Brie's Submission (4-6)

By: Red Phoenix

He winked at her. “I know he will appreciate it.”

She wondered about this sudden trip to visit them and asked, “Is everything okay with Celestia, Sir? Is she having trouble recovering from her emergency appendectomy?”

He chuckled. “She is well enough. I think this is more for Marquis’ sake. He has been at home taking care of his sub for more than a week, and I think it is driving him mad.”

Brie was struck again by the paradigm shift—first with Ms. Clark and now with Marquis. She had always imagined him to be almost Zen-like in his approach to life. The idea that Marquis was going stir-crazy seemed so…human.

“I couldn’t help over hearing part of your conversation with Lea,” Sir stated. “During our stay in Russia, Ms. Clark’s name is not to be mentioned.”

Brie couldn’t imagine what had happened to provoke such a command.

“I won’t, Sir.”

“I personally don’t care for gossip, but in this case it was beneficial. You needed to be aware of that dynamic so you would not mistakenly mention it. Although the incident occurred years ago, there are still raw nerves on all sides.”

“May I ask what happened, Sir?”

“You may ask, but I will not answer. It is a private matter.”

Brie cringed, feeling bad for prying. Humbled, she assured him, “I will not ask again, Sir. Please forgive me.”

“Lea is a natural gossip. I know that is not your nature.”

She didn’t want Sir to think badly of Lea. “I promise we will work hard next time to make up for today.”

“See that you do,” he replied as they pulled into the driveway of a sprawling, ranch-style home. He added, almost as an afterthought, “It would be nice to be settled, Brie. I’ve never been a fan of boxes.”

Sir’s comment warmed her heart. It was his way of saying that he wanted her there permanently. She blurted, “I love you, Sir!”

His devastating smile set her heart aflutter as she got out of the car, but those feelings of momentary bliss disappeared as soon as she stood on Marquis Gray’s doorstep.

I’m a Condor

Sir rang the doorbell and told Brie to stop fidgeting. “You will do fine,” he promised, just as the door opened.

Brie tensed when she saw Marquis Gray. It had only been a couple of weeks, but she had forgotten what a commanding presence he had until those dark eyes greeted her. She quickly looked down, not wanting to be reprimanded.

“Well, isn’t this a nice surprise?”

“I doubt you could call it a surprise when you demanded we come,” Sir replied with a smirk.

“No need to speak of it to Celestia. I wouldn’t want her to feel she was a burden to anyone.”

“I suspect she is not the problem,” Sir murmured as he held up the dish he’d prepared. “This is for later. My sub is going to make you an appetizer first.”

Through hooded eyes, she watched Marquis for his reaction. She did not miss the look of revulsion that flitted across his face. “How kind of you.”

She wasn’t sure if he was speaking to Sir or to her, so she kept her head down. She was determined not to fail him—or Sir.

“But first, you two really must see Celestia. She has been cooped up here since I brought her home from the hospital after the surgery, and she is in dire need of company.”

Brie followed Sir as Marquis led them through the house. It looked like the model homes one saw in magazines. Tall, vaulted ceilings, an expansive fireplace, tons of perfectly placed knick-knacks. Not what she had imagined for Marquis at all. It made her wonder if Celestia had been the decorator. If so, she was quite talented. The place maintained a homey and inviting feel, despite its perfection.

Marquis took them to the great room. It was equally impressive, with its wall of books, large screen TV, and huge bay window. The room had it all, including a smiling Celestia, who was lying on the couch.

“May I, Sir?” Brie asked.

“Of course.”

She walked to Celestia’s side and knelt beside her, grabbing her hand. “How are you? I was so scared when I heard what had happened!”

Celestia’s angelic voice was as pure as Brie remembered. “I am doing well, Miss Bennett. Marquis is overly protective of his sub. He won’t let me do anything while I recover.”

“Doctor’s orders,” Marquis corrected.

Celestia smiled up at her Master. “You take good care of me.” He offered his hand and she kissed it tenderly.

It was sweet. The two had a special bond Brie adored.

“It is good to hear you are well, Celestia,” Sir said kindly. “You are greatly admired and your bad health was a distress to us all.”

