Gorgeous Chaos

By: T.K. Leigh

Mo looked over at Olivia as she stood in Alexander’s embrace. A smile spread across his face, reaching his dark eyes, and he thought back to all the drama of the past several months. “Something changed in Olivia after she met Alex. She lost some of her edge, in a good way. She slowly began to let him into her life, and she finally realized how truly special it is when you find your soul mate.” He raised his champagne glass. “I’m so happy for you, baby girl.” He faced the audience. “To Alexander and Olivia!”

Everyone raised their glasses, toasting the couple.

Alexander looked down at Olivia. “Thank you for letting me in, Olivia.” His lips met hers, coaxing her mouth open, the taste of champagne making her tongue taste sweet.

“I love you, Mr. Burnham,” she said, surprised at how easy it was to say those three words over and over again. She never wanted to stop telling Alexander how much she loved him.

“Looks like you’re empty. Refill?”

Olivia looked down at her glass, noticing that she had finished all her champagne. “Yes, please.”

“You got it. Be back in a second.” He kissed her neck before heading across the lawn, surprised to be met with jealous eyes as he approached the bar.

“Adele. What are you doing here?” he asked nervously.

“Your mother invited my parents. I found out about your little engagement and left Boston to get here to celebrate with you, Alex, dear,” she responded, placing her hand on his arm.

He took a step back, cringing from her touch. “Why are you really here?” he demanded.

“No reason,” she replied rather nonchalantly. “Just wanted to offer my congratulations to you and your bride-to-be.”

“Well, you’ve done it. So please leave,” Alexander growled, his eyes frantically searching for Olivia, relieved when he felt someone come up next to him.

Olivia slinked her arm around his waist and planted a kiss on his cheek before turning her eyes to the tall blonde. “Hello, Adele. What are you doing here?” she asked, her voice sweet.

“Just came to offer my congratulations to the happy couple,” she replied with a smug expression.

“Well, thank you, Adele. That’s very kind of you.” Olivia faced Alexander. “Excuse me, darling. Nature calls.” She retreated toward the house.

“If you’d rather I’d left, I understand, Alex,” Adele said once Olivia was out of earshot.

“Adele, I appreciate you coming, but there’s too much bad blood between you and Olivia, and I’m here to look out for her,” he said softly.

She shot daggers at him and took a step closer. “Making up for lost time, Alex?”

“What are you talking about, Adele?” His mind raced.

“Oh, nothing. Imagine how little Olivia will react when she finds out that you’ve been keeping secrets from her.”

He stared at her, the tension building.

“I know, Alexander,” she spat out, answering the question that was so clearly written on his face. “I know she’s your Olivia and that you’ve been keeping that secret from her. Do you think you can keep it from her forever?”

Alexander looked at her in complete shock. Closing his eyes, he took a deep breath. “How did you find out?” he asked quietly.

Adele’s voice softened. “Alex, I knew she looked familiar. Granted, it’s been over twenty-one years, but the similarities were too much,” she lied, placing her hand on his arm. A compassionate look crossing her face, she continued, “Do the right thing before it’s too late. I’ll keep it to myself for now, but I can’t guarantee that I’ll remain quiet forever.”

He hung his head low. “I know, Adele. Just give me some time. She needs to know.”

She walked away, smiling. She knew him well. He would keep his secret from Olivia as long as he could. He couldn’t bear to lose her, and telling her would make her run. Hell, it would make any woman furious to know that they had been lied to, and that’s what Adele was counting on.

When she received that phone call earlier in the day, she thought the man on the other end was full of shit when he said that the woman Alexander was now engaged to was Olivia DeLuca. But he had just confirmed that it was true and that he was aware of her real identity. Adele had no idea why the man on the other end of the phone was concerned with Olivia’s true identity and she didn’t really care. As long as she got her money once Olivia found out about her past, she was fine with whatever was going on.



“DO YOU EVER THINK you’ll move all your things into my place?” Alexander asked one warm evening in early May as they enjoyed a relaxing dinner out on his balcony. Since their engagement party several weeks ago, Olivia and Alexander attempted to adjust to the change in their relationship. There were quite a few arguments. Both had been so fiercely independent for the majority of their adult lives that it took time to acclimate to their new living arrangement…an arrangement Olivia was still having trouble with.

“Alexander, we’ve already discussed this. Every day. It’s just taking me some time to adjust.” She looked down at her plate, slowly losing her appetite.