Damage Control

By: Lisa Renee Jones

Dear Readers,

I am so very excited to share Damage Control with you. If you haven’t read Hard Rules, you need to read it before you read Damage Control, as we are going to be starting our story the moment after Hard Rules ends. And spoiler warning—I’m now going to recap Hard Rules for readers below.

We ended with Shane confronting Emily about her identity. He’s long known she has a secret, but he wanted her to trust him and share it on her own. But thanks to Seth, Shane’s right-hand man (The Fixer, who will get his own story!) Shane now knows she is not who she says she is, and his fear that she is either a federal agent or working for his family to set him up is in the forefront.

But how did they get to this point?

It all started with the wrong coffee. Emily picks up Shane’s order by accident and drinks from it, and when he takes it back and drinks from it her lipstick ends up on his mouth. From there, a one-night stand evolves, and then passion, love, and friendship follow. Emily has become the one pure thing in Shane’s life as he battles to save his family empire from their self-created corruption. He NEEDS her to be that person he trusts, who restores his faith in life and love. Will he lose that now? That’s the real question. And if she has betrayed him, how do they recover? Can they recover?

Just a little more history, to refresh your memory about what Shane’s facing:

If you remember, we learned that Shane was fast becoming one of the leading attorneys in the country when he left New York to return to Denver to save his family empire from the aforementioned corruption of their own doing. Brandon Enterprises has long been run by his father, Brandon Senior, and brother, Derek, who both walk the gray line, and Derek does so with less skill than his father. Shane pulls his brother, and the company, out of legal chaos while his father is diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Brandon Senior isn’t one to repent, rather he is ready to kiss the devil hello, but only after he’s pitted his sons against each other for control of the company, and a race to win the vote by the board of directors. It’s a battle Shane reluctantly enters at first, as it means leaving all he’s worked for in his law career behind, but he decides he wants to save his family name. He’s going to win control of the company, but his brother feels he’s earned the leadership role.

Shane buys a pharmaceutical company certain to produce enough revenue to offset any dirty money running through the company, but his brother wants that spotlight back. Derek makes a deal with a drug cartel, to run a new performance-enhancing drug (Sub-Zero), through Brandon Pharmaceuticals. And that drug leads to a high-profile baseball player’s wife threatening to expose the ruse.

Now Shane is faced with a drug lord, a brother who might just be willing to kill him or Emily to win the head of the table, a father who is dying, and then let’s not forget his mother. Is she with him or Derek? And what about Mike, the largest stockholder, who owns a professional basketball team? Could he become a problem?

So onward to that moment in the kitchen and Shane’s declaration to Emily of “no more lies.” It’s time to find out who Emily really is!

I hope you enjoy and thank you so much for choosing to spend your time with one of my books!




Emily Stevens (27)—Heroine in the series. She is Brandon Senior’s newly appointed secretary. Learned after landing her new job that the one-night stand she had the night before is her boss’s son, Shane Brandon. Emily has secrets, and she’s running. But Shane will not let her run from him. During Hard Rules, the two had a lot of push and pull about their relationship, his family, and her secrets.

Shane Brandon (32)—Hero of the series. Shane Brandon is the black sheep of the family. The good one. The one willing to risk everything to play this game on the up-and-up and keep his brother from ruining the family empire, Brandon Enterprises, by getting in bed with the Martina family drug cartel. But Shane is treading on thin ice as he bring his legacy back from the brink of corruption. He is also dealing with Emily Stevens. A woman who breaks through his defenses and brings an innocence to his life that he can’t have as a distraction. He wants and needs to protect her, possess her, and be worthy of her. She is already making him a better man and keeping him grounded. But she has secrets and could be the one to ultimately send his world crumbling harder than he ever anticipated.

Derek Brandon (37)—The older brother. While he’s brilliant and good-looking, his greed for power drives him to make rash decisions. He and Shane were close as kids, but once they became adults and Shane joined Brandon Enterprises, that shifted. Everything became about who would control the empire. Derek has gotten the family corporation into bed with the Martina drug cartel, and Shane will do everything in his power to stop his brother.

Maggie Brandon—Shane and Derek’s mother. Seemingly befriending Emily, yet we are uncertain about her ultimate motives concerning the current struggle between her sons for control over Brandon Enterprises. Married to David Brandon (Brandon Senior)

David Brandon—The head of Brandon Enterprises and the Brandon family. Father to Derek and Shane. Husband to Maggie. He is dying of cancer but wants to leave a legacy and hold on to control of Brandon Enterprises as long as possible. He’s a bastard and pushes Shane and Derek in all the wrong ways. He is gruff, cold, and hard at every turn. He enjoys watching his sons battle for power. It entertains him.