Constantine:A History

By: Donna Grant

Dear Reader –

Sometimes, it’s hard for me, even as a writer, to find words to express how much I love and appreciate all of you taking this journey with me through 41+ books (with more to come) in the Dark World.

Some of you began with the Warriors and Druids in the Dark Sword series. Some came on board with the Dark Warriors series. And still more with the Dark Kings.

But then again, who can resist Dragon Kings, right?

Having recently returned from RT (Romantic Times Convention), one of the questions that kept coming up (besides who is Rhi’s DK?) was: Do I really need to read the Reaper series?

My response to that is that, no, you don’t have to. But I highly recommend it. Why? Because the Dragon Kings – and Rhi – show up in these books more and more. There are going to be big tie-ins coming, just as there were with the Warriors/Druids and the Dragon Kings. There are reasons why Death wants Rhi followed by one of the Reapers, and why Death takes such an interest in the Dragon Kings – massive, whopping reasons.

Now, I think everyone knows my love of my Dragon Kings. I’d wanted to write dragons for years and kept being told no. Then, when I was asked to spin off the DS/DW world, I immediately said dragons. And my editor agreed.

I can’t tell you how much – and loudly – I celebrated that day. I was finally going to be able to write about my Dragon Kings that I had been dreaming of for years! (There might have been some champagne drunk and perhaps even some dancing around the house.)

While I refuse to give away spoilers, I’ve always said that Con would get his own book, and that it would be the last book in the series. So, before his book releases, I thought this would be a good time for you to get a behind-the-scenes look at the King of Dragon Kings. I want you, my dedicated dragon lovers, to see another side of Con, a private side he doesn’t share.

With anyone.

Because…well, you’ll see when you read the story.

I also wanted to go more in-depth into the history of the Dragon Kings. There is so much to tell, and a lot of it is backstory that would weigh a book down. Hence, Constantine: A History.

It wasn’t my plan to do the Reaper series. I was asked by my publisher to do another spin-off, and for a bit, I wondered what I could ever come up with that could compare with dragons? Then it hit me. What other beings play such an integral part of the Dark World?

Why Fae, of course.

The Dark portray the villains to utter perfection, but what if they weren’t all bad guys? That question led me down a slew of others. I wanted to know more about the Fae culture and how they lived. I wanted to know their hurts, their pain, their desires, their grievances, their hopes, and their love.

Once I thought about the Fae being Reapers and bringing in both Light and Dark, as well as getting to see the Fae in a different sense than we do with the DKs, I dove into the series with so much anticipation that the first story came faster than I could write it.

With each Reaper story I write, I come to love them more and more. (Yes, I do have a favorite. I might tell you if you ply me with wine.) If you’ve not delved into the Reaper world, I hope by the time you finish reading this story of Con’s past that you’ll give the Reapers a go.

Through the Dragon King books, we’ve seen Con in many different lights, and, for me, that’s what makes him so damn amazing. And human – in many instances. I’m hoping with this story that you’ll learn a little more about the King of Kings, and, with any luck, start to fall in love with him as I have.

With much love,

The 12th of August, human year 1601


As I write this, I cannot help but look back over the years. The date the mortals use means nothing to me, or any of the other Dragon Kings. Yet, we are bound by it, if we are to live in their world.

A world I helped to create.

A world my kind must now hide in.

I finished visiting those Dragon Kings who have chosen to sleep. It is a burden I gladly take on to give my brethren a chance to escape the hellish lives we have chosen to live. After all these untold thousands of years that rain around me like the stars above, it doesn’t get any easier.

I soldier on, as do the other Kings. Because we hold out hope that one day we’ll be able to bring our dragons home again.

Even as I impart the past decade of information to the sleeping Kings, I know there is one thought that never leaves them. When can they see their dragons again? I wish I had an answer.

But even as all of the magic on this realm flows through me, I have no solution.

V was the last Dragon King I saw. I sat beside him as he slept, but I could still feel his rage for what the humans had done to him. For V – and aye, even for Ulrik – the answer is simple. Show the mortals who we really are. Resume our rightful place as rulers of the realm with magic and might.