soon as I find shelter.”