Brie's Submission (4-6)

By: Red Phoenix

Brie bowed. “My pleasure, Celestia.”

“Whose idea was it to cook the omelet tonight?” Marquis asked as he cut another piece for Celestia.

Brie said nothing.

“I see.” Marquis turned to Sir. “Your idea of a joke, Sir Davis? It wasn’t enough to put me in charge of the cooking unit last session, I take it.”

Sir bit back his amusement. “I wanted you to enjoy the benefits of your labor, Gray. It was only fair. You know how I detest eggs. The whole Center smelled of them for a week.”

Marquis actually smiled then. “You have an overly sensitive nose, Sir Davis.” He raised his eyebrow and stated, “Surely you’re not suggesting I chose that particular dish with you in mind?”

“That is exactly what I’m suggesting.”

He chuckled. “Unfortunately, I ended up punishing us both.” He gave Celestia another bite before addressing Brie. “Although the sight of this dish nauseates me, I must compliment you on the work. I can tell it has the right texture, and apparently you remembered what I prefer in an omelet. Kudos, Miss Bennett.” His praise gave her an unexpected thrill. “And…” he lifted the fork to Celestia’s lips again, “my sub seems to enjoy the flavor. A job well done. How many tries did it take?”

Brie said proudly, “Two.”

“A vast improvement indeed. There is hope for you yet.”

“Thank you, Marquis Gray.”

Sir spoke up, “Unfortunately, we must cut this visit short. Brie and I both have work to do tonight, but I have your meal warming in the oven.”

“It was lovely of you to come, Sir Davis. Miss Bennett,” Celestia said, trying to get up.

Marquis gently pushed her back on the couch. “Stay still,” he chided. “I’ll see them out.”

As they walked to the front of the house, Marquis told Sir, “To be honest, I questioned whether you would be a good match for Miss Bennett, despite her infatuation with you. Especially when I heard the reports of her interactions with Mr. Wallace afterwards. However, tonight those concerns have been silenced. I see a peace in her eyes I have not seen before.”

Brie’s heart nearly burst with joy when she heard his observation.

“It is good to hear you acknowledge that fact,” Sir replied. “I did not make the decision lightly, nor did I do it solely for my own benefit.”

“Understood,” Marquis answered. “But one had to question your intentions, based on your previous actions.”

“What one might label as a ‘breach of protocol’, another might see as a fated encounter,” Sir responded.

Marquis shook his head as he opened the door. “Regardless of whether I agree with you or not, I wish you both safe travels. Miss Bennett, I hope you will visit again soon. I am sure my sub will enjoy your tales of Russia.”

“Thank you, Marquis Gray. Please tell Celestia how happy I am to see her looking so well.”

“I shall. The same can be said for us. It is good to see you thriving, Miss Bennett.”

The drive home was agreeably quiet. Sir seemed as satisfied by the night’s events as she was. It pleased Brie that he had openly acknowledged his feelings for her in front of Marquis. Although Sir hadn’t used the ‘L’ word, the meaning was the same. She assumed it was a big step for him.

The night still had one pleasant surprise left. After they returned to the apartment, Sir told her to work on editing her film while he polished a presentation he was to give the next day.

They sat on the couch beside each other with their computers. It was so pleasant and sweet that Brie decided to google something she’d been curious about. Sir had once told her that he was a condor, and said it with such tenderness that she knew it held significance to him. She typed in the word ‘condor’.

Brie glanced over the stats of the bird, noting that she had been right. They were a type of vulture—not sexy in the least. However, the California condor was the largest bird in North America. It wasn’t until she got to the behavior of the creature that she finally grasped Sir’s meaning. She was surprised to learn the birds lived to be incredibly old—like fifty to sixty years—and the males waited until they were sexually mature before picking a female. Her heart skipped a beat when she read the words, ‘condors mate for life’. That was what he’d meant!

‘I’m a condor’ had to be the most romantic thing she’d ever heard.

She glanced at Sir, hardly able to contain her joy.

He looked up from his screen and smiled. “What?”

“You’re a condor, Sir.”

