Enthroned by Amethysts (A Dance with Destiny Book 3)

By: JK Ensley & Jennifer Ensley

(A Dance with Destiny Book 3)

Chapter Prologue

“Do you not desire me, little Raven Hair?”

“I do not.”

“And why is that? Hmm? Tell me. Is my body not pleasing to your eyes? Is my enticing voice not as rare magic upon your heart?”

“These things are true, yes, I cannot deny that. Yet I defy your enchantments and will never let their seed take hold within me. She alone is the rightful owner of my heart. I will save it for her and no other.”

“What if your end finds you before she does?”

“Then I shall take my tortured heart with me and one day gift it to her in the Otherworld. As I have said, it is hers. Be it now or in the Nether Realms, it belongs only to Jenevier.”


“I will never look upon you as Queen of the Forest.” The Elf-girl crossed her arms over her chest. “You’re not even worthy the gifts already granted you.”

“I do not wish to bring contention among your people.” The new Elf Princess sighed softly. “But if you are asking me to deny my heart, turn my back upon loving husband and savior of my shattered essence… then cast your worthless words upon the wind, she-Elf, for they will not take hold here.”

“You are not special. You’re not even beautiful.” The enraged Elf-girl took a step closer. “Why would he lower himself to such a fate as this? Why would the Prince stoop to touching a lowly human? Did you spin an evil enchantment around his unsuspecting heart?”

“Trelaina, speak thusly to my lovely wife once more…” Kias gently wrapped his arm around his new bride’s waist. “…and I shall let her have you.”

The Elf-girl chuckled. “Let her have me?”

“Yes, let her have you.” He ran his fingers through his wife’s lovely golden hair. “Do you not see how she trembles? She stays her hand at harming you… out of respect for me.” He smiled sweetly, fondly gazing upon her fair profile, the hard line now set to her jaw. “Were I to tell this enchanting woman such nobility were not necessary… they would find tiny pieces of you sprinkled throughout Mangladune. Count yourself lucky, Trelaina, and hold your tongue… lest your luck run out.”

“She couldn’t possibly dispatch me,” Trelaina scoffed. “She boasts no such power.”

Kias turned then toward the furious Elf-girl and hardened his glare, but did not speak.

She chuckled. “Very well. Release her then. Let us all witness the lie in your words.”

“Trelaina, you go too far,” the Elf Princess said. “How dare you speak thusly to your noble Prince? I will say this only once, but let my words stand for all time, since I shall never retract them. If you ever set foot within our home again, your screams will send a shudder throughout hell itself. If you ever speak ill of my husband, ever again… no one will hear your screams. I will remove your disrespectful tongue and whip you to the brink of your miserable life daily. Yet, never will I gift you with the sweet release of blessed death.”

“But you cannot—”

“As I said. Speak… one… word, utter even one more sound… and the witch in me will prove the truth in my words.”


“How long shall we wait?”

“Until the time is ripe. This you know, Jophiel.”

“Yet, I am anxious.” He blew out an exasperated breath. “My wings tingle with anticipation, Uriel. I wish nothing more than to be surrounded by millions of vibrantly colored feathers… floating upon the wind as I rip them from his vile back.”

“You will get your chance,” Uriel said calmly. “Now, still your pacing feet before your constant moving about drives me mad.”

“Look at him,” Jophiel spat. “Look at all of them—prancing across the layers, proud as the peacocks they’re painted after.” He growled under his breath. “My greatest joy to date… will be removing that haughty smirk of his, once and for all.”

“Be patient, Brother. Be still and wait. The time is nearing. Can you not feel it? The hour is at hand.”

Jophiel rolled his eyes. “Yes, I feel it, Uriel. Thus the constant moving about. I want to go now. I want to rend that old blue devil once and for all.”

“You will get your chance,” Uriel said, casting his antsy brother a sideways glance. “When the summons comes… we will see to more than just that old blue devil.”

Jophiel growled through his coming words, “The Sage… that one is mine… all mine.”


“You have found nothing?” Apollyon didn’t even look at the soul-eater as he spoke.

“No, Sire. We have found nothing of import. She hides from you and we cannot track her scent.”

“As well she should. Ooh, Ahriman… when I get my hands on that silver witch, heaven itself won’t be able to heal the scars I shall bestow upon her pale flesh.”

Book Three

Chapter 1



“And you are certain this is what happened?” He closed the book, casually looking back up at the strange glowing woman seated across from him. “This is the whole of it?”