Crossfire (Alpha Province #6)

By: Becca Van

Alpha Province: Crossfire

After losing her parents and sister in a fire and trying to live her life in her hometown of Austin, Texas, Elsa Jackman has had enough. She packs up her things and takes to the road.

Preston, Gabriel, and Liam Louis know that Elsa is their mate as soon as they see and scent her. When they overhear her plans of opening a bed and breakfast in their town, they offer to show her around.

Elsa’s glad to have the support of the three, tall, handsome Louis brothers when she puts forward her proposal to all the residents in Ambrose, North Dakota and is excited when everyone agrees.

Even though she tries to ignore the strong attraction to the three Kodiak bear shifters and retired FBI agents, she knows how fleeting life can be and agrees to be their mate.

Just when her life is taking a change for the better, unknown danger follows her to Ambrose.

Elsa doesn’t think she’ll survive.


Elsa Jackman sang along to the radio as she drove home from work. She was having dinner with her parents and sister which was a rarity because they were all always so busy. Even though her mom and dad were retired, they were very active and spent most of their days volunteering at shelters and socializing with their other retired friends. Her parents’, Jane and Percy Jackman, had just come back from a cruise and seemed hell-bent on catching up with all the gossip and all their friends as quickly as possible.

Her sister, Janet, was still in high school, and while she was nearly nine years younger than Elsa’s twenty-three, she loved her dearly. Janet was sweet and kind with a heart as big as their home state of Texas.

Elsa glanced in her rearview mirror when she heard an emergency siren and quickly pulled over to the side of the road to let the fire truck pass. A shiver wracked up her spine as a knot of anxiety tautened her gut. She prayed that no one had been hurt. As she pulled out onto the road again, after checking her mirrors, she noticed the orange glow and smoke billowing into the sky. Though it was dark, there was no way she could miss such a blaze.

Her heart flipped in her chest and her breathing escalated when she noticed that whatever was on fire was near her home. When she turned onto their street, she shivered as sweat formed over her cold skin.

The knot of dread in her gut grew to outright fear when she realized there were several fire trucks parked out the front of her mom and dad’s house. She parked the car near the street entrance, turned it off, and was out of her vehicle and running toward her parents’ home seconds later.

A cry of devastation passed her lips when she saw the house she’d grown up in engulfed in flames. Her gaze flicked toward the driveway, and her knees nearly buckled when she saw her parents’ car parked right next the house. It was covered in ash, the mirrors had melted, and it looked as if it was about to explode.

Elsa didn’t remember consciously thinking about moving, but her gaze locked on the still intact front door as she ran toward it. Panicked sobs erupted from her parted lips as determination filled her soul. She was going into the house to search for her parents and sister, but moments later her path was blocked when a fireman grabbed hold of her arm. She pushed his hand from her arm, spun on her heel, intent on getting inside to help her sister, mom, and dad, but the fireman was faster than she was. He wrapped an arm around her waist, practically lifting her from her feet before dragging her back toward the street.

“Let me go. They’re still inside,” Elsa shouted angrily as tears rolled quickly down her face.

“I’m sorry, miss, but I can’t let you go in there. You’ll be killed,” the fireman said in a calm, soothing voice as he released her.

Elsa turned toward him, grabbing hold of his jacket in tight fists, and tried to shake him, but he was so much bigger and stronger than she was. He didn’t move an inch. “You have to save them. Please? My mom, dad, and sister are in there.”

When Elsa saw the sympathy in his eyes, she wanted to smack the fireman across the face. He was giving up. He couldn’t give up. Not until her family was safe.

The man shook his head. “I’m sorry. The fire’s too hot and out of control. We would have gone into the house as soon as we got here, but…”