He raised his eyebrow. “Yes, I am.”

She smiled shyly. “I’m a condor, too.”

Her Parents

Brie was grateful to finish out her last day at the tobacco shop. Her boss had given the two new employees the day off so that it was just like old times—just the two of them. Although it was bittersweet to leave Mr. Reynolds behind, she couldn’t wait to be free of the place. It was so mind-numbingly boring compared to the life she was leading now.

At the end of the day, Mr. Reynolds handed her a small gift.

“What’s this?” she asked, both surprised and touched.

“A little remembrance. It has been a pleasure working with you, Brie. You will be sorely missed around here. My only consolation is that I will see you on an odd holiday or two.”

“What? Don’t you get together with your nephew more often than that?”

“No. He’s a busy man. I understand.”

She smiled brightly. “I’ll see if I can change that.”

“Open it,” Mr. Reynolds encouraged.

Brie carefully unwrapped the pretty paper. She lifted the lid and smiled as she took the gift out of the box. It was a keychain with a tiny pack of Treasurer cigarettes hanging from it. The very cigarettes Sir had asked for the first night they’d met in the shop. “Mr. Reynolds, how did you know?”

“Thane was surprisingly open when he asked about the cute little cashier at my shop. He knew very well we don’t carry those pricey cigarettes here.”

Brie held it up to admire. “I will treasure this always,” she said with a giggle, giving him a hug. “Truly, it means a lot to me. This little shop is where Sir and I met, where my life really began. Every time I look at it I will smile and think of you.”

“I’m glad you like it, Brie.” He discreetly wiped a tear from his eye, shaking his head. “This shop won’t be the same without you.”

She gave Mr. Reynolds another hug. It was hard saying goodbye to the man who’d been a father figure to her since she’d moved to California. She smiled at him sadly, knowing she wouldn’t see him on a daily basis after this.

He shook the melancholy look from his face. “So, enjoy yourself in Russia. Be sure to take pics, but only show me the ones you can post publicly,” he joked.

It was still weird having Mr. Reynolds aware of her alternative lifestyle, but it was comforting too. He was the only person outside the BDSM community who knew about it—well, besides his wife.

She pulled her keys from her purse and placed them on the new keychain. “There—now you’ll be with me wherever I go.”

Brie gave him a final kiss on the cheek before heading out of the door. She turned around as she walked away from the small, brick building. “Bye, tobacco shop. It’s been real and it’s been fun, but I can’t say it’s been real fun.” She snickered to herself as she jumped in her car.

Her new life had officially begun, and tomorrow she was heading off to Russia. But first, Sir had to meet her parents.

Brie was a jumble of nerves as they drove up to her parents’ Nebraskan home. She had a bad feeling about the visit, but Sir would not be swayed. She stared out of the window of the rental car, looking at the old place. She’d spent her teenage years here in the small, two-story house on the corner lot, with her devoted but overprotective parents.

“I always hated bringing my boyfriends home to meet my parents,” she mumbled, “especially my dad, Sir.”

“Is there a point to telling me this?” Sir asked, a hint of humor in his voice.

“Dad would rather I set my sights on my career than waste my potential by getting involved with someone, Sir.”

“Understandable…” He got out of the car and opened the door for her.

She took his hand hesitantly. “They’re not exactly open-minded either.”

“You have mentioned that before, Brie. We’re only sharing our status as a couple,” he reminded her gently as they walked up to the house.

Brie looked up at her Master as they stood on the front porch—strong, chiseled features, with a decidedly mature appearance. She was afraid his age would be an issue for them, but hoped her parents could see past it.

She closed her eyes, trying to quiet her nerves as Sir reached over and rang the doorbell. It seemed like forever before she heard the unlocking of the latch and the door finally swung open. Her mother, a short, rotund woman with bright green eyes, greeted them with a smile that quickly turned to a concerned frown as she looked Sir over.

“Hey, Mom!” Brie gave her a quick hug to ease the tension. “This is my boyfriend, Thane Davis. Thane, this is my mom, Marcy Bennett.”