Brie's Submission (4-6)

By: Red Phoenix

Later that night, when she was lying in bed, safe in Sir’s arms, she broached the subject. “Master, do you have sadistic tendencies?”

He did not answer her question; instead, he correctly read into her inquiry and turned it back on her. “Has tonight’s exposure awakened a latent desire, téa?”

Clever Master.

“I was frightened by some of the things I saw tonight, but I wonder, Sir…is it a true fear or just fear of the unknown?”

“I noticed your interest in the cat o’ nines,” he commented, nibbling her neck. “Would you like to taste its sting?”

She hesitated, the idea of it unsettling—yet alluring. “Yes.”

“Then I shall speak to Durov tomorrow.”

“What? Aren’t you going to scene with me?”

“No. I shall defer to Rytsar Durov’s expertise.”

“Then I would rather not,” she answered quickly.

“I believe you should,” he replied, sucking on her earlobe. “How else can you know your desires if you do not explore them?”

She tried to imagine herself tied to the pole receiving painful strokes, but as much as it enticed her, it frightened her equally as much. “Will you be there with me, Sir?”

“No, Brie. I would detract from the scene.” She tensed in his arms. “Do not fret, little sub. I will request a simple whipping session, no audience and no intercourse involved.”

She nestled deeper into his arms, suddenly excited and terrified by the prospect of scening with Rytsar. “What if I only last one stroke, Sir?”

“Then you will know where your limit lies. This is an exploration, not an endurance test.”

She smiled and kissed him. “Yes, Sir.”

She closed her eyes, reminding herself of that the next day, when she was naked and bound in chains before Rytsar.

The broad-chested Russian removed his shirt and smiled down at her. “I am thrilled to introduce you to my ‘nines’, radost moya.” He held up his multi-tailed whip reverently so she could admire it. The baldheaded Dom walked around her slowly. She remembered the ferociousness of the dragon tattooed on his muscle-bound shoulder. Like the dragon, Rytsar was beautiful—but dangerous.

Goosebumps rose on her skin as he caressed her with the tails, her body anticipating the violent sensations the knots were about to provoke. He pressed the handle to her lips. “Hold it, while I prepare you.”

Brie opened her mouth. The leather tasted of the salt from his hands. He proceeded to twist her hair, pulling her head back. The chains clanked in reaction to the sudden movement. “We shall see how deep your dark fantasies lie, my willing sub.” He deftly tied her long hair into a knot with a leather string.

Rytsar had already placed a Magic Wand between her legs and bound her to it so that the vibrator was firmly pressed against her clit. Once her arms were pulled taut above her head, he turned the wicked toy on. She squirmed, her pussy instantly responding to the vibration.

“I use this tool on submissives new to the dungeon. It helps acclimate them to the ecstasy of pain.”

She moaned, a quiet panic setting in. The dark oppression of the dungeon, along with the lonely silence of the great room, made her anxious. However, it was the nagging sense of fear that had her entire body on alert.

Rytsar ran his hands over her naked skin. “I can feel your fear, radost moya. It…turns me on.”

It was disconcerting to think her genuine fear was an aphrodisiac for the Russian Dom.

“Subjecting a submissive to intense pain is much like deflowering a virgin. I enjoy the journey of penetrating a sub’s will with my desire.”

Brie realized she was breathing erratically and forced herself to calm down, afraid of fainting before they even began. Rytsar walked away from her and towards the wall of instruments. With growing dread, she watched as he thoughtfully chose a malicious-looking flogger from the wall.

Rytsar did not explain himself. He simply walked back to her, cutting the air with the whip to warm up his muscles.

Brie closed her eyes, readying herself for the initial stroke, but nothing could prepare her for the fire he evoked. She salivated against the tangy leather of his cat o’ nines, trying to keep her cries at bay as Rytsar lashed her back with solid, unyielding strokes. She whimpered loudly, the chains dancing around her as she rocked against the force of his blows. This was no gentle warm-up.

The sound of her lashing echoed throughout the dungeon, filling her ears. She did not drop the handle from her mouth to call out her safe word, but tears ran down her face as she forced herself to accept the onslaught.

