Healing Hearts 17:Taking Chances

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer


Melise Minter sat in the meeting because her boss, Eleanor, was sick. She wasn’t happy about this, nor at the way the four bosses gazed at her body and tried to smile and over-welcome her to the meeting, which obviously pissed off Camille Spay. Office slut. The blonde bimbo wore way too much makeup and so much perfume that it was choking Melise out. Kelly, who worked in Internet promotions department, swore that Camille sprayed herself with perfume after she had sex with one of the bosses in their offices. Melise couldn’t get that thought out of her head. It nauseated her, especially seeing how Camille always took credit for work she didn’t do and completely slacked in her department. There was no way Camille could take credit for anything Melise did, because that took training, a Master’s degree in computer design, and an ability to use a specialized program that was another six months of training to complete.

The problem she ran into searching for jobs was that there weren’t many nearby, and she couldn’t commute too far in case her brother or parents needed her. She tried not to focus on that or her brother’s illness. His PTSD seemed to be getting worse, and she needed to find him some additional help. Her other brothers, Ben and Phoenix, were adamant about it because they were soldiers, as well, and didn’t want to admit to the vulnerability and weakness they felt having their brother suffering from PTSD. She got that. They were having his back, keeping him strong, but ultimately not seeking help was going to make matters worse, not better.

“In about ten minutes, Masterson Reynolds, a very wealthy businessman, will be joining us to discuss his company and the product he wants to promote, and we must all be on board to appease him. He’s hard to deal with, demanding, a perfectionist, and whatever he wants, we have to accommodate any way we can. This project has the potential to be in the millions. I want this deal. I want a contract with them that could last years if done correctly. Please be on the top of your game right now,” William Wayworth said to them.

Melise sat there quietly as they discussed a few things about the company. This Masterson Reynolds had created a line of products for men. Everything from shaving cream and organic soaps, to aftershave, and now he was getting into a clothing line. It peaked Melise’s interest.

When someone buzzed in that he was there, Camille looked ready to jump out of her seat. She fixed her lipstick, adjusted her top, the wench. Melise sighed and, sure enough, as her bosses stood up to greet the man who entered the room with two other men, Melise gulped. The guy was good-looking and then some. Dark grey shirt, linen, dress pants, stylish black designer shoes matching, he reeked of sophistication and wealth in a casual manner. His two sidekicks—big, definitely security, but they seemed to play it off as being consultants—eyed everyone in the room with accusation and distrust. She could feel it, and it made her belly quiver slightly. She was used to men and women in powerful positions of wealth and confidence. It came with the business, and as long as she didn’t have to deal with them head on, she was fine. Luckily, in her position, she was behind the scenes, taking information, pictures, and ideas and bringing them to life in everything from print ads to commercials, to mini Internet ads. Enough to snag attention, peak people’s interest, and link them to the product she was presenting.

Mr. Reynolds scanned the room with his two buddies as Mr. Wayworth began introductions. Mr. Reynolds gazed over Melise’s body as Camille placed her hand on his arm and flirted. “Such a pleasure seeing you again. Please, have a seat right here next to me. That way if you have any questions I can be sure to assist you,” she said to him, but Mr. Reynolds looked at Melise.

“And you are?” he asked.

Melise opened her mouth to speak when Camille cut her off with a dismissive wave of her hand. “She isn’t important. Just sitting in for her boss, Eleanor, who is out today.”

“Melise is in charge of computer imaging and designs. A different department than marketing and promotions, but she will more than likely be pulled into the project along the way,” Mr. Wayworth said and smiled at Melise. She swore the man licked his lips, and she felt annoyed, however, Mr. Reynolds reached his hand out to shake hers, bumping Camille in the process, which made Melise give Mr. Reynolds an even bigger smile in greeting.

The way the man stared at her, holding her gaze with those dark blue eyes of his, caught her off guard. She had to look away, and when she did, she locked gazes with one of his associates that he didn’t introduce anyone to. Odd.

“Shall we begin?” Camille asked, and Melise took a seat as the others joined them.

It was a pretty interesting meeting, aside from Camille’s annoying flirtatious remarks and airhead laughter at inappropriate times. Melise ignored her and jotted down some ideas if the company was to get this contract and move forward with a promotional campaign. Some folders were passed around containing all the products, as well as the new line of clothing by Mr. Reynolds. Melise could imagine the male models, all debonair, sexy, sporting the fine lined button-down shirts, the designer dress pants, or even shorts as they leaned against a Lamborghini and batted sensual eyes at the camera.