Celestia bowed her head. “That’s very kind of you to say, Sir Davis.”

“Miss Bennett,” Marquis said, “I hear you have had issues with Mr. Wallace since the collaring ceremony.”

She looked at him warily, only nodding when she glanced into his perilous eyes. They penetrated her to the core.

“I’ve spoken to him once and we will be meeting with him as a panel while you are in Russia. He is in significant need of direction. However, I can’t help but wonder what you feel for the young Dom.”

She looked to Sir before she spoke. He nodded, so she answered Marquis openly. “I care about Mr. Wallace, but only as a friend.”

“That must stop.”

She looked at him in shock. She was about to protest, but remembered his position and asked respectfully, “May I ask why, Marquis Gray?”

“He cannot distinguish the difference. He is convinced you feel the same and will not be able to move forward if he continues to receive mixed signals from you.”

Sir put his hand on Brie’s shoulder, stating, “I’ve already told her what to do if she encounters him again.”

“I am not talking about that, Sir Davis. I am talking about her private thoughts. I personally believe those connections are equally potent. Even the simple act of dwelling on Mr. Wallace continues a link that needs to be severed. Until he is in control of his emotions, you should banish all thoughts of him.”

Brie thought Marquis was being overdramatic, but then she thought back to the many times she had fantasized about Sir during her training. She’d felt a very real connection to him then, and look at them now…

She glanced at Sir, not wanting to commit to anything he did not agree with.

Sir addressed Marquis. “Although I doubt Brie will have any thoughts of the boy while we are in Russia, I believe it is a valid point.”

Brie nodded to Marquis. “Then I will sever my thoughts, Marquis Gray. I don’t want him to hurt anymore. Faelan deserves a fresh start.”

“Fine.” Marquis looked down at Celestia lovingly. “I believe my sub is due for some sustenance.”

Sir inquired, “May we have free rein of your kitchen?”


Sir guided Brie into the immaculate kitchen. He looked through the refrigerator before giving her directions. “It looks like you have all the necessary ingredients.” He shut the refrigerator door and faced her. “I want you to create the best damn omelet he’s ever eaten.”

Brie felt her stomach sink to the ground. Her worst nightmare! Cooking an omelet for Marquis? “Only if it pleases you, Sir,” she replied, stating her reluctance respectfully.

He chuckled. “It pleases me.”

Her sigh was heavy when he left the kitchen. An omelet for Marquis… Oh, the humanity!

Brie gathered the needed ingredients, including his favorites: green onion, bacon, and Swiss. She counted out the eggs and noted there were only enough to make three omelets. She hoped it would be unnecessary to use them all.

While the others talked in the adjacent room, Brie set to work. There was a sense of excitement, despite the fear. She knew how to cook this omelet and if Sir wasn’t willing to partake of her skills, at least Marquis could.

It only took two tries to make a perfect omelet. Sir had provided a covered plate so that she could properly display it. With pride, she placed the silver lid over it and walked into the room to join the group, the plate held proudly in both hands.

“Ah, you look as if you have created a masterpiece,” Marquis complimented as he sat down on the couch next to Celestia.

“I could not have done it without your patience, Marquis Gray. I am grateful,” she said with a bow as she placed it on the coffee table, along with a fork and napkin.

“I am anxious to try it.”

Everyone watched as he lifted the lid—Celestia with her pleasant smile and Sir with a playful smirk. Brie bit her lip in anticipation.

The look on Marquis’ face would have been comical if she hadn’t been the one to make the dish. “Oh, no…” He quickly slammed the lid back down and closed his eyes.

The room was silent.

He said, in a voice of forced calm, “Miss Bennett, I appreciate the effort you put into the dish. However, after our last session in the kitchen I have sworn off omelets forever.”

Sir put his hand over his mouth to hide his snicker. Celestia, on the other hand, took pity on Brie. “I would love to sample your work.”

With much effort, Marquis took off the lid again and cut a small piece for her. He lifted the fork to her lips and turned away as she chewed.

“It’s simply lovely, Miss Bennett. So light and fluffy. Thank you.”