When Rytsar finally stopped, the air seemed to still reverberate with the echoes of her surrender. He came up behind her, caressing her cheek. “The tenseness of your muscles, the whimpers against the leather, your sweet, sweet tears…they call to me.” He caressed her fiery back and then patted her ass lightly before giving the Wand a small adjustment. Brie moaned as she focused on the intense vibration, which helped to cut through the wall of pain.

“Your body must grow used to my pleasure. Much like a child learning to walk, it requires guidance.” His hot breath caressed her ear as he whispered, “You’re quite desirable right now, radost moya. So vulnerable and scared. It takes strength not to ravish you.”

He laid the flogger down and took the cat o’ nines from her lips. He slowly wiped her saliva from his instrument, dragging out the anticipation. “This will hurt. I make no excuses. I want it to hurt. I want you to react to the pain.” He abruptly threw the towel down and moved into position behind her.

This scene was unlike any experience she’d ever had. He wasn’t trying to ‘carry’ her into subspace; he was taking her there kicking and screaming. I want this, she reminded herself as fresh tears ran down her cheeks. Brie was determined to face this fear, to embrace the experience despite the fact she was terrified.

“Focus on your clit as I strip your back,” he commanded, just before the first lash of the tails came into contact with her skin. All illusions of bravery evaporated as she released an all-out scream. There was no controlling this pain. It was sharp, cruel, and more terrible than she’d ever imagined.

A second stroke immediately followed, not allowing her even a breath between. She shrieked, pulling against the chains, her back feeling as if it had been laid open and raw.

Then she felt his hot breath against her cheek. “Color?”

Brie gasped, “Red…ish yellow.” There was a part of Brie that desired to know if she could defeat the pain, overcome its fierce power and enter subspace.

“Good,” he replied. He reached between her legs and turned up the vibrator.

Brie threw her head back, her whole body shaking. Maybe the next hit would be enlightening or stimulating on a level she hadn’t experienced before. Fear will not control me!

She heard each step magnified as he repositioned himself. She felt the swing of the cat o’ nines before it came anywhere close to her. Her scream erupted when the evil knots impacted on her skin. Hot lava radiated from each point the cat o’ nines made contact with her back. Rytsar followed it up with a second, equally forceful stroke.

Brie screamed and then sobbed uncontrollably. This was not pleasurable or enlightening. It simply hurt beyond anything she had ever experienced—and she couldn’t handle it any longer. “No more,” she begged between sobs, “no more…”

“So soon, radost moya?” Rytsar stroked the back of her neck lightly several times and then grasped it possessively, making her knees weak. She swayed back and forth in the chains, while the vibrator between her legs continued its relentless teasing.

“I have so much more I wish you to experience.”

There was an urging in her spirit to acquiesce to his need, but her lessons at the Submissive Training Center had prepared her for moments such as this. She shook her head and called out clearly, “Red.”

He chuckled. She felt his sharp teeth as he bit the back of her neck, wrapping his arm around her tightly. A deep and startling orgasm shook through her body. Brie twitched in her bonds until it had passed, completely stunned by it.

Rytsar kissed the bite marks he’d left before releasing her from the chains and removing the toy from between her legs. He had to support her as she stumbled to a padded table nearby. The Dom directed her to lie on her stomach.

She jumped when she first felt the icy salve. Rytsar smoothed it onto her wounds as he spoke in a low, calming voice. He shared his memories of their first encounter, recalling details that brought the scene back to life.

“My American captive…beautiful, passionate, frightened but willing. It is a good memory for me.”

She smiled, nodding her agreement. Brie vividly recalled that day. She’d been inexperienced when he’d won her at the auction, yet he had managed to fulfill her fantasy in every sense of the word while making her feel worthy of his attentions.

As Rytsar continued to reminisce, his masculine hands gently tended to the wounds he had inflicted. His aftercare was so tender, so kind; it almost made up for the pain she’d endured under his hands.

When he had finished, Rytsar helped her off the table and gathered her into his arms, albeit carefully. “You did well, radost moya. Your Master will be pleased.”