Gorgeous Chaos

By: T.K. Leigh

On that warm Chicago night in June, David made his way back to his government car, thinking about the immense pleasure he felt every time he had Jolene tied up and could do with her as he wanted…as he needed. He was startled when he heard the service door open and close loudly, followed by an echoing “Hush.”

He slowly turned around, not wanting anyone to be alerted to his presence.

“Come on, Jolene, baby. Free and clear, honey girl.”

His eyes grew wide. What was going on? Someone was helping his Jolene get out of the hotel? The girls never left. They weren’t allowed. He knew all too well what kind of operation Falconi was running and he supported it one hundred percent, as well as the various charities that Falconi had established to prevent the very thing he was involved in. Senator Murphy didn’t blame him for it. Falconi was a businessman, plain and simple. He saw a marketable need and he catered to the very distinct tastes of wealthy men. But Jolene… She was his… Senator Murphy felt a connection to her that he never had with any other girl, and it wasn’t just because he had mortgaged his house in order to pay Falconi to be her first. Money well spent, he thought to himself.

His heart raced in anxiety when he saw the head of housekeeping hide the tall, leggy blonde in the back seat of a station wagon. He clenched his teeth and fists, his blood spiking in utter rage and anguish at the thought of never being in the presence of Jolene again… Never listening to her sweet voice beg for mercy when she had misbehaved… Never getting his dick hard from the look of fear she had in her eyes. He needed Jolene in his life. She couldn’t get away.

“Where to, Senator?” his driver inquired.

Shaking his head, he snapped out of his thoughts, desperation taking over. “Follow that car. The rundown station wagon.”

“Yes, sir.”

The government town car turned off the alley onto Michigan Avenue, driving the streets of the city that David had called home for years. He watched as the Chicago skyline transitioned from magnificent hotels to smaller apartment buildings, most of them decrepit and in need of serious repairs. The duration of the long drive, he made sure to keep the station wagon clear in his sight. His vision was a little blurry from all the scotch he had drank earlier in the evening, but he had a mission. Follow Jolene. The thought of losing her sobered him up quite a bit.

After driving for a little over an hour, the car eventually pulled into a bus terminal.

“Stay close, but don’t make it obvious,” David instructed.

“Yes, sir.”

He watched for several moments while the station wagon remained in a secluded area of the parking lot, an older black man getting out and running toward the station.

Almost immediately, he noticed a few of Falconi’s men run into the station as well, holding up a photo and asking, David assumed, people if they had seen the woman in the photo. They were looking for Jolene, too. She had escaped and they had no idea where she was. If Falconi’s men knew that she was in a station wagon in that very parking lot, they wouldn’t be frantically asking transients if they had seen the girl. This presented a golden opportunity for him. Instead of calling Falconi and having him forever in his debt, he had a new course of action. Follow her. And get what he always wanted… Jolene all to himself. He was giddy with excitement over the thought as he watched the black man walk Jolene wearing an atrocious wig to a bus.

As the bus drove out of the station, he looked at his driver. “I hope you’re ready for a road trip. Follow that bus.”

“Yes, Senator."


ANTHONY FALCONI STARTLED AWAKE in the middle of the night with a pounding headache. He scanned the room. “Jo-Jo Bear. Bring me some aspirin,” he yelled out, wondering what kind of party he had with her the night before that would cause the room service tray to be dumped all over the floor. And if it was a party, how come he had no memory of it? The last thing he remembered was having a drink with that sleazy Senator Murphy after he had finished with Jolene. Once he had escorted her back to the suite, he said his good-byes to the Senator and then settled down in his suite for a late night snack, courtesy of one of the room service attendants.

“Jolene? What did I just say?” he yelled, his temper beginning to flare. He listened and didn’t hear anything other than the whirring of the air conditioner in the suite.

Groaning, he raised himself off the couch, going in search of Jolene. “What the…” His eyes scanned the guest bedroom, looking for any trace of the blonde-haired angel that should be in that room. She wasn’t allowed to leave, unless it was to earn him some money with a rather wealthy guest.

He ran to the door of the suite, his heart dropping when he found his two security agents were nowhere to be found. “JOLENE!!!!” he screamed, not caring that he may be waking up some high-paying clients at that moment. It didn’t matter. Jolene was gone. And someone was going to have to pay for that.